Sport in the United States of America

The value of sports in the American life. Сharacteristic of football, basketball, boxing. Acquaintance with the americans, who extol the country of their achievements in sports: Muhammad Ali, Bob Beamon, Mike Tys, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many other.

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Sport occupies an important place in American life. They love baseball, basketball and other games. Since the late 19th century baseball is regarded as the national sport, football, basketball and hockey are the three other major sports in the country. College football and basketball attract many people. Football is now the most popular on the number of viewers. Boxing and horse racing were once no less popular sports, but they are eclipsed by golf and auto racing. Football is played by young people and lovers of all levels.

Although the major U.S. sports have been developed based on European practices, basketball, volleyball, skateboarding, snowboarding, and cheerleading are American inventions. Lacrosse and surfing comes of American Indians and native Hawaiians. There are eight Olympic Games in the United States. At the Summer Olympics the United States won 2301 medals, and in winter - 253.

sport american football basketball

There are many greediest sportsmen in U.S.A.

A lot of Americans glorify the achievements of their country in sport. Among the most famous can be called a famous boxer Muhammad Ali (Muhammad Ali), Bob Beamon athlete (Robert "Bob" Beamon), whose record for long jump lasted over 20 years, multiple winner of the Tour de France cyclist Lance Armstrong (Lance Armstrong),Mike Tyson, Arnold Schwarzeneggerand many other.

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali (real name is Cassius Marcellus Clay) - American boxer. Olympic champion in 1960 at light heavyweight. Multiple world champion among professionals (in 1964-1978) in the heavyweight division. "Hands work, see his eyes. Fluttering like a butterfly, too bad as a bee" - this tactical scheme, devised by Ali, was later taken up by many boxers in the world. In 1999, Sports Illustrated and the BBC called 'Ali' «sportsman of the century».

Lance Armstrong

Edward (a name at birth - Lance Edward Gunderson) is American cyclist. Armstrong - one of the strongest riders in the world. He is a 7-time winner of the most prestigious and one of the three most difficult cycle sport in a calendar year - Le Tour de France, defeating it in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004, speaking for the team of US Postal, and then in 2005 for Discovery Channel. And this despite the fact that in 1996, Armstrong was discovered a deadly disease - cancer and metastases have spread throughout the body. But the latest techniques of chemotherapy treatment helped him to not only survive, but to return to duty. After seven victories in the "Tour de France," Lance said of retirement. However, September 9, 2008 Armstrong reported that returns to the big cycling and advocate for the Kazakh team "Astana".

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger

Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger - American bodybuilder, businessman and actor of Austrian descent, a politician, the 38th governor of California (elected in 2003, reelected in 2006). In elections in 2010 could not stand for election. Starred in many films, including "Conan the Barbarian" (1982), "The Terminator" (1984), "Commando" (1985), "Predator" (1987), "Running Man" (1987), "Red heat "(1988)," Total Recall "(1990)," Terminator 2: Judgment Day "(1991)," True Lies "(1994)," Eraser "(1996)," The End of the World "(1999)," The Terminator 3: The Rise of the Machines "(2003), etc. He is winner of several awards in bodybuilding, including seven-time winner of the title of "Mr. Olympia". He has several awards in film.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson - American professional boxer, the absolute world champion in the heavyweight category of versions WBC (1986-1990, 1996), WBA (1987-1990, 1996) and IBF (1987-1990). Is the holder of several world records, not beaten to this day the youngest world champion in the heavyweight division (20 years), the youngest of the absolute world champion in the heavyweight division (21 years), boxer, spent the least time since winning the title on debut champion and the absolute world champion in the heavyweight division (one year and eight and a half months and two years and five months respectively). His nickname is the "Iron Mike". He has three convictions in 1992, 1998 and 2008 (the last - on probation), at a young age and served his punishment in children's colonies. January 25, 2011 Tyson in the eighth time the father. The third wife of Mike, Lakiha Spicer, gave birth to a son. In the family of Mike's accident happened in 2009, tragically lost his four-year daughter. Participated in writing the script for the autobiographical film "Tyson" (1995) and starred in two documentaries, "Beyond the Glory" (2003) and "Mike Tyson" (2009).

Most popular games in U.S.A. are:


Baseball is most popular game in the United States, Cuba, Japan, China and South Korea. In the U.S., Japan, Czech Republic and other countries also extended softball - a simplified version of baseball - a game that can be done indoors and in small fields. At this moment in baseball is played in over 120 countries around the world. By kindred baseball sports are cricket, pesapolo in Finland,oina Romania and lapta in Russia.

American football

Soccer became an independent sport in the late XIX century. There are several other varieties of American Football - Canadian soccer and indoor football (English Arena Football). Since the 1960s, American football has become the most popular sport in the United States. National Football League (English National Football League) (??NFL) - the only professional league of American football. Finals NFL Super Bowl (Super Bowl) annually, almost half of Americans watching, as well as residents of other countries. NFL Europe League, previously ran «NFL Europa», consisting of 6 teams. European League ceased to exist in 2007.


Basketball - sports team play with the ball. In basketball play two teams, each consisting of five players. The goal of each team is to throw the ball in his hands with a ring net (basket) the opponent and prevent the other team take the ball and throw it in the basket. Shopping cart is at a height of 3.05 meters from the floor (10 feet). From each team on the court is located on 5 people, only 12 people team, the replacement is not limited. A goal in the near and middle distance scored 2 points, with - 3 points. Free throw is estimated at one point.


America is a leader not only in economic terms but also in sports. Many American athletes delight their fans around the world. Unfortunately, many Americans prefer a contemplation of sports on television. About 150 million people are browsing the basketball gameseach year. Tennis, ice hockey and ice skating are also attracted the attention of millions of viewers. The incredible popularity of these sports itself partly responsible for turning America into a nation of spectators.

It is important to remember that only active participation in sports can ensure a good fit and feel.

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