• Анализ наиболее значимых антропогенных факторов, влияющих на состояние биосферы. Природные и антропогенные воздействия на биосферу. Мусор эпохи технической революции. Загрязнение Мирового океана. Оценивание уровня и масштабов антропогенного воздействия.

    реферат (5,9 M)
  • Устойчивое развитие – путь к решению экологических и экономических проблем. Концепция последовательного перехода Республики Казахстан к устойчивому развитию. Астанинская инициатива – содействие реализации принципов, программ и планов "зеленой экономики".

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  • Позиция активного возмущения действиями других при явной собственной оправдательной пассивности. Борьба с мусором, окружающим нас повсеместно. Работа современных коммунальных служб. Привитие культуры поведения. Экологи внутренней культуры и воспитания.

    сочинение (13,6 K)
  • Анализ состояния окружающей среды в Швеции, обзор ее природного разнообразия. Деятельность шведского государства, направленная на достижение экологических целей, оценка возможностей выполнения всех поставленных целей и задач в краткосрочном периоде.

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  • The Nature is our sister. Result of games with nature is suffering of the Nature. The earthquake in Crimea in 1927. The tornado in 1934. The flood in the July in 2008. During May and June of 2007 the terrible drought in South and South-Eastern Ukraine.

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  • Climate change risks for energy sector companies, climate change governmental, institutional policies impact on energy companies operations. Energy companies reactions to climate change issues: strategies, business decisions. Adapting to climate change.

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  • Ecology as the scientific study of the relation of living organisms to each other and their surroundings. Overuse of pesticides. Climate change. Urban development. Scale rise in the average temperature of the Earth's climate. Genetically modified foods.

    презентация (3,3 M)
  • The global ecological problems and the environmental protection. Some problems of "Greenhouse effect". Explanation how ecological problems influence on our life. Ecological situation nowadays. Climate and weather. Environmental protection in Ukraine.

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  • Nuclear tragedy of Kazakhstan. Emergence and development of the ecological tragedy of Aral sea. The history of Semipalatinsk test polygon. Impact of nuclear tests for environment. Economic solution of public health care and victim of nuclear tests.

    реферат (19,6 M)
  • Environmental standard. Economic regulation of protection environment. The prices for the energy, existing ecological standards and more effective productions. The ecological nature of Technology of mass-media and the equipment of technological processes.

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  • Global ecological crisis. Pollution of atmosphere. The preservation of the biosphere of an ozone layer of the atmosphere absorbing ultra-violet radiation harmful for live oragnizm of the Sun. Reduction of number of the woods. Exhaustion of rainforests.

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  • People have always polluted their surroundings. Automobiles and other new inventions make pollution steadily worse. Scientists and engineers can find the ways to reduce pollution from automobiles and factories. Factories pollute the air and the water.

    презентация (1,0 M)
  • Air pollution. Deforestation. Acid rain. The "Green House Effect". Water pollution. Toxic waste pollution. Environmental movements. Rates of deforestation. Carbon Dioxide Emissions per Units of Economic Output. Increase of global surface temperature.

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  • Problem of contamination of nature in connection with activity of man. Air's and water's pollution. Garbage as the main reason of pollution of cities. Influence of radiating radiations on people and animals. Value of preservation of the environment.

    презентация (1,4 M)
  • Tragedy of Chernobyl. The explosive nature of destruction. Quantity of the radioactive substances which have been let out in environment. A modular condition of radioactive substances and their distribution on an earth surface. The harm caused to people.

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  • An analysis of the origins of the modern environmental movement. Description of the causes of environmental problems. List of defects of the market economy in relation to the environment according to Robin Hahnel. Features of the radical environmentalism.

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  • Concept and evaluation of the significance of garbage collection for the urban economy, maintaining its beneficial environmental climate and clean air. Investigation of the major environmental problems in Almaty. Need for waste sorting and recycling.

    презентация (2,4 M)
  • Sources of pollution. Climate and weather conditions 1952 years that led to the emergence of smog in London. Effect on town. Health effects townspeople. Environmental impact. Factors that caused the repetition of this environmental disaster in 1962.

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  • Principles of green analytical metrics. National environment method index. Application of GAC metrics. Complementary green analytical procedure index. Additive color model to analytical method evaluation. Examples of analytical eco-scale calculation.

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  • История возникновения и цели деятельности Гринпис как независимой международной организации, её принципы: ненасильственность, протест действием, независимость. Деятельность организации по защите животных, природы от климатических изменений и истребления.

    презентация (1,4 M)
  • Description the introductions between man and nature, polluting of the air, oceans. Analyzes problems of cities: the wastes from factories, chemical plants, electric and atomic power stations. Studying the antipollution campaigns of car corporation’s.

    эссе (10,1 K)
  • The geographic characteristics of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago in the Arctic Ocean. The history of the test site at Novaya Zemlya. Learning the facts about the nuclear test site. Description of the scope and consequences of the explosion of King-bomb.

    презентация (1,2 M)
  • Causes of oceanic noise pollution. Evaluation of the negative impact of noise on the life of a different nature of organisms living in the ocean. The propagation direction and the degree of noise produced by a variety of water vessels in the ocean.

    презентация (2,5 M)
  • History of oil industry. "Ukrnafta" and the drilling of new wells. The environmental problems of the oil industry. Problems and prospects of development of the oil industry of Ukraine. Development and reform of the oil industry of Ukraine is required.

    презентация (2,9 M)
  • Water - the beauty of nature. Description of several ways to determine if good water you drink or not. The study of the quality of bottled water producing in Ukraine. The definition of bottled water given by the International Bottled Water Association.

    презентация (2,0 M)
  • The Voroninsky reserve as a protection of the remained forest-steppe ecosystems of the Central Russia. Animals of the red book: the dozorshchik-emperor, lampreys, mnemozina, a bee-carpenter, a changeable bumblebee, nikolsky's viper, short-toed eagle.

    презентация (4,9 M)
  • Greenpeace is like a non-political organization which dials with most urgent ecological problems and protests against weapon tests, sea and soil pollution. The structure of organization and arrangement its headquarters. The goal and common mission.

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  • The main reasons for and background big disaster, which occurred as a result of the oil spill in the Gulf. Environmental impacts of the spill and its negative impact on the environment. Prevention of these phenomena in the future in the United States.

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  • Pollution that occurs in one country but is able to be reason of damage in another country’s environment. The problems with transboundary pollution. The causes of rising pollution levels in the Lake Victoria. Qualitative and quantitative characteristics.

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  • Instability, disorder, harm, discomfort to the ecosystem. Pollution control environmental management. Pollution generated by human activities. Some of the major causes of the pollution. Deforestation due to urbanization in various parts of the world.

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