Dynamics(changes) of development of mankind

Evolutionary and revolutionary ways of development of mankind. Most appreciable for mankind by stages of development of a civilization. The disclosing of secret of genome of the man. Recession in an economy and in morality in Russia. Decision of problems.

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Dynamics(changes) of development of mankind

The candidate of economic sciences, academician Н.А. Лебедкин

From ancient times till now there are two main ways of development of mankind: evolutionary and revolutionary. To each sane man it is clear, that the revolutionary way can not proceed constantly. The revolutionary way comes on change evolutionary in process of accumulation in a society(community) of new knowledge about a nature, and occurrence of the contradictions on this basis. It is objective process of development of mankind allocated reason and capable not only to accumulate of knowledge, accumulating, thus, valuable experience, and to transfer them by right of succession, but also to comprehend them. The comprehension saved earlier and again of acquired knowledge and experience results in opening, which introduction in practice of labour activity marks by itself the next stage of revolutionary development. Most appreciable for mankind by stages at the beginning of development of a human civilization were the following. The first stage was knowledge of force of fire and use it(him) for transformation of crude food (meat of killed animals and assembled fruits of wild plants) in more suitable kind for the safe use in food. The reception of fire by rotation or friction of combustible subjects the friend about the friend became a traditional way of reception of fire, and the maintenance of the center became a urgent duty of a female half of ancient people.

Transition from take of fruits of wild plants to cultivation of plants, which fruits are suitable for a feed(meal) was a new and rather essential stage of development of an ancient civilization, and take of wild animals promoted cattle breeding, овцеводству, свиноводству, коневодству and other directions приручения of animals, before living in a wild nature.

Following(next) - the third stage was the invention of a wheel - at first as перекатывания of the cut down trees to the center, and then use them as a vehicle for delivery of other heavy subjects (stones killed large animals which have been tumbled down by a wind or cut down trees etc.), that has served to one of the main conditions of a structure of artificial dwellings in places constant or long обитания.

The fourth stage of development of a civilization became a division of labour on the hunters and farmers, that promoted occurrence of crafts and further differentiation of kinds of labour activity, and also occurrence of a class of the handicraftsmen and crafts, first of all such as manufacturing of footwear and having sewed clothes, then the laundries, workshops on repair of a various household utensils, spinning both weaver's мануфактуры and other workshops on service of the urban population have followed красильные мануфактуры. In деревнях and other settlements in a countryside the population, as a rule, served itself independently.

The following fifth stage was association of crafts in larger manufactures and has resulted in creation larger мануфактур and factory mass manufacture of commodity production intended, mainly, for sale to the population and other consumers, first of all to large trade specialized companies and separate merchants, that marked transition to next, namely sixth stage of development of world(global) community.

The seventh stage of development of a civilization became the invention of machines and mechanisms about use of the heated up water as pair, when the Scottish engineer Джеймс Уатт has created suitable to use the steam engine becoming a basis of industrial revolution, as the development of communication(connection) and non-productive branches of a national economy - public health services, education, culture, science, sports (including professional), sphere of household service of the population has served by a powerful push to mass creation of steam machines both forced development of capacities and simultaneously mass outcome of peasantry in cities with the advanced network of industrial manufacture, and also construction iron and highways, metallurgical manufacture, creation of building industry specialized building organizations, industry of building materials, introduction of agricultural machines in agricultural sphere of activity,, Tourism and other directions of mass service of the population.

The following stage, eighth under the account, was the invention of an electricity and use it(him) in industrial activity simultaneously with production and processing of mineral raw material. The mines(shaft) and mines for production of this raw material, and also factories and factories on his(its) processing for manufacturing instruments of work and more perfect means of manufacture have appeared. The invention of an electricity promoted occurrence and other important sphere of activity of a society(community) - occurrence of a communication facility, which further development has resulted in new qualitative transformations in human labour activity.

The following ninth stage became occurrence of computers and software, mass radio and TV, video and аудимагнитофонов, mobile telephone communication(connection), андроидов, смартфонов and other means of the mass communications, as has resulted in creation of new economy or creation of науко-capacious commodity production on a basis наукоемких of technologies and manufactures.

The invention nuclear and термоядерной of energy was new and powerful by tenth already under the account by a stage of the further development of a science, engineering and economy of a lot of the countries advanced in technical and public development. Understand, that on it the further development of a human civilization will not stop, and, opposite(on the contrary), will receive a new pulse of the further development.

The disclosing of secret генома of the man and creation генномодифицированных of products became new achievement of a civilization, which consequences still as follows are not investigated and according to the theory Кроуза can to bring to mankind both positive, and negative consequences.

What for us waits further, including in the near future? It is obvious, that use термоядерного of synthesis with the help токомаков and кол-лайдеров for reception of cheap energy as electrical and further development of a science already enough has ripened to be realized already in the near future. On turn new fundamental achievement in the field of fundamental physics, бионики and biology, medicine and public health services, нанотехнологии and know-how, economy, ecology both other prime and urgent directions of human activity.

In the present historical period of development of a civilization the evolutionary way of development lasts already more than three tens years. It speaks what not behind mountains new breaks in a science and realization of its(her) achievement, that proves to be true also by astrological forecasts, which speak about come(stepped) with 2003 on change of epoch of Fishes of era Водолея, in an atmosphere of which, as is known, our country historically settles down and which marks the accelerated development of a science and engineering.

Means, for us there are quite favorable prospects for acceleration of development public and scientific and technical, and also industrial and social development, if only come to pass restoration of the public attitudes(relations) will not result in increase with the subsequent long stabilization рецессии in all spheres of ability to live of a society(community).

The real threat of occurrence of new public shocks in connection with disorder of Union, plunder and assignment общенародной of a state ownership "демократами" of a new wave both high rates and volumes of increase of inflation, unemployment and social intensity caused by the increasing increase of break in the incomes of a new prevailing class (new буржуазии, officials, senators and deputies who have degenerated in new элитный a layer, new отгородившийся from other weight of the population by power structures) and basic weight of the workers of hired work, with each year becomes more and more appreciable, and further deepening of financial crisis, рецессия of manufacture, morals and morals proceeding inflation, steady growth of unemployment and prices, first of all on medicines and жилищно-municipal services, Appreciablly outstripping insignificant increase of pensions and minimal wages purposefully conduct to steady increase of an opposition of basic weight of the population, including the workers of hired work, and new prevailing elite layer of the employers acquiring huge барыши at the expense of escalating operation of the workers of hired work and the basic industrial and non-productive funds, доставшихся to the new owners at the expense of a speculative privatization of a state ownership and assignment of money resources of the investors enclosing last accumulation, stayed after a privatization общенародной of the property.

Not stopping on more detailed consideration of the reasons who is guilty also who has created conditions for обнищания of the basic national weights, it is much more useful to concentrate attention on that, and that is necessary to do(make) first of all to pull out from poverty and poverty basic weight of the population and to ensure(supply) the further development of our country both increase of well-being and health of a nation.

It became already clear not only known and outstanding scientist in the field of economy, but also experts, advanced enough in the intellectual attitude,(relation,) and simply explanatory(sensible) workers and even to the pensioners, that is completely not enough of one only of slogan about technical modernization to avoid going deep crisis, especially without обнародования of the economic, financial and technological mechanism of its(her) realization, as one only appeals to аллигаторам-олигархам and new буржуазии about expediency and necessity instead of export of the capital in foreign countries to carry out financing reproduction leaving and updating of working capacities there is completely not enough, as the principle " … and кот Васька listens, yes ест " very largely prevails above the most pathetic appeals, messages to the people and other "kind" wishes. Use of state authority only for the control of use of the collected taxes in sphere социалки and ВПК, that makes only 10-15 % from a total national product and is not only completely unreasonable self-elimination from performance of the functions, assigned by the voters, on management of a national economy, but also conducts to an impasse in all spheres of public life and at all does not guarantee performance of national idea on maintenance of well-being, health and safety of the population in harmonious and конгруэнтном a combination to the further development of intelligence and духовности of a nation. After disintegration of the Soviet Union together with economic accident there was also ideological disintegration. The population of the country has lost ориентиры of the ability to live and has run into a condition комы, in which is to this day. The new governors самоустранились from the managing role and functions on management of a national economy, передоверив their realization to the new proprietors, which interests are limited to thirst of the maximal extraction of the profit and export of the stolen capital abroad.

In world(global) economy by nothing the limited growth of a population at the limited and constantly decreasing natural resources inevitably will result to food and техногенному коллапсу. The point of crossing of two these curves with each decade all comes nearer to treasured апокалипсическому to a boundary more appreciablly. And the mankind engaged междоусобными in disassemblies, at all does not notice future accident and does not accept any cardinal measures with the purposes of avoidance of its(her) heavy consequences. So for example, till now it is considered, that the solar system rotates around of any of space object on an elliptic orbit with constant speed, however if to pay attention to geological epoch, their duration both dynamics(changes) of a condition and development in them фауны and флоры on a planet the Earth, as parts of solar system, it is possible to notice, that the durations of the geological periods submit to strict mathematical dependence, namely the duration of each subsequent period is less previous on the same size (factor of acceleration of rotation of a space funnel is equal 1,15-1,20), that convincingly enough speaks that specified коловращение occurs not on circles and not on elliptic curves as the classical science, and on a decreasing spiral asserts(approves). It means, that in due course, when the sun will enter direct contact with irreversible force of an attraction of a black hole as centre of our galaxy, there will come(step) the moment space коллапса of solar system with absorption her(it) with all planets and астероидами by that black hole, around of which occurs коловращение of solar system. It means, that term of existence of solar system and Earth is limited to a nature space коловращения of galaxies, and consequently also stars in them do not run up, and simply rotate around of the centres of dark forces or otherwise accepted to the name " of black holes " (for lack of the information on them) and as a result it there is a sensation that they ostensibly run up, and actually they simply leave from each other, rotating on the orbits. The Earth as against other space objects is simple напичкана by alive essences and by virtue of it is unique object of the space world, probably, unique(sole) in foreseeable space. What then to do(make) землянам? Is obedient to wait speed up or to search and probably to find ways,maybe, unique(sole) way of rescue of a planet and people, living on it(her), not being immersed further in междоусобные of disassembly, and mobilizing forces, all saved earlier and created in at present historical period, of mind(wit), knowledge and resources, created by all world, on the decision noble мисси - rescue of the planet and life on it(her). Whether will suffice at mankind of mind to stop struggle on destruction each other and immediately to proceed(pass) to search of ways of a survival in space, environmental a planet, will be found out already in the near future. It is not enough of real hopes for of it, very little, but вера that the chapters of the conducting countries of the world will find mind and will find opportunities to be going and at the first stage even to discuss an opportunity not взаимоуничтожения, and, opposite(on the contrary), creation of conditions for association of available forces and survival in space, hostile for us. But for this purpose it is necessary to unit and to mobilize all resources, available at mankind, for search of real opportunities of resettlement on other planets in space space with more long term of life.

The ability to live of world(global) economy during all XX of century functions on the basis of an opposition of two social systems, which leaders were by USA and USSR. Eventually, the leader of the American hawks Джон Фостер Даллес has declared, that " … we never shall overtake USSR in race of arms, because, than more we spend of means for a defense, Russia with the satellites tightens(delays) ever more belts(zones) and makes not less, than we of the nuclear weapon and means of his(its) delivery for our territory. Therefore, if we can not ruin them on race of arms by the plan of the president Гарри Трумена, it is necessary them buy, and young generation оболванить and пристрастить to the most primitive human needs(requirements): to drugs, алкоголизму, premature sex and other by most primitive " to pleasures of life ". Only so we can them win ". So actually also happened. In USA the space program on development околоземного of space space and number(line) of other military programs was curtailed(turned), and the released(exempted) means are thrown on a payoff of the Soviet партийно-administrative elite, therefore there was in USSR a restoration of capitalism in the ugliest form and the reorganization of the public, social, industrial and economic attitudes(relations) began. Therefore the state самоустранилось from management of economy, the industrial sphere of activity has fallen more, than twice, the science (excluding компрадорскую branch and fundamental) almost is completely paralysed, the level of education and maximum formation(education) has decreased approximately half, preparation of the qualified workers of the staff in craft schools, I WAIT, ФЗО and ФЗУ almost is completely stopped, there was an inflation, in short term переросшая in гиперинфляцию, the rate of unemployment has exceeded all foreign levels, basic weight of the population was divided(shared) on poor and beggars on the one hand and гламурную elite - with another and the break in the incomes of these classes steadily grows, outstripping growth of unemployment, criminality, corruption both inflation. The criminality and corruption in all branches of authority much more was exceeded by(with) all foreign limits, the growth of intensity and dissatisfaction in a society(community) outstrips growth of inflation. Рецессия has struck not only economy, but also sphere of morals. The sizes arrived at the expense of operation of the hired workers have exceeded and much more foreign levels. And as is known, when the profit exceeds hundreds percents(interests), the moral principles stop to work, there is a situation when already there is no such crime on which any businessman would not venture practically.

Recession of morals, is especial among youth, has reached(achieved) in Russia already запредельного of a level. The parents already more, than in 70 % of cases have appeared "thrown" children reached(achieved) majorities and who have begun labour activity. The principle вещизма already strongly enough has taken roots in consciousness of youth, and it inevitably derivates egoism, priority of own material interests above honour and debt before a native land, parents and other close relatives, let alone distant, neighbours and friends. The former colleagues on work and friends on life have turned to the competitors capable on any immoral acts for the sake of "шкурных" of the interests. The prospects of such attitudes(relations) in a society(community) and family are rather pitiable and are extremely undesirable to preservation of ability to live of a society(community) and prospects of his(its) development.

Occurrence and the wide circulation генномодифицированных of products (ГМП) puts additional and irreparable damage to human community, protection from which in the foreseeable future is not looked through at all. Dissociation of the people the growing contradictions and intensity inside the countries and between them create insuperable barrier to the decision of the current and arising again global problems of preservation of a human civilization. In Russia at one time междоусобица between князьями has allowed to subdue the strong Russian state to the татаро-Mongolian invasion and more than 300 years Русь was under татаро-Mongolian игом. But the raker still lays on ways of development of mankind and if present властелины of the peoples will not find ways of achievement of the coordinated actions for preservation of a planet and life of the people, occupying her(it), first of all in territory of the states, the most gloomy expectations can be carried out and for ever stop existence of a human civilization on our guilty and surprisingly beautiful, fertile and rich natural resources and people to a planet the Earth. But, before to decide(solve) global space problems, it is necessary in the beginning to understand with внутригосударственными. Here again on the first place such human factors as greed and short-sightedness of the new proprietors act. The product of two these qualities in connection with милтоновской by the doctrine of non-interference of the state in private(individual) business is and there is that гремучая a mix, which on potential not only is capable to create new social shocks in a society(community), but also will overturn all those rather weak foundations, which were created per 90 years of past century.

Follows thus, to understand one simple true idea, what not the dictatorship of the new attitudes(relations) in the country based on plunder and assignment общенародной of the property and national riches станы, and not dictatorship of the new proprietors, swindlers, жулья, corruption and криминала by what increases in payment of work to power structures she(it) would not try to keep the gains, and the dictatorship of conscience, mind(wit), goods and force of the plundered population and first of all of youth will help to rescue the country from грозящей of national accident and if верхи it they will not understand, first of all this бурю and пожнут. mankind development genome economy russia

Other variants thus in the near future, proceeding from the independent scientific analysis of the current rule(situation), simply is not looked through by definition.

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