• Определение состава таблиц проектируемой реляционной базы данных, их полей и первичных ключей с использованием ER-метода логического проектирования БД. Особенности ER-метода для экономических приложений. Физическое проектирование БД в среде СУБД Access.

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  • Диаграммы ER-экземпляров и ER-типа. Моделирование предметной области. Условия применения сущностей. Список таблиц базы данных. Фрагменты окон MS Access. Схема данных, содержание таблиц. Пример заполнения таблицы "материально-ответственные лица".

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  • Построение ER-модели для магазина. Вычисление среднего дневного объема продаж за прошедший месяц. Создание базы данных. Учет ежедневных продаж по каждому виду продукции. Учет поступления продуктов от разных поставщиков. Проведение итогового учета.

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  • Ключевые проблемы и задачи актуальных трендов на рынке дистрибуции, специфика дистрибьюторского бизнеса. Проблематика выбора ERP-решения. Краткий обзор рынка ERP-систем в России и СНГ. Описание и оценка примеров ERP-решения для дистрибьюторского бизнеса.

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  • Involvement of pupils to study language as the main task of the teacher. The significance of learners' errors. The definition of possible classifications of mistakes by examples. Correction of mistakes of pupils as a part of educational process.

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  • Features of the structure and anatomy of the heart, it's main functions and tasks in the body. Changes taking place in the human heart in the course of his life from birth to aging. Age-related disorders in the blood supply system and the heart.

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  • History of the relationship between the American colonists and Great Britain, the declaration of independence. Development of the first Constitution of America, its main articles and legal registration. Principles of regulation of interstate commerce.

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  • History of interpreting and establishing of the theory. Translation and interpreting. Sign-language communication between speakers. Modern Western Schools of translation theory. Models and types of interpreting. Simultaneous and machine translation.

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  • Analysis of factors affecting the health and human disease. Determination of the risk factors for health (Genetic Factors, State of the Environment, Medical care, living conditions). A healthy lifestyle is seen as the basis for disease prevention.

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  • Понятие и функциональные особенности Ethernet как пакетной технологии передачи данных преимущественно локальных компьютерных систем. Стандарты данной системы и основные требования, предъявляемые к ней. Структура и взаимосвязь элементов, принцип работы.

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  • The characteristic of types of business fraud. Examples of misleading. Deceit by means of about a prize. An example of the toxic waste is Illegal dumping of chemical waste in China. Cheating is an unethical perspective, which against Islamic values.

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  • The ethnic population of the Great Britain. The detailed data of the variety of the communities, the people, the origins and way of life. The main problems of today’s Britain, such as overpopulation. The UK's ethnic minority groups, age structure.

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  • Features and rules of business etiquette in Turkey. Relationships and communication. Etiquette business meeting and negotiation. Gift choice for foreign partners. Business dress for men and women. Naming conventions and etiquette of business cards.

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  • The sources of origin of phraseological units in modern English. Borrowing in the foreign language form. Phraseological units, reflecting the traditions, customs of the English people. Phraseological units connected with beliefs, taken from fairy tales.

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  • The most important centers of the Belarusian national revival. Development of public libraries in Byelorussia. Value Hlebtsevicha as a great researcher of library science, his contribution to development of network of free libraries in Byelorussia.

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  • The euphemism is a substitution of an agreeable or less offensive expression in place of one that may offend. Its the history of in English and usage, classification and other peculiarities. The division of the euphemisms according to their meaning.

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  • One of determinant national foreign policy priorities is European and Euroatlantic integration. Relationship between Ukraine and NATO was established in 1991, when Ukraine proclaimed sovereignty right after the fall of the USSR and joined the Council.

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  • A monetary union is a situation where сountries have agreed to share a single currency amongst themselves. First ideas of an economic and monetary union in Europe. Value, history and stages of economic and money union of Europe. Criticisms of the EMU.

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  • Description of subject of youth comedy is Eurotrip. Journey of American boy Scotty with friends to the girl-friend Mike to Germany. Acquaintance with soccer fans in London and trip to Paris. Description of culinary dishes the cafe of city Amsterdam.

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  • Evaluation of urban public transport system in Indonesia, the possibility of its effective development. Analysis of influence factors by using the Ishikawa Cause and Effect diagram and also the use of Pareto analysis. Using business process reengineering.

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