Queen of Great Britain

Queen - the head of state. The role of the Queen in the political and social life. Queen in Parliament - the official name of the British legal system. The monarch as "supreme leader" of the Anglican Church and the Supreme Commander of the army.

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Queen of Great Britain

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Queen - the head of state. It brings its share of political and social life of the country, performing the duties imposed on it by law, by participating in a variety of ceremonies and representing the UK worldwide. Queen Elizabeth II is also head of the Commonwealth.

1. The role of the Queen in a state

The Queen is the constitutional monarch, ie its power is limited by rules and laws and therefore it can not govern as ruled by the Russian tsars. The Queen does not take part in the legislative process and the process of governance. This makes for her numerous government apparatus. Even speech that says the Queen on holidays or important public events, written entirely in the government. The Queen is a symbol of unity and stability of the UK, as well as many countries of the British Commonwealth of Nations.

2. Queen in Parliament

Restrictions on the power of monarchs began to be imposed at the beginning of the thirteenth century, when English nobles forced King John to accept a document entitled "Magna Carta" (Magna Carta) that she, too, have certain rights. Constitutional Monarchy in the form in which we know it today developed and strengthened in the 18th and 19th centuries, when control passed into the hands of the Cabinet of Ministers, who were appointed from the elected parliament. "The Queen in Parliament - the official name of the British legal system, which consists of the Queen, the House of Lords and House of Commons. House of Commons, the majority of whose members usually support the ruling party, has the greatest political power. The Queen is obliged by the Council of Ministers approve all Billy. The role of the Queen in the creation of new or changing old law is now a mere formality, but behind it there is a right to express their opinion. System "Queen in Parliament" is most clearly demonstrated in the annual opening of the new session of Parliament, when the Queen arrives in person to parliament and a speech addressed to both Houses. This speech written by the government, contains the Government's proposals for the parliament in the upcoming session and lists bills that it would be desirable to consider and adopt. Prior to the speech utterance Parliament can not begin its work. The Queen and the Privy Council (The Privy Council) Privy Council - the oldest active form of the Legislative Assembly; its roots are drawn from the Court Norman kings, which held its meetings in secret. Until the 17th century monarch and the Privy Council constituted government, and the role of parliament was to allocate money for the state and monarchic needs. Nowadays, the Privy Council has limited powers, for example, on the advice of its members Queen formally approves a large number of laws issued by decree of the Queen and the past without a hearing in Parliament (Orders in Council), and it performs certain judicial functions. A total of 400 state secret advisers, consisting of all members of the Cabinet, some other ministers, leaders of opposition parties in parliament, senior judges and some officials from the Commonwealth.

3. Queen and church

In the UK officially operate two churches: Anglican Church (the Church of England) in England and the Scottish church (the Church of Scotland) in Scotland. In Northern Ireland and Wales, registered state religion. The country has a law under which proclaimed religious tolerance as representatives of other religions and confessions and atheists. The full title of Queen includes the words "Defender of the Faith" ('Defender of the Faith'). Monarch is obliged to adhere to the Anglican faith, as it is the "supreme ruler" of the Anglican Church. As is the case with other public and government bodies, the Queen appoints bishops and archbishops on the advice of the Prime Minister, who, in turn, is considering a list provided by the Church Commission. Archbishops and bishops sit in the House of Lords, where they spend and take various measures and canons of the church, which once again shows the relationship between church and state. Unlike the Church of England, the Queen is an ordinary member of the Church of Scotland, not the head. With the ascent to the throne she vows to keep the Church of Scotland, which is independent from the government.

4. Queen and the army

queen parliament church army

Monarch is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, and only he can declare war and make peace. However, in 1689 the monarch can not itself declare war without the consent of Parliament and ministers. The Queen, however, takes an active part in the affairs of the army, and she, like many members of the royal family, is an active officer in the ranks of the British Armed Forces. In addition to the actual title of the queen and her family members have honorary military rank as the UK and some Commonwealth countries.

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