Ethics and Islamic Values in Business

The characteristic of types of business fraud. Examples of misleading. Deceit by means of about a prize. An example of the toxic waste is Illegal dumping of chemical waste in China. Cheating is an unethical perspective, which against Islamic values.

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"Ethics and Islamic Values in Business”

Instructor: Dr. Rabia Naguib

Group members:

1. Syed Faisal Shah U00021713

2. Mohammad Butti Al Falasi U00017900

3. Aydar Adelgareev Rishatovich U00014909

Fraud is a deliberate misrepresentation that causes a person or business to suffer damages, it is when trickery is used to gain a dishonest advantage, often in the form of monetary losses. a good example happened with my mother. Onetime she put money into her phone account through automatic machine. When she came home, she got a message which was saying that she won a car "Chevrolet lacetti". This car was raffled off and she was randomly chosen. When she read the message, she was very happy until she reached the statement what was saying in order to get the car you need to send certain amount of money to the specific number. That was surprising. If she won this car why she has to send money to the unknown number? After that I searched for the answer in Google and found that was a fraud and many people were the victims of it. Of course the reason for this fraud was to make money.

Misleading is one of the unethical issues. It is designed to deceive or mislead people. Examples of misleading can be various. One of the examples is how the government of many countries misleads people. If there are elections to be a president or for the places in the government, they try to mislead people by the falsification of the votes. Recently there was an election in Russia to be a president. In the day of election, the observers from different parties found many infringements in the polling stations. Even they went to the court, they didn't achieve success because the court is bribed. People can't do anything with it. Many people went to the streets to make protests against it but Such attempts have not met with success. The majority of cases of falsification of elections occur in connection with aspiration an illegal way to receive a post in the local authorities, which provides the right of appointment to positions.

Unfairness is partiality that isn't fair or equitable. It is unethical. There is no justice. example of unfairness can be the famous and rich gas company "Gazprom". It is the largest exporter of natural gas in the world. They supply gas to the Russia and to many other countries such as Ukraine, Germany, Turkey, Poland, Finland and etc. At the same time they are sponsors of many sport teams. Unfairness here is that Russian people pay more money for gas than other people who live in some countries to whom " Gazprom" supply gaz. The natural gas is the national property of Russia.russian people should much less than people who live in other countries and they should have something from the sale of gas. The reason is that they don't care about Russian people, the main aim for them is to get a lot of money.

Honesty refer to a fact moral character and denotes positive and virtuous attributes such as integrity truthfully and straight forwardness along with the absence of lying cheating or theft. Some people are dishonest a. Example of dishonest is republican official training poll challengers in New Mexico with false and dishonest information about election law that could be used to suppress voting rights. The training seminar, released by Progress Now New Mexico, along with a training manual obtained by the group, which was produced by the Sandoval County Republican Party, present false information about the state's election and voter. Politician of New Mexico are dishonest to the people, they are working in Government just for self interest and make more and more money.

Stealing is a famous unethical behavior in many different type of business. Small business like a grocery or large business like corporation. An example of stealing is a case where the The Drug Enforcement Administration of Dubai Police has arrested a pharmacist for smuggling and selling narcotic drugs in International City. He was arrested while waiting in his car for one of his customers to sell him sleeping pills. A total of 2, 194 narcotic pills, including eight varies of sleeping pills, were found in his apartment. He confessed that he stole the pills from the pharmacy where he worked. He also admitted consuming some of the drugs. The result of his urine test was positive ( by Major General Abdul Jalil Mehdi, Director General Department for Combating Narcotics at Dubai police). The reason of stealing is financial difficulties and some people steal to have more and more money.

Toxic waste is the one of the most dangerous unethical issue that causes human health and environment. Toxic waste come in one of the three forms; Solid, liquid and sludge. An example of the toxic waste is Illegal dumping of chemical waste has become a widespread problem in China, with a chain of middlemen profiteering from it. This has worsened the already precarious environmental situation in China. The report shows that the companies wastes toxic chemical in rivers and the villagers searched all over and eventually found over 70 barrels of liquid chemical waste buried near a river, which is regularly used by villagers for irrigation. The local environmental protection office analyzed it and found several toxic chemical components, including 2,4 - dichlorophenoxyacetic acid and acetyl benzene. If humans come into contact with this chemical mix, it results in serious health damage. The reason is that the companies not want to waste money on these chemical waste by destroying it all of them are thinking about maximizing profit and delivering more products to the market and without any consideration of society welfare.

Wasta or as they call it the vitamin "waw" it's a spreading disease specially in the Arabian region, it's a non ethical disease that have many causes. people use wasta to get there work done as soon as possible by having to know important people among, firms, companies, institutions and many places, people who have bad values usually use them. for example: if a person what to get a land in a very special place in the country they will pass people that there waiting for their turn and will talk to some manager that will help the person that used the wasta to get others turn, wasta is some kind of un ethical disaster among people.

Cheating is an un ethical perspective or the easy way out it is against Islamic values that prophet Mohammad say that "who cheats is not from the Muslims" the reasons people cheat is because they want get the easy way to progress at work or in gaining profit without giving any effort in work to progress. for example: once a guy from my friend went back home from university and sleep without studding for the exam then he made small papers he wrote some formulas on them, in the exam the one of the teachers caught him and suspended him from the university, that what cheating drive u to destroying your future for a piece of paper.

ethic islamic value business

Disrespecting traffic rules is one of the most important subjects government try to solve in their countries. every day in the UAE her that there is a traffic accident happen on local roads that is because most young drivers are not matured enough to know the rules of the local roads and they are driving so crazy and trying to do some stunts all over the place which made their lives and others live in danger young drivers must get guided by their parents or police to get them controlled for example: a had a friend's friend who got his driving license early and was driving crazy we tried to convince him to drive well and he just ignore our advise till he made an big accident and broke his chest.

Drugs are chemical substance usually used for medication some people add for these substance more substance in them for addiction use and gaining revenues on people health, the reason why un legal drugs are existing is because they are gangs that have no morals nor values try to sell them for people in the black market to gain profit which make people get addicted or die. example: my friend found a 2000 pill of un legal drug beside the road side and he called the police, police thanked him for his cooperation lets think if that 2000 pill was gone to the wrong hands what would be the negative affect that would be on people.

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