• The racism endemic in the australian labour movement at the start of its development. The vortex of accusations against the labour movement about migration. A hardback book opposing white Australia. The verbal allegiance to the white australia policy.

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  • Racism as an instrument of discrimination, as a cultural phenomenon, susceptible to cultural solutions: multicultural education and the promotion of ethnic identities. Addressing cultural inequalities through religion, literature, art and science.

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  • The overall architecture of radio frequency identification systems. The working principle of RFID: the reader sends out radio waves of specific frequency energy to the electronic tags, tag receives the radio waves. Benefits of contactless identification.

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  • Разработка компьютерного устройства RAM-диск, позволяющего считывать, записывать и хранить информацию в модулях динамической памяти типа SDRAM под управлением микроконтроллера. Составление структурной и принципиальной схемы устройства, листинг программы.

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  • Понятие оперативной памяти в вычислительных устройствах. Ее технические особенности и выполняемые функции. Характеристики используемых микросхем: объема, разрядности шины, быстродействия и временной диаграммы. Описание распространенных типов RAM.

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  • Введение в Rose. Создание управляемого элемента. Варианты использования и действующие лица. Выполнение лабораторной работы. Присвоение имен вариантам использования. Создание абстрактного действующего лица. Спецификация объекта. Кооперативная диаграмма.

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  • Raymond Fernand Loewy - one of the best known industrial designers of the 20th century. His many iconic contributions to modern life. His contribution to the improvement of road and rail transport. Features ideas upgrading stores, dishes, interior.

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  • Исследование предназначения каскада предварительного усиления. Определение коэффициентов усиления многокаскадного усилителя. Расчёт мощности на резисторах и емкостей конденсаторов. Амплитудно-частотные и фазочастотные характеристики элементов усилителя.

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  • The existent problems in teaching reading comprehension and finding the ways out of this problem by suggesting the exercises that can be useful in classroom activities. The reading skills and teaching technics, new technologies in teaching reading.

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  • Core Beliefs of Realism. Early Years of Mark Twain. Life on the Mississippi. Gold Rush Years 1862-1864. Twain’s Late Life. Themes within the Text. Tom Sawyer, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn as the famost works of author. Dialect within the Novel.

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  • Theoretical basis recruitment and selection methods: internal or external recruitment, job resume, job interview. Recruitment process design and development. Evaluation of methods of recruitment and selection on example of "Procter and Gamble".

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  • Countable and uncountable nouns. The articles a/an and the belong to a group of words called “determiners”. The problem of using and teaching articles is of great importance for many reasons. Different ways of teaching articles. Testing using articles.

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  • Changes in the legal regulation of the clearing, settlement system of securities in Ukraine aimed at harmonizing Ukrainian securities legislation with European and international regulatory standards. Netting regulation in Ukraine. Concepts of securities.

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  • Positive proposals needed, objections to centralisation, embrace New Zealand. Renaming the states, democratic considerations. Land management, planning, financial and geographical considerations. Local government in provincial cities and the country.

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  • The influence of the movement of refugees to the economic development of host countries. A description of the differences between forced and voluntary migration from the point of view of economic, political consequences. Supply in the labor markets.

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  • The Arab Spring - a wave of demonstrations and coups that began in the Arab world December, 2010. Revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen; civil wars in Libya and Syria; fall of the regime; mass protests in Algeria. The main slogan of the demonstrators.

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  • Analyze the term "proper name". The problem of defining a proper name of television and his role in our life. The approaches to the translation of this phenomenon. Classification of proper names. English titles of films and their translation into Russian.

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  • Regulation of International Trade under WTO rules: objectives, functions, principles, structure, decision-making procedure. Issues on market access: tariffs, safeguards, balance-of-payments provisions. Significance of liberalization of trade in services.

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  • Activities of the King of England and Ireland, Henry VIII, scholar, linguist, musician, first with monarchs brought up under the influence of Protestant doctrines of the Renaissance. Political and theological alliance with the German Lutheran princes.

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  • The impact of management and leadership styles on strategic decisions. Creating a leadership strategy that supports organizational direction. Appropriate methods to review current leadership requirements. Plan for the development of future situations.

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  • Janet Mattei and the AAVSО. Janet was born and raised in Turkey. Janet as a high-energy object. Janet as a boss, a friend and mother figure. Beginning Janet's career. Janet as a force to be reckoned with. An unfinished but closed chapter of Janet's life.

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  • The Renaissance (French for "rebirth"; Italian: Rinascimento), was a cultural movement that spanned roughly the 14th through the 17th century, beginning in Italy in the late Middle Ages and later spreading to the rest of Europe. Renaissance humanism.

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  • Ukraine is an energy-rich republic. Renewable energy installed capacities. Geothermal energy refers to the heat within the earth’s surface that can be recovered and used for practical purposes. Potential for wind power and Solar energy, their use.

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  • Description of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, its location and geographical features. Flora and fauna. Mountain tourism. People's historical epic "Manas". Kyrgyz cuisine is rich and distinctive. Richness and diversity of Kyrgyz cuisine. Key dishes.

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  • Основные службы римско-католической традиции. Missa и Requiem. Секуляризация жанра "Requiem" в творчестве композиторов XIX-XX веков. Воплощение жанра Гектором Берлиозом и Габриелем Форе. Сравнительный анализ части Sanctus из циклов этих композиторов.

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  • Comparative analysis of acronyms in English business registers: spoken, fiction, magazine, newspaper, non-academic, misc. Productivity acronyms as the most difficult problem in translation. The frequency of acronym formation in British National Corpus.

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  • Studies by Fischer and his colleagues and Dawson (2006) have investigated development in a wide range of domains, including understanding of social interaction concepts such as "nice" and "mean", skills in mathematics, and understanding "leadership".

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  • Research methods are strategies or techniques to conduct a systematic research. To collect primary data four main methods are used: survey, observation, document analysis and experiment. Several problems can arise when using questionnaire. Interviewing.

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  • Water - the beauty of nature. Description of several ways to determine if good water you drink or not. The study of the quality of bottled water producing in Ukraine. The definition of bottled water given by the International Bottled Water Association.

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  • The Voroninsky reserve as a protection of the remained forest-steppe ecosystems of the Central Russia. Animals of the red book: the dozorshchik-emperor, lampreys, mnemozina, a bee-carpenter, a changeable bumblebee, nikolsky's viper, short-toed eagle.

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