Northern English dialects in the Old English period

Features of Northern English dialects in old and modern English periods. Characteristic of Yorkshire and Northumberland dialects. A dialect as a form of a language that is spoken in a particular area and has its own words, grammar and pronunciation.

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Dooan't furget! Allus tek t' pot kettle and not t' kettle to t' pot.

Lerrit mash a fair wahl an' then girrit a stir afoor tha pooars it aht.

Nah, thez summas puts milk in fust an' summas put tay in fust. Too oor way o' thinkin' t' important thing is to mek certain tha's med plenty fooar seconf `elpin's!

Table. Glossary of Yorkshire dialect

Againt - start, to go, to move

Aht - out

Allus - always

Anent - next to

Bahn - going

Baht - without

Bray - beat up

Brussen - clever, smart

Cake'ole - mouth

Callin - gossiping

Canty - briskly

Clarty - muddy

Clemmed - hungry

Clem - to starve

Cloise - near, field

Conny - darling

Daggle - Grow Moist

Dawks - hands

Dwine - waste

Een - eyes

Feight - fight

Frame - show promise

Gaffer - boss, foreman

Gal - gossip

Gawby - fool

Gawpin - staring

Gradely - nice looking

Guzzle - eat greedily

Jaloused - suspected

Ket - rubbish

Kist - chest

Knackin' - affected

Lady - Cows - Ladybirds

Lap - to drink

Lawp - leap

Lig - lie down

Luggin - carrying

Mash - brew

Mun - must

Nark - annoy

Nesh - cold

Sen - self

Snickle - snare

Summat - something

Toom - empty

Tig - touch

Tow - work hard

Twang - speech

Unkerd - strange

Wahr - worse

Wark - ache

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