The system of accommodation in Perm

Tourism - travel for recreational, leisure or business purposes. Type of housing travelers during the trip. Types and classification of hospitality businesses: business-hotels, motels, campgrounds, hostels. The system of tourist accommodation in Perm.

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    • 1. Overview the system of accommodation
      • 1.1 Defining a hotel
      • 1.2 Historical reference
      • 1.3 Hotel chains
    • 2. Various classifications of hotels
    • 3. The system accommodation in Russia
    • 4. Accommodations in Perm
      • 4.1 Perm as tourist center
      • 4.2 Kind of accommodation in Perm


Tourism is travel for recreational, leisure or business purposes. Also tourism may be definite as the science, art and business of attracting and transporting people, accommodating them, and catering to their needs and wants.

The system accommodation or lodging sector tourists is one of first in tourism.

Accommodations - places at which travelers can obtain a bed (and usually food) while on a trip; in other words, hotels, motels, inns, camping grounds, hostels, and so forth.

This report considers the theme of:

The system of accommodation tourists in Perm. Perm - is a regional city of Russia. The enterprises of accommodation of Perm hospitality welcome the visitors. Undoubtedly, who find for itself convenient comfortable rooms in suitable hotel. In city is about 50 hotels. The hotel market of Perm is promptly sated. If in capitals of Russia construct business and tourists hotels in regions construct small hotels. The majority hotels of Perm name itself as business-hotels.


The accommodations or lodging sector is a dominant industry within the travel industry. There is no other sector of the travel industry more international in nature than the lodging industry. The lodging industry is the most important element of the social sphere. It plays the leading part in the increase of the public production and accordingly in the uplifting of living standards.

1.1 Defining a hotel

The hotels are the basic element of the system of accommodation. Many terns are used to describe lodging facilities in different countries, but the distinction between them has become blurred.

One can designate the hotel as an enterprise rendering service to the people, which are out of doors.

Also a hotel is a temporary home for people who are travelling. In a hotel the tarveller can rest and has access to food and drink. Essence of services in the hotel business: to provide hotel rooms visitors; to provide a service (check in/check out of guests, cleaning up of apartments, services of porter etc). All of these services are designed to accommodate the traveller, so the hotel business is often referred to as the accommodation industry.

Hotels are intended for the rest, sleeping and work of the guests. In additional the system of accommodation includes the service, which is done by the personal of the hotel. These are reception and official registration of the guests, cleaning the rooms and others.

The additional service includes swimming-pools, conference halls, hair-dresser's, massage-room and many other things. Therefore this service is very important by the forming of the attractiveness of the hotel.

1.2 Historical reference

The hotel industry is perhaps, one of the oldest commercial endeavors in the world. The first hotels go back to the sixth century BC and were the products of the urge to travel. The earliest hotels were business by husband and wife teams who provided large halls for travelers to make their quenchers like wine, port, ale etc... Entertainment and recreation were provided to attract customers to there hotels. The entire cooking service and recreation was provided by husband and his family.

These conditions were for several hundred years. The advent of the industrial revolution in England brought up new ideas and progress in this business of Inn keeping. In early England, public houses were normally called "Inns" or "Taverns". Normally, the name Inn was reserved for the finer establishments catering to the nobility and clergy. The houses often by the common man were known as "taverns". The word "hotel" was used in England in about 1760 after a passage of over 80 years. In America lodging houses were called "Inn" or "Coffee House".

The real growth of the modern hotel industry took place in the USA beginning with the opening of the City Hotel in New York in the year 1794. The hotel business began to develop in 1829. In USA/Boston opened the first hotel of first class - it was a start hotel industry in this country and in the world. In XIX - XX began to develop luxury hotel in Europe and USA. After Second World War, began to develop international hotel chains such us: Holiday Inn, Choice, Best Western, Hilton, etc.

1.3 Hotel chains

Hotel chains nowadays form the basis of world tourist business. There are currently several hundreds of hotel chains in the world. Among them giant corporations can be distinguished, which hotels can be found almost anywhere in the world. Their names are well-known even to the ordinary tourist: Radisson, Best Western, Hyatt, Marriott, and Hilton. According to World Tourist Organization, one in five hotels belongs to a particular hotel chain, when hotels on the planet is about 16 million. The first hotel chains appeared in the late 30-s of the 20th century in the USA

Best Western hotel chain - is an example of one of the most successful enterprises in the hotel industry. Best Western Hotels was established right after World War II. Originally it was a merging of the 65 US hotels, which have decided to develop under a single brand. Today, under the brand name of Best Western there are over 4 thousand hotels, with the total hotel room capacity exceeding 300 thousand rooms. Simply speaking, Best Western - it is some kind of union, logo of which after the agreement can be used by all the members.

Hilton Hotels chains. The full name of the company is Hilton Hotels Corporation. Hilton is considered one of the oldest hotel chains in the world. It was established in 1919. As of today the corporation operates a total amount of 2 600 hotels, the number of rooms in which exceeds 480 thousands. But, somehow or other, Hilton hotels are still among the most prestigious hotels in the world market.

Marriott Hotel Chain known for exceptionally high quality of service and reputation of one of the finest hotel chains in the world. Marriott started in 1927 with a modest catering family business. Today, Marriott hotels can be found on all the continents of the world, except Antarctica. The staff of the company consists of more than 200 thousand people, and annual sales have crossed the mark of 10 billion dollars.


Accomodation facilities are characterized a great variety of kinds and types. Each hotel gives various types of service and the equipment. And so one can designate several types of the hotels.

Stars - this is probably the most known in Russia method of classification of hotels. However, in the world not all the countries use such a system. Today, the hotels often use literal and symbolic denotation to determine their status. Thus, until recent time literal classification was widely used in Greece. In Sweden today as a symbol of class “key” is used instead of “star”, in Britain - “crown”, and the hotels on the coast of Goa receive “points”.

Hotelstar One Star Hotels

Hotels in this classification are likely to be small and independently owned, with a family atmosphere. There may be a limited range of facilities and meals may be fairly simple. Some bedrooms may not have en suite bath/shower rooms. Maintenance, cleanliness and comfort should, however, always be of an acceptable standard.

Two Star Hotels

In this classification hotels will typically be small to medium sized and offer more extensive facilities than at the one star level. Reception and other staff will aim for a more professional presentation than at the one star level, and offer a wider range of straightforward services, including food and drink.

Three Star Hotels

At this level, hotels are usually of a size to support higher staffing levels, and a significantly greater quality and range of facilities than at the lower star classifications. All bedrooms will have fully en suite bath and shower rooms and offer a good standard of comfort and equipment, such as a hair dryer, direct dial telephone, toiletries in the bathroom.

Four Star Hotels

Expectations at this level include a degree of luxury as well as quality in the furnishings, decor and equipment, in every area of the hotel. Bedrooms will also usually offer more space, and well designed, coordinated furnishings and decor. The en-suite bathrooms will have both bath and fixed shower. There will be a high enough ratio of staff to guests to provide services like porterage, 24-hour room service, laundry and dry-cleaning. The restaurant will demonstrate a serious approach to its cuisine.

Five Star Hotels

Here you should find spacious and luxurious accommodation throughout the hotel, matching the best international standards. Services should be formal, well supervised and flawless in attention to guests' needs, without being intrusive. The restaurant will demonstrate a high level of technical skill, producing dishes to the highest international standards. Staff will be knowledgeable, helpful, well versed in all aspects of customer care, combining efficiency with courtesy.

The hotels may be classified according to capacity of number fund, uptime, location, prices, type of services offered and appointment.

By virtue of capacity of number fund, hotels can be classified into:

small (to 100-150 rooms), middle (from 100 to 300-400 rooms), large (from 300 to 600-1000 rooms), giants (more 1000 rooms).

By virtue of uptime, hotels can be classified into:

Open all year, working two seasons, working one season

By virtue of their location, hotels may be:

Central (situated in the city center), resort (in exotic locations), airport (for air passengers), freeway (on the highways).

By virtue of prices, hotels can be classified into:

Luxury, up-scale, mid-scale, budget.

By virtue of services offered, hotels may be classified into:

Full service (with all sorts of services), economy (offering clean, reasonably sized and furnished rooms), residential (for long term guests), all suite hotels (rooms with adjacent lounge and kitchenette area).

By virtue of appointment, hotels may be classified into:

Accommodation services, catering and other services provided by the hotel company, complement each other, in most cases are interdependent and are perceived by guests as a whole. Given how they are made and combined into a single complex, formed a certain type of enterprise.

The following types of hospitality enterprises:

Hotel - a traditional type of hotel company that is located, usually in a large city, which has a large staff of personnel, providing a wide range of additional services and a high level of comfort;

Hotel-suite - a small or medium capacity for hotel enterprise, usually located in the heart of the city. Characterized by high cost facilities, including all possible types of service.

Hotel (middle class) - the enterprise for greater capacity of the hotel suite (400-2000 beds), located in downtown or urban area. Can accommodate businesses, individual travelers, participants in congresses and conferences;

Hotel-apartments - Provides service apartments to be used as temporary housing, often based on self-service. The price usually varies depending on the timing of placement. Serves family of tourists and businessmen, merchants, staying for a long time;

Resort hotel - a company with significant differences in capacity, offering a complete range of hospitality services and in addition, a complex of special care and diet. Located in a resort area;

Congress Hotel (Business-hotels) - Hotels that serve the participants of major forums and conferences. Capacity for business hotels no more than 600 rooms, convention hotels - 2000 rooms and more. There are exhibitions make a mistake, and various rooms for meetings. A complete set of business.

Casino Hotel - Associated with gambling, hotels with a large capacity room stock (500-3000 or more). The structure is dominated by number of rooms suites with an expensive interior, mini-basins, a Jacuzzi, several bathrooms and bedrooms. Casino-hotels - one of the most expensive. Rates of 1000 - 25000 $

Motel - a means of placing sleeper, adjusted for family accommodation and services for families, without having to pay full range of services, as offered by the hotel. Clients are different categories of tourists, but with an emphasis on cognitive trailering;

Private hotel-type "Bed and Breakfast" - type hotels, which became widespread in the U.S..In the service, usually includes breakfast and an early light dinner at home. Clients - businessmen and tourists route, tending to home coziness;

Hotel Garni - a company that represents clients with a limited number of services (accommodation and continental breakfast);

Apart-hotel - hotel enterprise, consisting of several apartments, the price of which does not depend on the number of people living there guests. Designed for self-service;

Board - a company with a simple standard and a limited range of services. He does not fall under the category of stardom, as is not required to meet the standards. Most often, it belongs to one family, which serves the guests. For a typical boarding house atmosphere of hospitality and warmth that, along with low prices attract customers;

Bungalow - a small building made of light materials to be used for tourist accommodation. Widely used in international youth tourist centers;

Camping - camp for cars, motorcycles, cyclists, usually located in the countryside, sometimes far from the motel. Tourists have a place to sleep, often in tents or summer cottages, fully equipped kitchen for personal cooking, and some basic amenities;

Rotel - Mobile hotel, which is a car with single or double rooms (sleeping quarters), in which a bedroom chair. There is a compartment for changing rooms, communal kitchen, fridge, shared bathroom;

Floatel - a large floating hotel. Tourists are offered comfortable rooms and a range of services for active recreation - swimming, water skiing, fishing gear, equipment for scuba diving and spearfishing, gyms, halls for congresses and conferences, a library, a variety of informational support (phone, fax, computer and etc.);

Flaytel - extremely expensive and form small hotels. Equipped with a landing pad and a communication system with the Weather Service;

Botel - a small hotel on the water, which is used as a suitably equipped vessel;

Aquatel - stationary vehicle, withdrawn from service as a vehicle and used as a hotel.

European standard of rooms:

Double twin - a room with two beds.

Extra bed (or King size) - a room with one large bed for couples.

Triple - a room with two beds and sofa which can sleep a child.

Single - size as double twin, but with one bed.

Unior suite - double one-room number of the improved design.

De luxe - the same room, but with a more expensive design.

Suite - a room with a hall and a bedroom with furniture and the quality equipment.

Business - the big room with the computer, a fax, with access to the Internet

Family studio - a room for a family with two adjacent rooms.

President - the most luxury rooms of the hotel having some of bedrooms, an office, 2-3 toilets.


Russia - is the world's largest country, spanning Eastern Europe, and northern Asia, sharing borders with Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, Mongolia and North Korea.

Tourism in Russia has seen rapid growth since the late Soviet times. At first inner tourism and then international tourism as well. Rich cultural heritage and great natural variety place Russia among the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Major tourist routes in Russia include a travel around the Golden Ring of ancient cities, cruises on the big rivers like Volga, and long journeys on the famous Trans-Siberian Railway. Diverse regions and ethnic cultures of Russia offer many different food and souvenirs, and show a great variety of traditions, like Russian banya, Tatar Sabantuy, or Siberian shamanist rituals.

The hotel business in Russia. All hotel consist two kind - chain/not chain. The hotel chains more perspective for development hotel industry. The Russia have many a big international hotel chains, which situated in the Moscow and Sant Petersburg. And now Russia have more 4000 hotels, where 70% - low quality. Russia have not enough qualified officials.

The largest hotel chains of Russia are “Heliopark Group” (more than 2500 numbers), “Azimut Hotel Group” (3000 numbers), “Amaks Hotels” (2600 numbers), ВАО “Intourist” (more than 2000 numbers). These “chain giants” for the long-term existence in the market of the Russian hotel industry could gain trust and respect among the Russian travelers.

By virtue of the form of ownership, Russian hotels may be classified into:

Municipal, private, institutional, mixed ownership, social organizations, with the participation of foreign capital.

traveler accommodation hotel perm


4.1 Perm as tourist center

Perm is the capital of Perm region, which stands on the banks of the Kama river. Perm is historic city. The city has own symbols, traditions, images, sights, etc. The city's symbol is a bear. In 1723 the Yegoshikha Copper Factory was founded at the confluence of the Yegoshikha and the Kama rivers. The history of the modern city of Perm starts with the development of this factory. Perm was first mentioned as a village, and later became the industrial centre of the region.

Though the city of Perm is primarily an industrial town, there are many thing to see in and around the city for which the tourists like sightseeing in Perm. The sightseeing in Perm also include a visit to the 18th century Perm-I railways Station, the famous Opera and Ballet Theatre 'Chaikovsky'. The Kama boulevard is where you can visit during the summer monhs as it becomes lively. The Ice Caves in Kungur etc.

Booking a hotel in Perm you should consider the following:


Bolshoe Savino Airport is located 18 km away from the centre of Perm, in about 40 minutes' drive from the centre. The Hilton Garden Inn Perm Hotel, a member of the Hilton Family, the nearest hotel to the airport. The Central Park and the Olimpiya Sports Complex are located in immediate proximity to the hotel.

The railway terminal

Perm-2 railway station is located not far from the city centre, at the end of Lenin street. The Ural Hotel stands 1 km away from the railway station, within 5 minutes' walk from the Kama river embankment, in business and cultural centre of Perm, close to the Arts Gallery, the Local Lore Museum, the Opera and Ballet Theatre. This hotel is well-equipped for hosting presentations and negotiations, and is therefore convenient for business travelers booking a hotel in Perm.


The Old Perm includes an area next to Perm-1 railway station and the river terminal. Downtown you may find not only Administration of Perm region and Perm city, but also cultural and business centres, Perm Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, and Perm Arts Gallery. If you prefer to stay at a hotel next to most administrative institutions, offices, and banks, you should book a hotel downtown. The New Star Hotel, designed in hi-tech style, stands in the very centre of Perm, close to Gorky Park.

The river terminal

Perm river terminal at the Kama river is designed in architectural Empire style of the Stalin era. The AMAKS Premier Hotel is located not far from the river terminal. It stands close to Perm Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, U Mosta (By the Bridge) Theatre, and Perm Academic Drama Theatre.

Permskaya Yarmarka exhibition centre

Perm residents are proud of the exhibition complex, standing roughly in the middle of Gagarin boulevard, within 5 minutes' drive from the city centre. Many projects of Permskaya Yarmarka have become brands in exhibition field. The complex hosts not just exhibitions, but conferences and seminars as well. The Zhemchuzhina Hotel is located 2-3 km from Permskaya Yarmarka. You can get to the hotel, avoiding traffic jams, from any district of the city, due to convenient road interchange system

4.2 Kind of accommodation in Perm

The following types of hospitality enterprises in Perm:

International hotel chains:

«Hilton Garden Inn Perm» 4*

Set only 15 minutes from Bolshoe Savino International Airport, the Hilton Garden Inn Perm hotel is only a short walk from the vibrant city center and one of the largest shopping centers in Perm, 'Stolitsa', which features a 5 screen cinema and a bowling alley. At the hotel in Perm, you can savor Russian and European fusion specialties 24-hours a day in the cozy atmosphere of Karin restaurant or work out in our complimentary, 24-hour Precor Fitness Center. Indulge in a luxurious Thai massage after a day of shopping and sightseeing, before unwinding in your comfortable guestroom at our Perm hotel. Each room features complimentary wireless Internet access and a Garden Sleep System® Bed.

Room fund - 102.


Vip, air conditioning, wi-fi, parking, safe, bar, restaurant, non-cash payment, meeting room, sauna, gym.

Address:Mira st., 45b

Phones:(342) 227 67 87

Faxes:(342) 22 99 7 66

«Amaks Premier Hotel»

The hotel-entertainment complex «Amax Premier Hotel» is located in a quiet historical centre of Perm-city, near the Kama river embankment. There are museums and theatres, exhibition and concert halls, organ hall, trading and office centres near the hotel. There are some room categories performed in "Renaissance" (classical) style, "Blues" (modernist) style, "Retro", "Luxor" (Egyptian), "Prikamye" styles in the hotel.

Room fund - 139.


Restaurant, meeting room, sauna, gym, dancing, billiard.

Address:43 Ordzhonikidze street, Perm

Phone: + 7 (342) 220-60-60, 220-60-50, 212-23-23

Fax: (342) 212-23-23




«Polet 3»*

The hotel “Polyot” is located near the airport “Bolshoye Savino”, thirty minutes' journey from the railway and coach stations and from the city centre. The hotel is the only one that was of its own free will certified as a three-star hotel.

There are 60 superior rooms, which cosy atmosphere is favourable for the rest. The hotel “Polyot” satisfies all the modern requirements to a business hotel and provides its guests with the whole range of business and conference facilities. The hotel rooms with have a comfortable working place and they are technically equipped - there is a telephone channel and Wi-Fi in the rooms. The free Internet is also available in the hotel restaurant and lobby.

Room fund - 60.


Air conditioning, wi-fi, safe, bar, restaurant, non-cash payment, meeting room, sauna, gym, open 24 hours.

Address:Perm, Bolschoe Savino-1

Phones:(342) 294-96-46, 294-96-76

Faxes:(342) 294-96-46, 294-96-76

«Ural» 3*

The largest hotel of the Western Urals ideally suits for businessmen and tourists residing as well as carrying out presentations, seminars and corporate parties. The 8-storeyed hotel complex "Ural" is located in the cultural and business centre of Perm. All rooms are equipped with the TV, a phone, a refrigerator and a bathroom as well as stylish and comfortable furniture. There is a modern safety system operating in the hotel.

Room fund - 306.


Vip, air conditioning, wi-fi, parking, safe, bar, restaurant, non-cash payment, meeting room, sauna, gym, beauty salon, souvenirs.

Address: 58 Lenina st., Perm

Phone: + 7 (342) 218-62-61

Fax: + 7 (342) 212-92-17




Motel «Melnik»

It is located in a private sector, 15 km from the airport and 3 km from Railway station, in a remote from transport and people place. It is located in a private sector, 15 km from the airport and 3 km from Railway station, in a remote from transport and people place.

Room fund - 25.


Air conditioning, wi-fi, parking, security, bar, night club, non-cash payment,, sauna, gym, open 24 hours.

Address: 2, Selskaya st., Perm

Perm Phone: (342) 221-06-40, (342) 222-46-25

Fax: (342) 222-46-25


Motel «Chayka».

It is located in a private sector, 20 minutes from the airport.

Room fund - 90.


Parking, security, bar, restaurant, sauna, billiard, open 24 hours.

Address: 33, Vstrechnaya st. Perm

Phone: (342) 243-14-38begin_of_the_skype_highlighting

(342) 243-14-38 end_of_the_skype_highlighting, 296-33-78


Recreation center:


The amusement park Ashatli-Tulva is situated in 180 km from Perm. There are conditions for summer and winter recreation. Recreation center offers biking, hiking,skiing, snowboarding, horseback riding, fishing, skating, active sports, and much more

Campsite Perm "Ashatli-Tulva for recreation in the winter and summer holiday offers comfortable cottages. Cottages are fully equipped: kitchenette, TV, beds, toilets, showers.

Room fund - 4 cottages on the 49 seats of various categories .


Air conditioning, wi-fi, parking, security, bar, night club, non-cash payment,, sauna, gym, open 24 hours, recreation center, ski center, stables, restaurant.

Address: 22.Office, 109, Bolshevistskaya st., Perm

Phone/Fax:(342) 278-87-39, (342) 201-71-90




One of the best spa-resorts in Russia is situated in a pine forest on the left bank of the Kama. The resort is famous for its waters: hydrogen-sulphidous, bromine/iodine and drinking mineral water “Ust'-Kachkinskaya”. Modern diagnostic and therapeutic basis, comfortable rooms and appeasement atmosphere create favourable conditions for full relaxation and rest.

Treatment type: diseases of blood circulation system, musculoskeletal apparatus, digestive apparatus, nervous system, skin, endocrine system; concomitant diseases; gynaecological disorders.

Address: Ust'-Kachka village, Perm district

Phone: + 7 (342) 295-24-56;

Fax: + 7 (342) 295-22-22




«Hotel Sport» Camping»

Comfortable 8 rooms, a real godsend for travelers, business travelers and residents,weary of the bustle and noise.

Address: 49, Kuybysheva st., Perm

Phone: (342) 291-19-01

Fax: (342) 291-19-01




So that, I'd like to make conclusion, In Perm it is not enough developed something type of tourism, except for business. In Perm there are hotels of the international standard, such as - New Stars, Hilton Garden Inn Perm. Also in Perm there are small, silent, on some rooms hotels or country hotels situated in attractive places of the Perm. New hotel projects of the Perm are three-four-stars hotels. If will be to develop the industry, exit tourism, a cultural life of region - will be to develop hotel business in the Perm.


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