• Гипотезы возникновения, изучение строения вируса и среды обитания ВИЧ-инфекции. Способы предотвращения заражения человека при половом контакте, наркоманов и детей ВИЧ позитивных родителей. Профилактика ВИЧ-инфекции при проведении медицинских манипуляций.

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  • Биография и творческое наследие великого ученого, философа, врача и поэта Абу Али ибн Сины, известного в Европе под именем Авиценны. Труд "Канон врачебной науки", охватывающий все известные к тому времени разделы врачевания, его теории и практики.

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  • The etiology of bronchitis is an inflammation or swelling of the bronchial tubes (bronchi), the air passages between the nose and the lungs. Signs and symptoms for both acute and chronic bronchitis. Tests and diagnosis, treatment and prevention disease.

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  • Nature of infrared analysis and nature of mass spectrometry. Summary of the uses in forensic analysis. Critical comparison of infrared analysis and spectrometry. Gathering of the information about positional isomers with the help of infrared analysis.

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  • The pathological process Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). Specific challenges in mechanical ventilation of patients with ARDS. Causes of ARDS, and differential diagnosis. Treatment strategies and evidence behind them. Most common causes ARDS.

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  • Agranulocytosis - pathologic condition, which is characterized by a greatly decreased number of circulating neutrophils. Epidemiology and pathophysiology of this disease. Hereditary disease due to genetic mutations. Signs and symptoms, treatment.

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  • Among many problems which are actual today for our society, the problem of alcoholism is on one of the first places. The damage which this trouble makes to separate people, to families as a whole is too great. Alcohol consumption in Kazakhstan.

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  • The concept and the internal structure of the lungs, the main components and their interaction. Functional features of the lungs in the human body, their relationship with other anatomical systems. Existing pathology of respiratory organ and control.

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  • Blood Vessel Wall. Classes of Arteries. Atheromatous plaque. Risk Factors for Atherosclerosis. Age as a risk factor. Factors affecting plasma lipid levels. Additional Risk Factors. Pathogenesis of Atherosclerosis. Components of Atherosclerotic plaque.

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  • The concept and the main causes of atherosclerosis, primary symptom. The mechanisms of atherosclerosis, main causes The symptoms and consequences, prevention. Atherosclerosis treatments. Basic approaches to diagnosis and treatment of this disease.

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  • История открытия BNP, обзор семейства натрийуритических пептидов. Химическая природа BNP: биосинтез, хранение и секреция. Транспорт рецепторов натрийуретических пептидов. Клиническое значение и физиологическое действие BNP. Терапия с использованием BNP.

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  • Anatomy of the liver. Botkin’s disease is a viral disease that destroys the liver and bile ducts. Causes and treatment of the disease. Vaccinations and personal hygiene are the main means of prevention. Signs and symptoms of the Botkin’s disease.

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  • Infectious hepatitis - a widespread acute contagious disease. Botkin’s Disease is a viral disease that destroys the liver and bile ducts. Anatomy of the liver. The value of the liver to the body. Causes and signs of the disease. Treatment and prevention.

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  • In anatomical and physiological aspect we can represent bronchopulmonary system as a combination of separate organs and functional subsystems, accordingly, in united functional system of organs of respiration of the person. Value and the function.

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  • The characteristic features of the two forms of eating disorders: anorexia nervosa and bulimia. Description body dysmorphic disorder syndrome as a teenager painful experiences of his "physical disability." Methods of treatment and prevention of disease.

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  • Ознакомление с материалами, применяемыми для изготовления современных зубных протезов. Изучение схемы автоматизированной организации работы, позволяющей изготовить протезы по технологии CAD\CAM. Преимущества автоматизации зуботехнической лаборатории.

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  • Risk Factors. The following symptoms may indicate advanced disease. A barium contrast study of the small intestine. Surgical removal is the primary treatment for cancer of the small intestine. The association of small bowel cancer with underlying.

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  • Introduction to the functionality of the most important internal organs. The main causes of supraventricular and ventricular tachycardia. Features of the structure and basic functions of the human heart. The study of the three phases of the heart.

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  • Churg-Strauss syndrome, microscopic polyangiitis as one of the basic types of the small vessel vasculitis. Specific features of differential diagnosis of pulmonary-renal syndrome. Characteristics of the anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic autoantibodies.

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  • The major pathogens and symptoms of cholera - an acute intestinal anthroponotic infection caused by bacteria of the species Vibrio cholerae. Methods of diagnosis and clinical features of disease. Traditional methods of treatment and prevention of disease.

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