Education and qualifications

Project management, sales, customer care and public relations, budgeting and forecasting. Computer skills: MS Office, specialist management software HOTIX, LOGHOREST. Southampton Baccalaureat Equivalent of British 'A' levels, specializing in tourism.

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Міністерство освіти і науки України

Запорізький національний технічний університет

Кафедра туризму


З дисципліни « Англійська мова»

Запоріжжя, 2009

1. Draft your own CV

Personal details

Nila Busygina

Zaporizhka str. 18/45

69097 Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine

25 years old


Education and qualifications

Baccalaureat (Equivalent of British 'A' levels, specializing in tourism.)

Work Experience

Internship at the Ibis Hotel (Southampton) 62 bedrooms, three conference rooms.

Supervised the operation of the night shift, dealt with questions and complaints, implemented routine checks of the hotel, collected and compiled the daily business figures and entered statistics into a database to produce the daily reports.

Professional Skills

Project management, sales, customer care and public relations, budgeting and forecasting.

Computer skills: MS Office, specialist management software (HOTIX, LOGHOREST, CALLSTAR)

Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, some German

Interests: Sailing, skiing, tennis

Exercise 2. Get some information to give advice to your friend who is going to be interviewed

Getting the job you want can sometimes depend on the success of the job interview. During the interview the employer will try to find out what kind of person you are, what experience you have, and how you can fit into the job situation.

After you have got an appointment, review the information that you wrote on your application form and resume. Practice talking about your education and previous job experience both in the USA and your native country. Be prepared to explain your skills and abilities specifically.

Go to the interview alone; don't take your friends or children with you. Plan to arrive about ten minutes before the appointment time. Wear appropriate clothing: a neat appearance will make a good impression.

During the interview look directly at the interviewer and answer all of his/her questions as specifically as you can. Ask any questions that you have about the job, such as hours, salary, or job benefits. Write down these questions before you go to the interview. Before you leave, there should be a clear understanding about all aspects of the job.

At the close of the interview, express your thanks and make sure that the interviewer knows how to contact you if he/she wants to hire you.

Exercise 8. March each sentence or word in the left-hand column with the best meaning in the right-hand column. Place the letter of the best definition in the space provided.

1) accountant c) a person whose profession is to keep and examine business accounts

2) surgeon e) a doctor who performs operations

3) lawyer a) a person who practises law, especially a barrister or solicitor

4) journalist f) a person engaged in journalism (work of writing for editing or publishing journals)

5) carpenter b) a worker who makes and repairs, especially the wooden parts of buildings and other structures of wood

6) barber i) a person whose trade is shaving and cutting men's hair

7) architect d) a person who designs and supervises the construction of the buildings

8) nurse g) a person who cares for people who are ill or injured

9) turner k) a person who works at lather

10) secretary h) employee in an office, who deals with correspondence, keeps records, makes arrangements and appointments for a particular member of the staff

11) bricklayer j) a workman who builds with bricks

12) engineer n) a person who works in a branch of engineering; a person who designs engines, machines, bridges, railways; a skilled or trained person who controls communications

13) economist l) a person who writes lectures on economics or political economy

14) sculptor m) an artist who makes sculptures


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