Northern English dialects in the Old English period

Diversity of dialects of the Old English period. Analysis of dialectal words of Northern English in the modern language. Differences between dialects and Standard language; investigation of differences between their grammar, pronunciation and spelling.

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Glossary of Northumbrian dialect.

Aad - old

Abeun - above

Ayont - beyond

Bait - a meal

Batten - feed well

Bale - evil

Blee - blue

Blent - blended

Blin - to stop or to stay

Chep - man

Clarts - mud

Coneys - rabbits

Dandor - saunter

Dunchin - bumping

Eglantine - roses

Fornenst - opposite to

Galloway - horse

Geeson - scare

Gyep - gape, look at

Hyem - home

Howked - picked

Jud - bend

Kif - good, sweet, attractive

Lairks - larks

Low - light

Lowpin - leaping

Marras - friends , mates

Mooch - slouch

Muckle - big

Neet - night

Neuks - nooks, crannies

Off the belt end - in succession

Powkin - poking

Pud - pudding

Slorpin - drinking

Spuggies - sparrows

Stingey - means

Thi barri morts - smart lasses

Tetties - potatoes

Yarbs - herbs

Yarkin - big

Yarries - eggs

Yon - that

Appendix E

Dooan't furget!

Nah then, tha wants t' empty t' owd watter aht o'kettle and fill `er up wi' fresh water afoor tha puts it on t'ob.

Get taypod reet nicely warmed and dry insahd, and then get thi tay in .

Nah, as soon as t' kettle comes reet on t' boil an' not a second afoor ot aftah, get watter pooared in t' pot.

Dooan't furget! Allus tek t' pot kettle and not t' kettle to t' pot.

Lerrit mash a fair wahl an' then girrit a stir afoor tha pooars it aht.

Nah, thez summas puts milk in fust an' summas put tay in fust. Too oor way o' thinkin' t' important thing is to mek certain tha's med plenty fooar seconf `elpin's!

Glossary of Yorkshire dialect.

Againt - start, to go, to move

Aht - out

Allus - always

Anent - next to

Bahn - going

Baht - without

Bray - beat up

Brussen - clever, smart

Cake'ole - mouth

Callin - gossiping

Canty - briskly

Clarty - muddy

Clemmed - hungry

Clem - to starve

Cloise - near, field

Conny - darling

Daggle - Grow Moist

Dawks - hands

Dwine - waste

Een - eyes

Feight - fight

Frame - show promise

Gaffer - boss, foreman

Gal - gossip

Gawby - fool

Gawpin - staring

Gradely - nice looking

Guzzle - eat greedily

Jaloused - suspected

Ket - rubbish

Kist - chest

Knackin' - affected

Lady - Cows - Ladybirds

Lap - to drink

Lawp - leap

Lig - lie down

Luggin - carrying

Mash - brew

Mun - must

Nark - annoy

Nesh - cold

Sen - self

Snickle - snare

Summat - something

Toom - empty

Tig - touch

Tow - work hard

Twang - speech

Unkerd - strange

Wahr - worse

Wark - ache

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