Anapa is a resort of Russia

Investigation of the recreational potential of Anapa: sights, famous beaches and health and preventive services. Assessing the current state of tourism infrastructure. Development of the excursion program for 8 days in the resort town of Russia.

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Course work

Anapa is a resort of Russia

Written by Kostareva A.

group S-252

Checked by Stolyarova T.G.

Chelyabinsk 2010


This work is dedicated to resort Anapa. It has great recourses for recreation and education. There are modern city Anapa, and unique Black Sea in Central this city.

Each place has its own atmosphere, history and tourist attraction. Therefore, this course work is about their tourist potential. This work improves that Anapa can become a gainful tourist destination.

    • 1.1 Natural complexes
    • 1.2 Attractions
    • 1.3 Infrastructure
    • 1.4 Beaches of Anapa
    • 1.5 Natural medical factors
    • 1.6 The rest in Anapa
  • 2. THE TOUR IN Anapa
    • 2.1 The describing of tour

anapa recreational tourism beaches


Anapa is a one of the best resorts of Europe. The total area of beaches exceeds 40km. Rest in Anapa is the magnificent climate, the developed infrastructure, hotels and unique history.

Anapa is high on the list among known resorts of the Black Sea coast on number of sunny days.

It is possible to have a rest in Anapa with full comfort - to reach a resort by the plane, to be occupied in excellent local hotels. But there is also other party of this magnificent resort city if you wish to see it come on rest in another way - "wild". And it is in own way magnificent: rest in tents, a nomadic way of life, kind collective with a guitar at coast of Black sea.

Peeble beaches are an excellent massage for a body, especially at diseases of the impellent device; beaches sand Anapa is already paradise of fans to luxuriate on soft sand at the bright, active sun.

As a rule, on pebble beaches of High coast come families with small children. At the quiet sea beaches will be the best vacation spot. The equal and unsharp input to Black sea will allow you to relax, releasing the child to play, throw stones in water. Water so pure that you without special attributes can see a part of the underwater world. If there is a tube with a mask before you all sea fauna will appear. And it, believe, it is rather interesting and various. Nevertheless, you can simply lie on a mattress in quiet water, in it too there is a charm. Anapa is rich with recreational resources and accepts tourists all year.


Anapa is originally is a seaport for the Natkhuay tribe Adyghe people, and now a town in Krasnodar Krai, Russia, located on the northern coast of the Black Sea near the Sea of Azov. Population: 53,493 (2002 Census); 54,796 (1989 Census). It boasts a number of sanatoria and hotels; along with Sochi and several other cities along the Russian coast of the Black Sea, it has enjoyed a substantial increase in popularity since the fall of the Soviet Union, which left traditional Soviet resort cities in Crimea and the breakaway republic of Abkhazia in Georgia on the other side of a national border. Anapa is served by Anapa Airport (AAQ) [1].

1.1 Natural complexes

The climate

Climate of the Mediterranean type, moderately damp and warm, with a sun abundance, especially in the summer and in the autumn and rather rare cloudy days (usually in the winter). Among known resorts of the Black Sea coast Anapa is high on the list on number of sunny days. This resort is shined by the sun almost 280 days in a year and the climate combines three unique types: steppe, sea and mountain. Thanks to it the swimming season usually proceeds from the end of May till October. The temperature of air as a rule does not exceed in the summer

30-35° - day and does not fall more low 20-24° - night. The water temperature keeps at level 20-24°. In a summer time the sea weakens a heat, thereby it levels extreme temperatures of air. The affinity of the sea affects also a daily course of deposits - they drop out basically at night that allows in the afternoon to continue to have a rest on a beach [2].

Seas of Anapa

Anapa is washed by the Black and Azov sea. The Black Sea is an inland sea bounded by Europe, Anatolia and the Caucasus and is ultimately connected to the Atlantic Ocean via the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas and various straits. The Bosphorus strait connects it to the Sea of Marmara, and the strait of the Dardanelles connects it to the Aegean Sea region of the Mediterranean. These waters separate eastern Europe and western Asia. The Black Sea also connects to the Sea of Azov by the Strait of Kerch.

The Black Sea has an area of 436,400 km2 (168,495.0 sq mi) (Non-include Sea of Azov), a maximum depth of 2,206 m (7,238 ft), and a volume of 547,000 km3 (131,200 cu mi). The Black Sea forms in an east-west trending elliptical depression which lies between Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine. It is constrained by the Pontic Mountains to the south, the Caucasus Mountains to the east and features a wide shelf to the north-west. The longest east-west extent is about 1,175 km [3].

The Sea of Azov is the world's shallowest sea, linked by the Strait of Kerch to the Black Sea to the south. It is bounded on the north by Ukraine mainland, on the east by Russia, and on the west by the Crimean peninsula. The Don River is the major river that flows into it. The Sea of Azov is the shallowest sea in the world with an average depth of 13 metres (43 ft) and maximum depth of 15.3 metres (50 ft).[4]

The nature and relief

In the natural relation the edge territory consists of two parts: northern and central parts of edge including territory of lowland Kubano-Priazovskoj, are occupied by steppes with black soils, and a southern part, including almost all Black Sea coast, is occupied by mountains. Steppe Kuban is very favorable for the agriculture conducting, therefore practically all its territory is opened and occupied mainly by grain crops, and last years the big share is occupied with sunflower crops. Mountains in territory of Krasnodar territory not so high (only on border from Karachaevo-Circassia their height reaches to 3256 m, Pseashho) and represent the western spurs of the Big Caucasian ridge. Here with height deciduous (mainly beechen and oak) and conifers woods are replaced by subalpine and Alpine meadows, in high mountains - small glaciers. Southern part of the Black Sea coast, especially city district of Sochi - unique territory in Russia, occupied with subtropical vegetation. Environmental conditions of Black Sea Coast allow to grow up here tea, grapes, tobacco, citrus. In a mountain part of Krasnodar territory in 1924 the Caucasian biospheric reserve which partially comes on territory next Karachaevo-Circassia has been created. The greatest river proceeding through territory of edge - the river Kuban which has given the informal name to region, on it near Krasnodar the Krasnodar water basin is created; at the Black Sea coast the largest waterway - the river Mzymta near Adler. As a whole the edge territory is not so rich with natural resources: here there are small oil fields, gas, table salt, iron ore, etc. But the main resources of edge - agrarian-climatic and recreational which define a profile of an economy of region.

An animal kingdom

Physicians and psychologists recommend all for a raising of a vitality more persistently, removals of city stresses to find time for dialogue with the nature: to listen to voices of birds, to bathe in the sea, to wander on wood, observing of its inhabitants. Such as lizards, frogs, birds, snakes, bats, predators.

The nature of the Black Sea coast of Caucasus, and in particular Anapa area, is very various. More than 600 kinds of animals meet in territory of Krasnodar territory. The class of birds totals about 320 kinds; fishes are presented by 163 kinds, mammals - 86, reptiles 21, amphibious 11 kinds, i.e. not meeting in other regions. It testifies to an antiquity of an origin of our fauna[5].

1.2 Attractions


It is possible to consider Anapa as the historical centre, after all the museum open-air Gorgippija here has settled down. The Black Sea resort Anapa is famous for its open-air museum of the site of an ancient Greek settlement - Gorgippia.

Gorgippia is an archeological memorial of great significance as it must be the only Greek heritage in Russia. The museum houses a vast archeological dig site and a roofed exhibition of findings. There's a huge collection of various historically valuable items: household goods, vases, marble glyphs and almost intact statues.

As it's been archeologically proved that Gorgippia was a highly developed city with a stadium, potteries, wine-cellars and numerous workshops. There's much evidence that the city was half-destroyed by invaders who conquered it supposedly at night as there are many household items scattered about the homes as if left by the people to abandon houses in a hurry. Last historical records of Gorgippia are dated to 70-s of the sixth century [6].

Museum of local lore

It is devoted a 25-century history of Anapa, will tell to you about times of the Bosporsky kingdom and Russian-Turkish wars, about development of resort business, about flora and fauna of these places. The museum of local lore in the city of Anapa has settled down in a resort grammar school of teachers of which has been constructed in 1909 museum Showrooms will tell to you about the nature and inhabitants of a land and the sea around Anapa, will acquaint with a city history of Anapa with 17 for 20 centuries In museum territory passes set of exhibitions. In particular the exhibition of wine growing and winemaking of Anapa uses a great popularity.

Gate of a Turkish fortress

"Russian" or as still they name "Turkish" and "Serf" gate - the unique and silent witness of the period of Turkish sovereignty in Anapa, the rests from there is powerful and stately fortress. In 1783 under instructions of Abdula of the first, by means of the French engineers, Anapa has turned to a fortress: it is surrounded by the dressed stone a ditch, шириною and глубиною 4,5 m. the Fortification rested the ends against the sea, had extent about 4 km. Behind a ditch the shaft, and behind shaft a palisade (a paling from the pointed logs) lasted. «It is a lot of grief and troubles it was necessary to test to Russian people in struggle for will, independence, the best future. And always, at all times, they were united by an appeal« For belief and fidelity »». Just these words you see on the top of Poklonnogo of the cross established on September, 5th, 1999 in memory of the beginning of the all-Russian Religious procession, the Christmas devoted to the 2000 anniversary which as took place under the motto «At Belief and fidelity».

Church of Saint Onuphrius

Historical monument of 19 centuries in the city of Anapa - the Church of Saint Onuphrius. In Temple territory is refectory and bakery. In 1828, after a capture of a fortress of Anapa, the city has been completely destroyed. Almost full isolation from an external world, constant threat of an attack of mountaineers, absence of potable water suppressed moral spirit of its inhabitants. On October, 3rd, 1830 Nikolay 1 has published the Decree about the device in a fortress Anapa the Greek-Russian church with an iconostasis and other and has enjoined «to release from the State exchequer of 25 thousand roubles bank notes. Church to name a name of that sacred, on whose holiday a fortress Anapa has surrendered to our armies». And in 1837 on a place of an old Turkish mosque was will erect the Church which has received a name of Saint Onuphrius. One of the first has visited the Temple emperor Nikolay 1 in September, 1837. In days of the Crimean war of 1855 it has been destroyed, and in 1874 - is restored again at the initiative of the chief of the Black Sea district of general D.V. Pilenko On a memorial board an inscription the Moscow patriarchy, the Piously-Onufrievsky church. The church is put in 1829. It is consecrated in 1837 12/25 June in day of memory of Saint Onuphrius Great, the patron of Anapa. The church has been reconstructed in 1874 Till 1964 closed, long time in it there was a Palace of pioneers, and since 1995 divine services have renewed. Today the Church of Saint Onuphrius - the centre of a spiritual life of a city. In its arrival Sunday schools for children and adults, orthodox library that speaks about revival of Orthodox belief operate.

A lighthouse

An accepted meeting place in Anapa the Anapa's lighthouse is most. Meetings about the Anapa's lighthouse, inhabitants, and city visitors appoint as meats. The Anapa's lighthouse in 1955 on cape Anapa has been established. The form of a tower of the lighthouse - octahedral, with three black horizontal strips. Height of a signal light of 43 metres above sea level, colour red. Visibility of this beacon at a fair weather about 18.5 n miles. Except a signal light, the Anapa's lighthouse is equipped modern radio engineering by means. Unfortunately, that beacon has not reached us in the original form as has been destroyed by fascist invaders at deviation. And the Anapa's lighthouse has been based on July, 14th, 1898. The cut of high coast had an earthen hill (the rests of an ancient barrow), on it the first alarm beacon has been put, and in operation the new beacon a flasher on October, 20th, 1909 has been placed. The beacon always is an integral part of a sea landscape. And the Anapa's lighthouse not an exception, after all it is at bottom of mountains. From high coast we can observe a picturesque landscape. To the southeast from a city in 5 km spurs of the Big Caucasus tower. They begin with Bald mountain and pass in a ridge Itself. The peninsula Utrish which was formed as a result of earthquake more 2 thousand years ago in the distance lies. Rare species of plants and trees there have remained [7].

1.3 Infrastructure

In a city a resort Anapa is developed a rest and hospitality infrastructure. A considerable quantity of sanatoria which work all-the-year-round, boarding houses, bases of rest, hotels, the big and small hotels wait for visitors on rest and treatment. Annually in Anapa has a rest more than 2 million persons. Extent of a beach makes: 42 kilometres sands and 12 kilometres pebble, therefore having a rest always suffice a place on a beach.

In a city there is a set of public catering establishments (cafe, dining rooms, bars, restaurants) and food shops, and also shops on sale of various souvenirs and beach stock. There are food-processing industry enterprises (a bakery, winery, etc.). In Anapa manufacture of building materials and plastic products is developed.

In vicinities of Anapa - wine growing and winemaking is well developed. The meat-packing plant, dairy factory and a prjadilno-weaving mill are sold for a long time to private owners. Anapa is a museum open-air, the Ancient Greek city of Gorgippija numbering more than 25-century history [8].

1.4 Beaches of Anapa

A «High Coast»

Resort Anapa are hundred kilometres beaches - sandy, with soft sand and the small sea, and stone, surrounded with the wild nature.

The stone beach which is under "old quay" is called High coast. This name is completely justified. Standing ashore, you feel greatness of breakage, soaring at you behind the back. On high coast sea water twice especial. Here it is possible to try to be engaged in diving and to get acquainted with the underwater world of Black sea. To see surprising beauty of the Black Sea day and even to be photographed against them. Such it will never be forgotten.

The beach High coast is taking a stress perfectly. Stones delicately mass everyone muscle, toning up and calming a body that well influences work of a brain and nervous system. On high coast depth average that allows to release easy the child in water, without lowering from it all the same eyes. It is possible to dive with a mask independently, not necessarily to be engaged in diving. So too it is possible to see very much though and it is so much, as with an aqualung. Sea water on a beach high coast in Anapa is especially enriched by useful properties, it is caused by a close arrangement of mountains and the virgin nature. And, of course, the bottom covered with seaweed, enriches water still a phosphorus considerable quantity. On high coast it is pleasant to spend evening and nights - to burn down fires, to sing, look at water in which the seaweed filled with phosphorus is magically shone. And to enjoy never-ending height of the sky, light of its stars, and beauty of the Milky Way.

Anapa gives weight of entertainments but if you wish to have a rest - is better it the High coast will turn out on a quiet beach [9].

A Beach « Small bay»

A small bay - rest for the most exacting.

Having collected suitcases, and having control over the ticket for holiday, you worry on quality of rest. After all these sensations to you should suffice all next year. You imagine a cosy beach, accurate, pure, convenient. The city a resort Anapa has concentrated in itself all possible modern factors causing qualitative and useful rest.

Anapa, being lucky enough to stand at coast of Black sea, presumes to itself many possibilities which are inaccessible to other resorts. And, speaking about such features, first of all it is necessary to tell about a beach «Small Bay». It is a stone beach. But what beach! Standing in its beginning - on quay, at the very first step of an accurate ladder, with interesting registration, in crystal water, there, on tens metres appears through each pebble more low.

The beach the Small bay is equipped by the convenient wooden plank beds connected among themselves by similarity of shelves that to you would be where to combine things. The dense roof over the head protects from the sun so you can luxuriate all the day on a beach, without being afraid to scorch. Do not neglect possibility to sweep on water motorcycles, or such amusements, as "bun" and "banana". Though a beach and not big, on it pleasant cafes in which you can take pleasure in a cool of drinks, ice cream or eat dishes first class an easy cuisine have settled down some.

The beach a small bay is paradise for fans of comfortable rest. Anapa does everything that you would arrive once again [10].

1.5 Natural medical factors

The richest natural medical environment of Anapa, is unique even in the Azov Most-Black Sea resort region: the solar world, shine and caress of the blue sea, golden sand with aeolian dunes, pebble beaches in valleys of the Caucasian foothills, crystal-clear air, curative springs of mineral waters, estuary and a knoll dirt, medicines from the sea, medical grades of table grapes have brought the deserved glory to a resort. Leading medical factors of Anapa are: a favorable climate - a combination of mountain and steppe air, mineral sources and a dirt. From here resort division as climatic, mud, water and balneal. On a resort Anapa a considerable quantity of sunny days in a year - 285 from 365, rather low humidity of air - 60 % which, for example, allows is better to treat illnesses of respiratory ways and skin illnesses. The basic medical factors are mineral chlorine, natrium hydrocarbonate and bromine waters (mineral water of the Seven-mountain source is used in the medical purposes since the most ancient times), medical knoll and sulphidic slit a dirt from Chembursky lake and the Vitjazevsky estuary, which efficiency considerably above, than efficiency of a dirt on the Dead Sea. Mineral medicinal waters and slit, a dirt are successfully applied presently for balneological procedures, and also in various SPA-programs.

Treatment profiles

In resort health resorts patients with chronic illnesses of LOR-BODIES and respiratory organs of not tubercular character, cardiovascular and nervous systems, chronic noncontagious diseases of a skin, illnesses of digestive organs, a musculoskeletal system, gynecologic and urological diseases, patients with illnesses of a civilisation (the symptoms connected with surplus loads and influence of stress) are treated. On a resort the rehabilitation centres are developed: psychotherapy, allergology, pulmonology, a diabetes, decrease in excess weight, urology, neurology, an ecological purification of an organism from radionuclide, salts of the heavy metals, harmful slags.

1.6 The rest in Anapa

The valley of Sukko

Valley of Sukko - one of the most picturesque places of the Black Sea coast! The picturesque valley is located to the south from a resort Anapa. Water here more purely also is more transparent, than in Anapa. It is possible to sunbathe on мелкогалечном a beach in the summer and to bathe in surprisingly pure sea! The richest underwater world of a valley of Sukko creates fine conditions for immersings with an aqualung and skin diving.

Surprising landscape and extraordinary pure sea - an integral part of resort settlement Sukko. Сукко in the summer in Sukko you can have a rest from city vanity and have a good time on various attractions which here it is a lot of. From the steam-ship preparing for departure standing at a pier, suggest to make sea walk from Sukko to Anapa or Dzhemete. If you do not love voyages then it is possible to test in a role of the equestrian and to make fascinating horse walk. In the summer in Sukko it is offered to make set of various excursions. In the evening in Sukko it is possible to visit one of set of restaurants with live music in which to you will offer the menu satisfying even of the most tempted gourmets. And can go to one of bars on seacoast where under incendiary music young men have fun. And all it under the unforgettable star sky and a summer, warm sea breeze.

On Big Utrishe that in 2 km from Sukko, there is the most known delphinarium in Russia in which take place flashing shows! Also Big Utrish is famous for the fine wild beaches. Here it is possible to come for all day. Here the cleanest sea water and excellent a pebble beach! Also on Big Utrishe it is possible to take on distribution the motor yacht and to go for a drive on it along a wild beach to the second or third lagoon!

Well and who suddenly will for a short while become bored of city atmosphere - from Sukko it is possible to go to Anapa which is all in 14 km. Fixed-route taxis ply between Anapa, Sukko and Big Utrish each 10 minutes [11].


Dzhemete - as a matter of fact suburb of Anapa. The settlement is located in 5 kilometres from Anapa in the middle of the Pioneer prospectus lasting on 10 km. Along the sea from Anapa to Vitjazevo. Dzhemete - small settlement, it is extended along Chernomormsky coast approximately on kilometre. Dzhemete -the resort settlement, therefore number of its population considerably varies depending on a season.

The word "Dzhemete" in transfer from the Adygea means "Placer". Also it is the truth, after all the structure анапского sand actually includes a gold small amount. The settlement is bred directly at coast, having extended along a shore, therefore the maximum way to a beach makes no more than 200 metres. Beaches of Dzhemete are a part fine the Anapa sandy beaches which are considered as best in Europe (the official data of 2006). The flat sandy bottom does these beaches especially convenient and safe for children's rest.

The affinity to Anapa (~5 km) does settlement Dzhemete by favourite vacation spot. It is literally for few minutes you can reach Anapa by a routeing or usual taxi where you are waited by all delights of a night life of a city: concerts of stars of a platform, huge casinos, cafe, restaurants open-air and much-many other! However, and in Dzhemete the infrastructure is extremely developed: the markets, restaurants and, certainly, incendiary discos! For children there is a big park of attractions. To reach Dzhemete from Anapa you easily can on fixed-route taxis №8,4,14. Minibuses I go a never-ending stream with an interval no more than 3 minutes. The trip to Anapa will make no more than 10 minutes.

It is possible to reach Anapa in three ways:

By train: it is necessary for you as soon as possible (it is desirable) to get tickets for the trains going to Anapa, Novorossisk or Krasnodar for 30 days. If you have got tickets for a train going to Novorossisk to buy the ticket better to station Tunnel (penultimate station in front of Novorossisk) it is closer to Anapa. By the plane: in the summer you can arrive to Anapa by the plane, the airport of Anapa accepts flights from the majority of cities of Russia. By the bus: you as can reach Anapa by the bus, having arrived on road service station of Anapa which is in the city centre. On the car: every summer to us come having a rest on the cars. Roads of Anapsky area are officially recognised the best in Russia following the results of 2006 [12].


In 20 km from Anapa there is a resort settlement Vitjazevo which the Greeks who have come here two thousand years ago, named Pontus Eklivsijsky. Витязево the main thing because of what here go having a rest in the summer are long beaches with fine-grained sand. The best place for family rest, than Vitjazevo, to you simply not to find. From apart it seems that sand on a beach gold so it is poured and glints in the sun. Depth of the sea starts to accrue only through 100 metres, therefore many families with children choose this resort settlement. At coast surprisingly transparent water. Through it are easily looked through, bowls based upon a sea-bottom and stones.

As a matter of fact Vitjazevo is suburb of Anapa since it is located in the end of the Pioneer prospectus lasting from Anapa on which sanatoria, boarding houses and bases of rest of Anapa settle down. In the summer in Vitjazevo the set of magnificent restaurants, cafe, snackbars and shops work. But the most important thing - the market where it is possible to get fresh fruit and vegetables, the grapes which have been grown up on the fertile Kuban earth!

Rest in Vitjazevo Rest summer 2010. The resort settlement Vitjazevo is located directly on the bank of the Vitjazovsky estuary which medical dirt is successfully used for treatment of the oporno-impellent device. In settlement Vitjazevo it is located СПК "Vitjazevo" which are letting out the best wines - prize-winners of the Russian and international competitions. At factory the network of firm wine shops operates.

From resort settlement Vitjazevo to Anapa it is possible to reach on fixed-route taxis № 4, 8, 14 (about 20 minutes) which route passes under the Pioneer prospectus. On the well-known Pioneer prospectus it is placed more than 150 improving establishments. Truck transport movement on the prospectus is forbidden.


The resort village Blagoveshchenskaya is in 33 km. From the city-resort of Anapa. Sometimes it names Blagoveshchenkaya. The resort village Blagoveshchensk settles down on the bank of Black sea, between Kiziltashsky and Vitjazevsky the estuaries having an exit in the sea. Estuaries of a village Blagoveshchensk are in own way unique! Their medical dirt and valuable breeds of fishes are known far outside of Russia.

In a village Blagoveshchensk protected a beach sandy that allows even to small children to be in safety. It is a unique beach at the Black Sea coast, combined by natural deposits of sand. It was stretched more than on 45 km from Anapa to Tamani and mostly adjoins to Blagoveshchensk in the form of a strongly pronounced tongue of sand. A tongue of sand at all desert, and on the contrary picturesque different grass with low-growing trees of olive.

On the bank of a village Blagoveshchensk it is located more than 40 bases of rest. Night bars and discos which last till the morning work. Bases of rest become the centre of a night life of a village Blagoveshchensk. On a beach you can conduct not only passive rest in the form of acceptance of sea and solar baths: you can sweep on a motor boat or on "Banana", hire a water motorcycle or be engaged in surfing. Also you can do some flying on a parachute and a motor-hang-glider, well and, certainly, dive with an aqualung on underwater rocks and sunken wrecks of a different epoch (under the direction of the skilled guide-instructor you can receive the certificate or the reading and writing).

Fans of diving, owners of yachts, boats, paraplanes and other exotic and extreme technics will always find object of start in Blagoveshchensk. Around a village Blagoveshchensk near to coast there are ancient sunken wrecks. Эндогенными and экзогенными forces of the earth form sandy hills in height more than 30 metres (height of the nine-floor house)! If these entertainments to you will be not enough diversify the rest you can in Anapa, make fascinating sea excursion by the steam-ship, visit the Utrishsky Delphinarium, the Aquapark, Lunapark, the big Anapsky market and concerts where stars of the Russian platform always act.

Besides, in a village Blagoveshchensk excursion leisure is developed. The variety of travel companies is offered by the services and are ready to bring you and to show all miracles of Krasnodar territory for rather small money. Departure by comfortable buses directly from a village Blagoveshchensk.

From Blagoveshchensk you can go to Anapa at any time by the bus or fixed-route taxis which go from a village to Anapa more than 10 times a day. The trip lasts 40-50 minutes. The ticket price makes 30 roubles. Also you can visit a remarkable Aquapark in Anapa or go on a military hill on the Small Earth. This and much-many other waits for you in a village Blagoveshchensk!

anapa recreation tourist potential


2.1 The describing of tour

The tour is for adult people. So it has enough free time for visiting discos, night restaurants and etc. This tour is possible in summer season because it pleasantly to take a sunbath on warm Black Sea. This tour takes a week. It consists of several parts:


10 -30 arrival to Anapa (by train № 140)

11-00 accommodating in hotel «Anapa Lazurnya»

12-00 lunch (in “Atlantida” restaurant)

15-00 Sightseens excursion of Anapa

18-00 Dinner (in “Atlantida” restaurant)

19-00 Free time


9-00 breakfast (in “Anapa Lazurnya” hotel)

10-00 transfer to Sochi (on rent bus)

15-00 arrival to Sochi

16-00 accommodating in “Socol” hotel-restaurant

17-00 dinner (in “Socol” hotel-restaurant)

19-00 visiting theatre, cinemas and etc


9-00 breakfast (in “Socol” hotel-restaurant)

11-00 sightseens excursion

16-00 lunch (in restaurant “Oscar”)

17-00 free time

19-00 dinner (in “Socol” hotel-restaurant)

21-00 transfer to Anapa


9-00 breakfast (in “Atlantida” restaurant)

10-00 excursion in Church of Saint Onuphrius

12-00 free time, relax in the central beach

13-00 transfer to vale Succo

14-00 accommodating in hotel “Agat”

14-30 lunch in restaurant “Agat”

15-30 free time

20-00 dinner

21-00 animation program


9-00 breakfast

12-00 yacht excursion to Black Sea

15-00 lunch

16-00 free time

20-00 dinner

21-00 animation program


9-00 breakfast

12-00 free time

15-00 excursion in the museum open-air “Gorgippija”

16-00 free time

20-00 dinner

21-00 animation program


9-00 breakfast

12-00 excursion to Museum of local lore

15-00 lunch

16-00 free time, relax in the beach

20-00 dinner


5-50 breakfast

7-50 train to Chelyabinsk


This work is about Anapa and its tourist potential. It improve, that Anapa has enough recreational resources for all kinds of tourism. The tour, which was shown in here, is only one of possible variant.

This tour shows how it's possible to combine educational tourism with recreational tourism. It improves, that Anapa's cities has a rich and interesting history. Also Anapa has a big potential to take a good place on tourist market.


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The climate















Max (°C)














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Rainfall, mm














t of water °C














Picture 1. - The climate of Anapa

Picture 2. - Gorgippija

Picture 3. - A lighthouse

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  • The geographical position of Russia and its parts. Russia as the origin in Kiev Russia, the State emblem of Russian Empire. The dissolution of the Soviet Union. The population of the Russian Federation. Peculiarities of Russian tourism development.

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  • Disneyland Resort Paris is a holiday and recreation resort in Marne-la-Valle. Disneyland features two theme parks, an entertainment district and seven hotels. Disneyland Paris has to offer you really need to spend three or four days at the resort.

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  • Sports - passion, helpful and pleasant vacation, the value of sport for health, the establishment of good relations between people. The development of sport in Russia: stadiums, swimming pools, schools, societies and clubs. Popular sports in my family.

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  • Travelling in different ways: by train, by air, by sea, on foot. Russia as a country of mystery attractive for foreigners. Russia famous villages and towns: painted boxes in Palekh, wooden tableware in Khokhloma and toys in Dymkovo. The Tower of London.

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  • Humanistic character of modern formation. Reform of education in Russia the beginnings of XXI century. Results of a state policy in sphere of education during last decades. Characteristic, organizations and requirements of education system in Russia.

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  • Moscow is the capital of Russia, is a cultural center. There are the things that symbolize Russia. Russian’s clothes. The Russian character. Russia - huge ethnic and social mixture. The Russian museum in St. Petersburg. The collection of Russian art.

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  • Tourism is defined as the act of travel with the intentions of recreational pleasure. There are different types of tourism that can be enjoyed. Description and development of extreme tourism, cultural tourism, educational tourism, ecological tourism.

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