Principles of Management

Organizational legal form. Full-time workers and out of staff workers. SWOT analyze of the company. Ways of motivation of employees. The planned market share. Discount and advertizing. Potential buyers. Name and logo of the company, the Mission.

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по дисциплине: «МЕНЕДЖМЕНТ»

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«Основы менеджмента »


студентки группы № 2/5502

Шпока Анастасия Олеговна

Антипина Анастасия Вячеславовна

Проверила к.э.н., доц.:

Грищенко Татьяна Юрьевна

Санкт - Петербург



organizational motivation employe management

Name and logo of the company


Organizational legal form


The Mission 4

The Phylosophy


Geographical market

The planned market share

Potential buyers


Potential Partners

Cost services

Full-time workers and out of staff workers



Method of service

Organizational structure

Cost price

Discount and advertizing

Advertizing campaing

The problem: this type of advertising is not profitable

SWOT analyze of the company

Ways of motivation of employees:




Name and logo of the company

This project on the topic: Jazz Cafй « Wonderful Day».

«Wonderful day» - this is the name of our coffee house. This phrase made people feel good as coffee. When you begin your work day with the cup of coffee in our coffee house, you can be assured that day will be wonderful!

The development of public catering establishment is very popular nowadays . The industry of a food and entertainments develops promptly, and it is not surprising - in these branches there are very high indicators of profitableness.

Moreover, our company has a slogan that motivates people not to pass by the cafe: «If you want to start a day come to us with sounds of Jazz and make it wonderful!»

All coffee companies have its personal logo and we are not the expection.

As it is known, coffee is a brewed beverage with a dark, slightly acidic flavor prepared from the roasted seeds of the coffee plant, colloquially called coffee beans. Inventing a logo of our coffee house, we were guided by this. The cup and the saucer look like a smile. There is the name of our coffee house under the cup. There are also coffee beans arrange in a frame.(APPLICATION 1)


Our cafй will be situated on the Karavannaya street in the heart of the cultural capital of Russia. It is between Nevsky Prospect and Belinsky street. This place is popular among guests of St. Petersburg. There are a lot of places of interesting next to the street Karavannaya, for example: Mikhailovsky Castle, a luxurious summer garden, a unique and unforgettable Russian Museum.

The promises is 100 м2 and it is on the first floor of the building. Subway is about 5 minutes from this place. Because our cafe is located in the heart of St.Petersburg, we have a worthy competitors: Chocolate and Korova bar on the Karavannaya street, Coffee House in Malaya Sadovaya and a cafe-bar Grog on the Fontanka embankment.( APPLICATION 2)

Organizational legal form

We decided to take Limited Liability Company (LLC). It is a flexible form of enterprise that blends elements of partnership and corporate structures. LLC doesn't need to be organized for profit. The primary characteristic an LLC shares with a corporation is limited liability, and the primary characteristic it shares with a partnership is the availability of pass-through income taxation. It is often more flexible than a corporation, and it is well-suited for companies with a single owner.


Antipina Anastasia -51%

Shpoka Anastasia- 49%

The Mission

The mission of the organization - the expression of her philosophy and the meaning of existence. The mission is usually declares the status of the enterprise, how it works, the intentions of management. It is oriented to the future and should not depend on the current state of the organization. The mission of the organization formed by senior management, who is solely responsible for its embodiment in practice through the formulation and implementation of the goals of the organization.

The mission of the «Wonderful Day»: Provide a specific segment of the Russian population worthy of a great coffee and an unforgettable vacation to the sounds of relaxing music, moreover to make cozy atmosphere and qualitative service accessible.

The Phylosophy

The philosophy includes a description of a behavior of higher targets adopted by the organization (the meaning of the organization, the principles of relationship managers to staff, partners, competitors, innovation, risk), the conditions of moving towards them, the objective constraints. The philosophy is influenced by factors such as personality traits manager, his value judgments, the nature of production. The behavior of the organization in relation to the subjects of the environment (customers, suppliers, creditors, competitors, government, society) should be balanced, that is, the interests of all stakeholders.

The «Wonderful Day» is a the perfect mix of the best coffee, friendly atmosphere, delicious sandwiches, cakes, delicious pastries, freshly made juices and ice cream.

The basic principle that should guide any employee coffee "Wonderful Day", regardless of his position, respect for the individual.

Our company provides all employees an equal opportunity to exhibit their abilities in the workplace.

Coffee house "Wonderful Day" does not accept:

1.1. Any form of discrimination against workers.

1.2. Any forms of protectionism.

Our employees are guided by the following principles:

2.1. On the basis of concern for the common interests of the enterprise and the unity of the entire staff.

2.2. Maintain the reputation and image of your company among the guests, suppliers and competitors.

2.3. Protect the confidentiality of information received.

2.4. Operate on the basis of confidence in the decisions made.

2.5. Aware of the need to behave properly, with dignity.

2.6. Employees shall respect the privacy of his colleagues, avoiding any interference init.

This democratic, stylish, cozy place where it is possible to arrange business meetings to appoint appointments and simply to have a rest from daily vanity behind a cup of coffee.


In our coffee house there is a wide choice of qualitative coffee which is the most popular our product. But there is many dishes and drinks on which it is necessary to pay attention.

For example, desserts. Desserts in a coffee house are presented «Wonderful Day» by the big assortment of pies, ice-cream, rolls, cakes and sweets. All of them very tasty, original and the structure of a dessert menu is constantly updated.

There is a separate menu for a breakfast, a business lunch and children.

Breakfasts operate from 9.00 till 12 o`clock. After the morning menu there is a time of business lunches into which includes the first, the second and the third dish on your choice. It starts at 12.00 and finished at 15 o`clock. Also we have a children's menu, which is made by experts in eutrophy of children. Besides your child will receive a pleasant souvenir from "Wonderful day".

In our coffee house high-grade kitchen. Practically in all directions: snack, salads, the paste, and even dishes from meat, fish and a bird.

If you have come to note a celebration with the company or simply to relax after the heavy working day we offer you the big spectrum of alcoholic drinks and cocktails.

All is made with the goal that the client who has come here to drink a cup of coffee, was late as it is possible for longer term.

For the same purpose there is a Wi-Fi zone, so you could combine work with a cup of fragrant coffee or a mug of a chicken broth.

You are served by our qualified staff who will always listen to your desires and preferences and will serve you on the top level within 15-20 minutes.

Coffee houses are the place where you meet friends, relax with a whole family or have business meetings. A lot of people start there morning with a cup of coffee. After the university students prefer to spent there free time together. After the shopping or walk families like to eat. We can help them.

In our jazz cafй there is a wide choice of qualitative coffee which is the most popular our product. There will be large selection of drinks coffee and coffee drinks, black and green tea, alcoholic drinks, different kinds of juice, cocktails. We understand that there are a lot of competitors, but the main difference of our cafй is that it is Jazz cafй. So, Jazz music can help people to relax, forget about problems and spent your free time unforgettable. They can hear a live music and it is amazing! We can call the musicians who work in a Saint-Petersburg philarmony. People also can take away food, it will be very convenient for customers. Free Wi-fi will help to use computers and mobile phones for the Internet.

Geographical market

Our cafe is located in the heart of St.Petersburg, so we will have a worthy competitors: Chocolate and Korova bar on the Karavannaya street, Coffee House in Malaya Sadovaya and a cafe-bar Grog on the Fontanka embankment.

Potential buyers

Potential buyers - people who are the target audience by the businessman. These will be people who may know about the cafй with the help of advertisement, friends, workers. There will be a lot of students, they can work with internet with a cup of coffee, people, who have a break and tourists of course.

The main partners should be jazz musicians, our cafй will work with jazz philharmony in Saint-Petersburg. Some popular musicians will play in our Jazz cafй, it will be a live music.


Competitor is any person or entity which is a rival against another. In business, a company in the same industry or a similar industry which offers a similar product or service. The presence of one or more competitors can reduce the prices ofgoods and services as the companies attempt to gain a larger market share. Competition also requires companies to become more efficient in order to reduce costs.

The main competitors of jazz cafй «Wonderful Day» are: CoffeHouse, Cofeeshop, Shokoladnica, Gravicapa and Chairs. Gravicapa and Chairs are jass cafйs as our cafй. The first one is situated on the Pochtamskii side street and the second one is situated on the Rubinshteina street.So, our cafй is not close to them. Chair is a jazz club, where people can eat Europen cuisine, drink alcohol, but people from at the age of 16 can't enter there.

Potential Partners

The main partners should be jazz musicians, our cafй will work with jazz philharmony in Saint-Petersburg. Some popular musicians will play in our Jazz cafй, it will be a live music.

Cost services


Salmon Steak - 295 rub.

Veal Steak - 500 rub.


Caesar salad with chicken - 295 rub.

Caesar salad with smoked salmon - 295 rub.

Russian salad - 245 rub.

Olivier - 230 rub.


Grilled sanwich with hum and cheese - 200 rub.

Grilled sandwich with chicken and vegetables - 220 rub.

Pancakes with meat - 235 rub.

Baguette with chicken - 230 rub.


Cheesecake Classic with different flavors to choose from

(Strawberry, raspberry, caramel, hazelnut) - 220 rub.

Cheesecake Classic with different flavors to choose from

(Strawberry, raspberry, caramel, hazelnut) - 220 rub.

Cheesecake "New York" chocolate - 220 rub.

Cheesecake "New York" strawberry - 220 rub.

Truffle - 215 rub.

Apple strudel - 215 rub.

Tiramisu - 299 rub.

The classic croissant - 100 rub.


Double espresso - 125 rub.

Double Americano - 175 rub.

Ristretto - 125 rub.

Espresso Romano - 125 rub.

Espresso macchiato - 155 rub.

Espresso con Panna - 155 rub.

Cappuccino - 170 rub.

Latte - 210 rub.

Alcohol card


Stella Artois 500ml - 215 rub.

Siberian Crown 500ml - 195 rub.

Budweiser (dark) 330ml - 195 rub.


dry red wine - 100ml, 119 rub. 0.75L, 695 rub.

dry white wine - 100ml, 139 rub. 0.75L, 795r.

white sparkling - 150ml, 245 rub. 0.75L, 990 rub.

Full-time employees and out of staff employees

We will have almost full-time workers, with the exception of legal department, PR department and the department of searching employees. Because they are out-of staff members .We will apply to these services only if we need the help of outsourcing.


All in all in our Jazz cafй there will be 14 employees:

General director - 1

Assistant director - 1

Loader - 1

Barman - 2

Cook - 1

Works manager - 1

Waiter - 4

Cleaner - 2

Dishwasher - 1


We accounted how much money will spend on the salary for all employees. It will be about 2 840 000 rubles per year. The salary for each worker per year:

General director - 650000 rub.

Assistant director - 480000 rub.

Outsourcing - 50000 rub.

Loader - 150000 rub.

Barman - 200000 rub.

Cook - 240000 rub.

Waiter - 180000 rub.

Cleaner - 100000 rub.

Dishwasher - 100000 rub.

Method of service

The method of customer service - the way in which consumers realized production. On the catering service, there are the following methods:

1) The service by yourself;

2) The waiter service;

3) The combined service.

The form of service - organizing technique, which represents a variety or combination of methods of customer service.

In cafй “Wonderful Day” will be the waiter service. This method of service is used in restaurants, bars, snack bars and canteens. The process of customer service provide waiters from the meeting guests to their calculation and leaving of the cafe. A full service by waiters means that all operations carried out by waiters. This form of service is characterized by a high degree of social and is used for the "luxury" class and the highest for the entire duration of the hall for banquets and receptions in the evening - in enterprises with recreation.

In “Wonderful Day” there is a follow-up form of calculation. It means that it is carried out at the end of service by waiters. There is an individual form of waiter service for labor conditions. All operations with visitors performs a waiter, for whom is enshrined a number of tables in the hall.

Organizational structure

We decided to have linear organizational structure, because it is the best for our work.

It is Multi-level hierarchical control system, which provides superior head sole leadership of subordinate subordinate leaders and their managers are subject to only one person - his immediate superior manager.

The scheme №1: “Organizational Structure”.

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Cost price

microwave - 1 item = 1500 rub.

plate - 1 item = 20000 rub.

dishwasher - 1 = 25000 rub.

cutlery - 120 items = 4000 rub.

table - 13 items = 13000 rub.

chairs - 52 items = 16000 rub.

coffee maker - 1 item = 7000 rub.

fridge - 1 item = 18000 rub.

table covers - 20 items = 10000 rub.

pan - 2 items = 10000 rub.

sink - 3 items = 9000 rub.

computer - 2 items = 40000 rub.

bar counter - 1 item = 30000 rub.

musical equipment - 1 item = 30000 rub.

cash register - 1 item = 7000 rub.

the alarm system - 1 item = 40000 rub.

water supply - 1 item = 30000 rub.

heating - 1 item = 36000 rub.

The table №1: “The calculation of income”





Cost price




Salmon Steak




Veal Steak




Caesar salad




Russian salad








Grilled sandwich with hum and cheese




Grilled sandwich with chicken and vegetables




Pancakes with meat




Baguette with chicken




Cheesecake Classic with different flavors




Cheesecake "New York"




Truffle, Apple strudel








The classic croissant




Double espresso, Ristretto, Espresso Romano




Double Americano




Espresso macchiato




















General income: 2,564 rub.


For creation of pleasant and attractive system of discounts we will use the most simple, accessible and effective methods of advertizing.

For creation of pleasant and attractive system of discounts we will use the most simple, accessible and effective methods.

Since we don't sell the goods, and we render services it is better for our organization partially unite system of discounts with our advertising activity, in a consequence of that, we will incur not heavy expenses and will improve efficiency of our advertising. As a consequence we will increase quantity of clients and will advance our organization in the market.

One of the most accessible and simple variants of the given symbiosis are the leaflets serving both advertising, and a card at a discount which will operate at a presentation with the client.

We concluded to make a number of billboards on Nevsky Prospekt and advertising posters on public transport with the company slogan:”If you want to start a day come to us with sounds of Jazz and make it wonderful!”. It could help our visitors of St. Petersburg and its residents to be really interested in visiting the Jazz cafй "Wonderful Day".

Furthermore in the magazine “on Nevsky” we decided to make the article, where will be a brief description of the restaurant kitchen and its location.

We will have our own website, which will improve the customers' wishes for the restaurant and reviews .

We also came to the conclusion that not everyone has the time to read the article, or to sit on the sites and not all pay attention to advertising stends. So we will release advertisements on the radio. The most appropriate we considered Eldoradio.

The problem: this type of advertising is not profitable

Advertizing - the trade engine, this true knows, perhaps, even the child. However not any advertizing is comprehensible to you. It is possible to spend a heap of time and money, and desirable result not to receive. And then, you can refuse advertizing at all or reflect - why advertizing doesn't bring the income. As a matter of fact, advertizing is not expenditure of money, and their investment. And as any investment - it should bring dividends.

More profit the company has, more money it should spend on advertizing. So, as your business will grow, you should increase the advertizing budget.

But sometimes the advertizing can be not effective. If you want that your advertizing message will achieved the object it is necessary to consider some features and cunnings in advertizing without fail.

Each kind of the goods and services accepts certain means of distribution of the information . Also, it is very important to consider features of the goods and target audience.

There is a big choice of advertisement, each pocesses the lacks and advantages. Choosing a kind, pay attention to advertizing cost, its place or time, quantity of possible contacts to your consumers.

Then, the company can contact with advertizing agency. Managers will find for you the necessary means for the best placing of advertizing. Performance of the advertizing message completely depends on two factors: professionalism of executors (which strongly differs at different agencies) and the budget of the customer.

Your advertisement have to be creative, bright, not looks as others, everyone should remember it, include humour, attract people of all ages, impress children , because just children can persuade their parents to buy your product. It also can include last trends and be fashionable, for example: there can be popular music or a pop star.

On Nevsky we leave advertising, but in addition we will advertise it on TV with a known family of Russian footballer Andrey Arshavin. We will make a special offer for cardholders, "Zenit". They will be provided by the discount of 15 percent and in the days of football matches will translate matches on-line in one of our two halls. It will attract all football fans to visit our cafe, because as you know in St. Petersburg there are a lot of them. It is very hard to find a free place in any restaurant when you want to watch the football match, so our cafй will help to solve this problem. And as Arshavin have children and they will also take part in the filming of advertising, it will attract the attention of parents who are more likely to come to us with their children, knowing that for them, even dedicated a special menu when you order from which the baby gets a little surprise.

Still, we have decided to conclude a contract with the football funds. On each ticket to a football match will be shown the location of our cafe and discounts of 10 percent. Moreover, as there are a lot of people in the subway every day and they very often like to read free newspaper “Metro”, we decided to make there an advertizing, too. People will be really interested in where to have a business meeting or to spend a free time with friends and where it is better to begin their day and in this time the advertisement of our jazz-cafй will come to the help.

Since we don't sell the goods, and we render services it is better for our organization partially unite system of discounts with our advertising activity, in a consequence of that, we will incur not heavy expenses and will improve efficiency of our advertising. As a consequence we will increase quantity of clients and will advance our organization in the market.

One of the most accessible and simple variants of the given symbiosis are the leaflets serving both advertising, and a card at a discount which will operate at a presentation with the client.


SWOT - the analysis of a coffee house: «Wonderful day»


Growth of a rate of inflation;

* Increase of a rate of refinancing;

* Rise in prices;


* Increase of a standard of living of the population;

* Anti-inflationary policy;

* Increase of number of able-bodied population;


* Granting possibility of training and development to the personnel

* High degree of service;

* The organization is profitable;

* Maintenance of corporate spirit of the company;

* Favorable arrangement of an institution;


* Turnover of staff among waiters and barist that is caused by a full employment not suitable for students is observed, namely students are occupied in these positions;

* The high rent caused by location;

Thus, as a result of carried-out SWOT - the analysis strengths and "Wonderful day" possibilities were revealed, and also the accounting of threats and weaknesses of a coffee house that will provide to the enterprise competitive advantages is made.

Ways of motivation of employees:

1) Obligatory medical insurance (compulsory health insurance).

Policies of obligatory medical insurance are made out to the workers living in the territory of the city of SPb, and also nonresident workers.

The policy of obligatory medical insurance is made out within 2 months from the date of employment.

Obligatory medical insurance assumes an unlimited right of use of the policlinics entering into the program of obligatory medical insurance. At dismissal the policy is cancelled in two weeks after dismissal date.

2) Providing financial support.

Financial support is provided to the worker in case of death of the close relative (the parent, the spouse/spouse, the child, the brother/sister) at a rate of (30,000) rubles.

3) Acquisition of production made by the company with discounts. The size of a discount for employees is established by local acts of the company.

4) The company pays additional pension to the employees, which length of service in the company 20 and more than years. The size of preferential pension is charged in compliance by slokalny acts of the company on the basis of the order of the director general.

The employee retiring, is awarded by the nominal certificate of honor and a corporate medal.

After the completion of work in the company in connection with leaving the employee can be invited to pension as the expert or the instructor for training of trainees and young specialists as the non-staff employee. The order of the conclusion of the contract on the labor relations with the employees who have retired, is carried out according to standards of the labor legislation of the Russian Federation.

5) Nominating of employees for introduction of new successful ideas, projects, technologies;

6) Actions in honor of annual state holidays (New Year, Day of the defender of the fatherland, the International Women's Day).

7) Actions for celebration of employees (An awards ceremony «The best professional»)

8) the Permit in hotel to the Crimea for 2 weeks for the best workers of year.

9) Special birthday.

10) Honor roll registration, rewarding by a challenge cup to "The best worker of month».

11) Award payment to the best workers at the rate from one thousand to 5 thousand rubles.

12) Advance possibility up on a career ladder at experience more than 2 months.

13) Paid holiday for 2 weeks for the workers holding a position on an honor roll more than 3 times.

14) Delay more than for 15 minutes more than 3 times within a year for the disrespectful reason the best worker of month, deprivation of an award and paid holiday deprives of the right of participation in the nomination.

15) Free dinners are provided to employees of cafe

16) To the workers, more than 2 months having experience, at the solution of transition to other position free courses on professional development are provided.




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