The main principles of safety market economy

Assessment of the rate of unemployment in capitalist (the USA, Germany, England, France, Japan) and backward countries (Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan). Influence of corruption, merges of business and bureaucracy on progress of market economy.

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The main principles of safety market economy

Question not idle. The reality all insists on a urgency and extreme importance of all-round consideration of this question both with social - moral, and from the economic points of view more actively. The real rate of unemployment in many conducting capitalist countries, first of all, such as USA, Germany, England, France, Japan and others stably keeps at a level from 6 до10 and more than percents(interests). In the backward countries, such as Russia (received the specified status as a result of disorder of the country and restoration of capitalism in his(its) ugliest form), Turkey, Greece, Pakistan, Afghanistan and others the actual rate of unemployment even above also tends to the further growth, that gets already menacing sizes for economic safety of the political attitudes(relations) in these countries. What economic and moral essence of unemployment how real factor of ability to live of a manpower and population as a whole?

First, from the economic point of view, the manpower is at all less important factor of economic development, than such natural resources as minerals (first of all petroleum, gas, coal, iron ore both ores of colour and precious metals), which value especially not renewed, constantly grows in process of their improvement, and also created by work of the man the basic industrial and non-productive funds, means of manufacture, factor of which operation comes nearer to the limit. But from among major factors of manufacture the manpower is the main and conducting factor of any industrial and non-productive activity, without which any production in general is impossible. Therefore underestimation of this factor in a national economy or especially his(its) complete ignoring speaks about not professional and simply elementary illiterate approach to economic activity, and public build, admitting essentially incomplete use of a manpower in economic activity doomed on dying off and quite proved replacement by more balanced socio economic attitudes(relations) in a society(community).

Thirdly, as to the population of a planet, the return tendency here is observed, namely - on a background of annually decreasing stocks of natural resources, population everyone 20 years are increased almost twice and to the present time already has exceeded an allowable level of vital resources for our planet. The prediction Malthus comes true that the population will grow constantly faster, than manufacture of products of a feed(meal) for maintenance of his(its) ability to live. The especially actively specified balance began to be broken from the moment of activization of scientific and technical revolution, which ecological consequences have rendered the extremely negative influence on a condition of natural environment(Wednesday). In this connection is reasonably interesting to remind one of bible predictions that come such time, when the people will eat dross of the ability to live, " … as dogs, swallowing waste ". Amazing concurrence to reality of our days.

To the present time and without that the low level of technical safety of the industrial enterprises, first of all in coal branch of Russia, has conceded the priority to observance of the requirements of economic safety of the coal companies, as independent legal persons, and population of coal regions, which has appeared the hostage of the financial crisis smoothly passing in economic and system crisis of the usual attitudes(relations) in a society(community). To avoid negative consequences proceeding recession in real sector of economy and in financial sphere of activity, despite of significant injections from the earlier saved resources stabilization of fund, will hardly be presented possible(probable) on a lot of the following objective and subjective reasons and their negative consequences.

First, to stop growth of unemployment in branch and in the country as a whole, despite of titanic of effort of administrative structures on management of economic activity at all levels of management of economy, it was not possible, that was obvious right at the beginning recession in real sector. Opposite(on the contrary), during 2009-2011. The quantity(amount) of the unemployeds only on the official data has increased more than on 1500 thousand the man, not considering the considerably increased inflow workers from near foreign countries. The moral consequences it are simply awful. Difficultly even to itself to present, when complete forces the healthy man, the father of one or two children having on the contents the elderly of the parents and young wife, loses for the reasons, independent of him,(it,) work as a unique(sole) source of existence and by virtue of these circumstances is compelled at first to sell the habitation and everything, that in it(him) is, that any time to support the family, and then becomes homeless or criminal, as the unemployment benefit does not suffice even on payment ЖКХ, and on a feed(meal), medicine, the footwear and clothes does not remain practically anything. And such helpless on fault of the new proprietors and state of the people with each year and even quarter becomes ever more and more. Them already legions, exceeding on number army in times. Thus the criminality after growth of unemployment not only grows quantitatively, but she(it) changes also the qualitative structure and social structure. Now criminals become not only hardened repeat offenders, thieves, burglar and other chronically criminal elements, and people with maximum formation(education), workers with the large experience of industrial work, woman (mainly in young age), children and even the invalids.

Such socio economic attitudes(relations) in a society(community) are inadmissible. Hence, on one only to this reason such public build also his(its) elite layers have no any moral right on the further existence and functioning, and clumsy attempts to keep usual of rules(situations) in a society(community) doomed on a failure. If the state be not capable to carry out reforming economic activity from above, naturally and inevitably reforming from below will follow. The historical development not only Russia, but also many other countries of Europe and world repeatedly proved validity of this law of public development of civilizations.

The state bodies of authorities admitting a high level of unemployment, corruption and other criminality have no any moral right to be and further at authority, therefore owe or accept urgent and resolute measures on liquidation of unemployment and its(her) constant companion - criminality, or to leave in a resignation and to concede these places to anothers, more qualified, ideologically sustained and morally steady experts capable to organize work in the country so that to involve resolutely all basic resources in the country, first of all human, natural, industrial both non-productive basic and circulating capitals for release of commodity production in volumes and quality ensuring need(requirement) of the population of the country. The economists of many countries of the world already for a long time and repeatedly enough is proved asserted(approved), that the presence even of insignificant unemployment speaks about inability and inability of the state to operate economy of the country. The most advanced experts in the field of economy and philosophy confidently both enough is proved and convincingly speak, that if in the country there is even one the not working citizen longer, the government of such country has no any moral, socio economic and even of the legal right and further to operate this country and owes immediately or accept urgent and resolute measures to employment of such citizens, or submit to a resignation, but keep unemployment in the country it does not owe by definition.

And in it our state is high time and his(its) administrative structures with Olympic calmness look at mass growing disaster of a significant part of the population and prepare the new reports and messages to the people about growing well-being of a nation. That can be even worse, than growing rate of unemployment and poverty of huge weight of a manpower of the country in its(her) base regions ensuring an industry and the population by a heat, light, electrical energy, grain, meat, fish, oil and other strategic goods on a background of such barefaced hypocrisy of the governors who have taken on the responsibility for ostensibly effective development of a national economy and well-being of the people after end of reorganization. In the richest natural resources to the country and huge means of manufacture created per the previous centuries to admit(allow) highest in the world a rate of unemployment is it is necessary to note as outstanding "achievement" in sphere of management of a national economy, and, speaking seriously, as result of inept and illiterate management of the country. Thus it is necessary to remind, that those who has not tested on itself of a rule(situation) of the unemployed, that never will understand of all tragedy of the usual hardest rule(situation) in economy and in social sphere of ability to live of coal and other industrial regions of the country. Thus also there is almost transition, not appreciable on the first sight, from recession of manufacture to recession of a manpower and population - last source of preservation of ability to live in the country. After recession in financial sphere and real sector of economy uncontrollably grows recession in intellectual and spiritual spheres of ability to live, that is less appreciable on the first sight, but much more considerably and inevitably will have an effect already in the near future literally in all spheres of ability to live of the country.

Unless it is possible to close eyes and to not see that after growth of unemployment by higher rates the criminality grows, including criminal, mass begging, teenage homelessness, growing addiction of a significant part of the growing up population, alcoholism and seksomaniya in minor age, the mass foul language, tongue-tie and not only among the deputies of State Duma, but also on radio and TV, that in general is inadmissible by definition, together with other displays of aspirations to satisfaction of the most primitive needs(requirements) Simplest by a way. A society(community), in which crime rate and the quantity(amount) of the persons ready to make of a crime exceeds an allowable limit of a parity(ratio) of criminals and ready to their fulfilment with a level of the legislative citizens dooms itself on economic, moral and intellectual collapse.

And unless such tendency of development spirituality and material rule(situation) in the country is not practical realization of the widely known program of the former director ЦРУ John Foster Dulles, and also in the recent past of the former prime minister of Great Britain Margaret Thatcher and former state secretary of USA Madeleine Albright, number, calling for reduction, of the Russians in Russia by 2050 up to 50 mln. The man, including Russian - up to 15 millions for service of needs(requirements) of the American elite and world(global) Jewish establishment. When the governors of the country resignedly carry out puppet functions domestic oligarchs and their nearest environment, it certainly not only extremely unpleasantly and unworthy. But in any measure is tolerant, but when to this oppression the necessity is added still to carry out the same functions also under pressure foreign oligopsony, such bends becomes simply intolerable for the population of the country, even for its(her) unlucky governors.

Till now our chiefs can not be defined(determined) with that in any way, that now is an overall objective and basic criterion of development of our economy and our society(community).

For past 20 years of reforming of economy and public life in Russia already in significant volumes the need(requirement) and necessity for declaration has ripened as priority national idea maintenance in the prime order of health, safety and well-being of a nation in a harmonious and close combination to the further development of intelligence (first of all professional trainings) and spirituality of a nation, meaning under spirituality first of all education, preservation and development of such moral qualities as validity, honesty, decency, respect for work (main source of preservation of a nation), and also to the old men, women and children. Already enough has ripened and it is time to realize, to understand and to accept to execution(performance) realization real and already of operative measures on an output(exit) from financial, economic and social - political crisis, so is unexpected (in spheres of management of the country and regions) struck economy of our country, in spite of the fact that there are a lot of domestic economists not from spheres of management, and science convincingly enough and is proved predicted inevitability of approach of crisis in USA and then in other countries, not excluding and Russia. Truly prophets is not present in the fatherland and principle - wanted as better, and has left as always, became the main principle of management of economic safety in the country.

But the most dangerous factors of the current ability to live in the country are: corruption, mass and regular bribery at all levels of management of socio economic life in the country, merging of business with bureaucratic by the device and first of all with judicial system (already completely corrupt and fenced by bayonets of power structures), inducing complete absorption of moral principles by thirst of a profit passing in the mass order in boundless greed, absorbing the rests of high moral principles of ability to live in the country. Such system of the attitudes(relations) in a society(community) guarantees deadlock prospect of development of a nation and their next outcome by the most barbarous revolutionary way. It is necessary to note, that the main reason of arising problems in a society(community), certainly, is the change of the proprietor of means of manufacture in the beginning 90 years of the last century, that has taken place under influence and pressure as on the part of aggressive circles of USA, and own crooks and swindlers patiently waiting of the moment of easing of state authority and, being covered the democratic slogans and deceiving the population to carry out criminal commercial and social - political plans. The tolerant attitude(relation) to new bourgeoisie still could be kept, if the new owners instead of export stole of the capital abroad would put the investments in development of domestic manufacture and on improvement of a social level of the workers and pensioners, but the passion to a boundless profit can cause only new shocks and new redistribution of the property. unemployment corruption market economy

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