Stylistic Peculiarities in a Newspaper Discourse

The ways of expressing evaluation by means of language in English modern press and the role of repetitions in the texts of modern newspaper discourse. Characteristics of the newspaper discourse as the expressive means of influence to mass reader.

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Newspapers today play the important role in the forming of social thoughts and spirits. The information of the newspaper discourse is the one-day text that isn't kept in the culture. So, the main task of the authors of newspaper texts is to form such text that would influence the thoughts of the readers. Repetition in the text of newspaper discourse helps to mark the importance of information to the readers. So, repetition can be regarded as the most typical stylistic device of the English modern press.

Analysis of repetitions using in Guardian's texts demonstrated, that repetitios can be formed at different linguistic levels lexical, morphologicakl, syntax.

Repetitions have a great expressive meaning and impact. They create the effect of culmination and several times accent the attention of reader on the fact / subject.

Sometimes repetition of the cognate words is used in newspaper discourse with the aim to convince readers of the truth of somebody's words; repetition of the same word can be used with the aim to intensify the thoughts of reader according the material.

Along with repetitions of the same words, word combinations or sentences synonymic repetition is actively used in the texts of Guardian. It is one of the leading stylistic devices. Synonyms using helps to accent attention to the problem of the article.

So, it should be noticed that the problem of using repetitions in the texts of modern English newspaper discourse and functions of these repetitions is the issue of modern linguistics and must be researched in more details.

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