What I dislike in my school

I like my school very much because I have spent the best years of my short life there. But in spite of it I dislike the whole system of education. What concerns my school the pupils are not free in their choice of the subjects.

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What I dislike in my school.

I like my school very much because I have spent the best years of my short life there. But in spite of it I dislike the whole system of education.

You see, it is almost impossible to enter a University without helping of the tutors because the knowledge we get at school is not enough for it.

What concerns my school the pupils are not free in their choice of the subjects. And they are forced to study the subjects they are not interested in and it takes them too much time to learn the subjects unnecessary for their future life. They could spend this time working on the subjects which will be needed for their future profession.

At school a lesson lasts 45 minutes. In my opinion this time is not enough to understand and consolidate a new theme. But we would like to have more time to get concentrated on one subject if we had double lessons like in Institutions of Higher Learning.

Besides, every day we have two breaks of 10 minutes and two breaks of 15 minutes at school. But 15 minutes is not enough to have a lunch for the pupils. They are always in a hurry eating their lunch. It causes diseases connected with stomach. And you know that some classes have their lessons in the afternoon. I think it is too late to come back home at 8 p.m. and pupils are too tired to do their homework. I my opinion all the pupils of my school should go to school in the morning, have some lessons (4 or 5) then have a long break of an hour and a half for dinner at school or at home. After dinner all the pupils of my school should be at school again having their optional courses, additional lessons, clubs in different subjects and clubs according to their interests: sports, computer, tourist clubs and so on and so forth. Our teachers should be at school too. If some pupils don't understand something in their subjects they will have an opportunity to ask their teachers for help. I want to add that the pupils could have a short rest in a music room, in the library reading popular magazines. And at 5 p.m. all of the pupils go home. I know that such system is popular in English schools and it seems to me it is more convenient for us, pupils.

It should be mention that our lessons start at 8 o'clock. But the pupils have to come to school ten minutes to 8 to do morning exercises. I think there is not necessary to do them because on the one hand some pupils do such exercises at home every morning and on the other hand it is not comfortable to do exercises in our school clothes.

I think too many pupils study in every class. Most of them sit far from the blackboard. And sometimes they can't see what is written on it. It causes diseases connected with eyesight. Besides, our teachers can't pay attention to everybody at their lessons. It would be better to have from 10 to 15 pupils in the each class.

But the main thing is that our best pupils study hard the whole year round and they must be awarded with scholarships every month. Besides, they should be given grants after leaving school. This money could be spent on their further studying at the Institutions of Higher Learning. Then they could do their best to finish school well.

In spite of all these difficulties I like my school and I will always look back at my school years as the happiest in my life.

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