Idiom in English vocabulary

Comparison of understanding phraseology in English, American and post-Soviet vocabulary. Features classification idiomatic expressions in different languages. The analysis of idiomatic expressions denoting human appearance in the English language.

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In this work idioms that describe human appearance are included. It may be described positively or negatively. The list is subgrouped into different groups accordingly to the part of the body described or the state of one's body or clothes. These idioms are accepted as part of everyday speech and undoubtedly are of great practical value. This paper also includes the observation of main problems in definition of phraseological unit and different approaches to their classification. This can help not to make mistakes in choosing of the idiom and studying it. This knowledge (of slightly difference in terms) gives ability to work not only with native linguistics works but also with foreign manuals and dictionaries. An idiom may be treated as a natural manner of speaking to a native speaker of a language. So idioms are integral part of language which make our speech more colourful and authentically native.


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