Creating informational website for deployment hybrid infrastructure

Review of development of cloud computing. Service models of cloud computing. Deployment models of cloud computing. Technology of virtualization. Algorithm of "Cloudy". Safety and labor protection. Justification of the cost-effectiveness of the project.

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In the parent partition contains a virtualization stack - a set of software components located on top of the hypervisor and together with him supporting virtual machines. Virtualization stack communicates with the hypervisor and performs all the functions of virtualization that are not supported directly by the hypervisor. Most of these functions is associated with the creation of child partitions and manage them and necessary resources (CPU, memory, devices).

As compared with a monolithic hypervisor approach is that the drivers that need to be located between the parent partition a physical server and do not require any modification to the driver model. In other words, the system can simply apply the existing drivers. In Microsoft chose this approach because the need for new drivers braked heavily to the development of the system. As for the guest operating system, they will work with emulators or synthetic devices.

Nowadays, the main priority was security, so for most companies is acceptable will be a couple of percent loss in productivity in order to reduce the front of attack and improve stability.

2.3.2 Hypervisors by type of running

First type of hypervisor runs on the hardware and manages independently. Guest OS running in virtual machines are located above the level, as shown in Figure 2.9.

Рисунок 2.9 - First type of Hypervisor

Hypervisor of the second type runs in one ring with the main OS kernel. Guest code can be executed directly on the physical processor, but access to the input-output devices of the computer guest OS through the second component, the normal process of the main OS - Monitor user level as shown in Figure 2.11

Figure 2.11 - Hypervisor of second type

Examples :MicrosoftVirtualPC,VMwareWorkstation,QEMU,Parallels, VirtualBox.

Figure 2.12 shows hypervisor first type and hypervisor of the second type, which clearly shows the difference in the absence of a hypervisor for operating the first type, which means that the second type of hypervisor is installed directly on the physical computer components.

Figure 2.12 - Difference between first type and second type of hypervisor

Hybrid hypervisor consists of two parts: a thin hypervisor that controls the processor and memory, as well as working under its control special service running in the ring reduced level. OS service through guest OS access to physical hardware.

2.4 Overview of virtualization platforms

2.4.1 Virtualization platform - VMware

The company VMware - one of the first players in the market of virtualization platforms. In 1998, VMware has patented its technology and virtualization software has since released many effective and professional products for virtualization at various levels: from VMware Workstation, designed for desktop PCs, to VMware ESX Server, enabling enterprises to consolidate physical servers to virtual infrastructure. VMware will have the following products: VMware Workstation, VMware Player, VMware Server, VMware Ace, VMware vSphere, VMware vCenter, Server VMware VMmark, VMware Capacity Planner, VMware View, VMware ThinApp, VMware vCenter, VMware vSphere Hypervisor, VMware ESX Server.

VMware Workstation - platform, focused on desktop-users and intended for use by software developers, and IT professionals. As the host operating systems supported Windows, Linux, Mac and others. Can be used in conjunction with the development environment that makes it particularly popular among developers, trainers and support technicians. With VMware workstation, you can create complex virtual machines on laptops with the decision Cloud Foundry, work with applications to process large volumes of data and 64-bit VM in vSphere environment or Microsoft Hyper-V Server.

VMware Player - free "player" of virtual machines based on the virtual machine, VMware Workstation, designed to run a ready-made virtual machine images created in other products of VMware, as well as Microsoft VirtualPC and Symantec LiveState Recovery. Starting with version 3.0 VMware Player allows you to create virtual machine images. Limited functionality is now mainly concerns the functions intended for IT-professionals and software developers.

Free product VMware Server is a pretty powerful virtualization platform, which can be run on servers running host operating systems Windows and Linux. The main purpose of VMware Server - support for small and medium-sized virtual infrastructure of small businesses. Due to the low complexity of its development and installation, VMware Server can be deployed as soon as possible, both on the servers of the organizations, and on home computers.

VMware Ace - product to create secure virtual machine security policies, which can then be spread on the model of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service).

VMware vSphere - range of products, which is a reliable platform for data center virtualization. The company is positioning this complex as well as a powerful virtualization platform for building and deploying private "clouds". VMware vSphere is available in several editions with features designed specifically for small companies and medium-sized companies and corporations.

Figure 2.13 Structure of vShpere.

VMware ESX Server - is a hypervisor which partition a physical server into multiple virtual machines. VMware ESX is the foundation of VMware vSphere package and is included in all editions of VMware vSphere.

Figure 2.14 Hypervisor VMware ESX.

2.4.2 Virtualization platform - Microsoft

Microsoft Virtual Server. Server virtualization platform Microsoft Virtual Server can be used on a server running Windows Server 2003 and is designed to simultaneously run multiple virtual machines on a single physical host. The platform is free and provides only the basic functions.

Microsoft Virtual PC. Product Virtual PC was bought by Microsoft in conjunction with the company and Connectix first branded Microsoft released as Microsoft Virtual PC 2004. Virtual PC and purchasing company Connectix, Microsoft has built a far-reaching plans to provide users with a tool to facilitate the migration to the next version of the Windows operating system . Now Virtual PC 2007 is free and available to support desktop operating systems in virtual machines.

Microsoft Hyper-V. Microsoft product is positioned as the main competitor to VMware ESX Server in enterprise virtualization platforms. Microsoft Hyper-V is a solution for server virtualization based on processors with x64 architecture in enterprise environments. Unlike a Microsoft Virtual Server or Virtual PC, Hyper-V provides virtualization at the hardware level, using virtualization technology built into the processor. Hyper-V provides high performance, almost equal to the output of one operating system running on a dedicated server. Hyper-V is distributed in two ways: as part of Windows Server 2008, or as part of an independent free product Microsoft Hyper-V Server.

In Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V technology can be deployed as a full installation and operation in Server Core, Hyper-V Server only works in the Core. This allows you to fully realize the benefits of a "thin", economical and manageable virtualization platform.

Hyper-V is an integrated component of the 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2008 Standard, Windows Server 2008 Enterprise and Windows Server 2008 Datacenter. This technology is available in 32-bit versions of Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 Standard without Hyper-V, Windows Server 2008 Enterprise without Hyper-V, Windows Server 2008 Datacenter without Hyper-V, in Windows Web Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 systems based on Itanium.

Figure 2.15 - Architecture of Hyper-V

All versions of the Hyper-V have one parent partition. This section controls the functions of Hyper-V. From the parent partition console runs Windows Server Virtualization. In addition, parent partition is used to run virtual machines (VM), supports streaming emulation of old hardware. Such VM, built on templates, emulating hardware, are analogues of VM, working in a product-based virtualization host, such as Virtual Server.Гостевые VM запускаются из дочерних разделов Hyper-V. Child partitions support two types of VM: high performance VM-based architecture VMBus and VM, managed host system. The first group includes a VM with Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Server 2008 and Linux (supporting Xen). New architecture features a high-performance VMBus conveyor operating in RAM, connecting clients Virtualization Service Clients (VSC) on the VM guest with the provider Virtual Service Provider (VSP) host. VM, managed host, launch platforms that do not support the new architecture VMBus: Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Linux (without the support of technology Xen, such as SUSE Linux Server Enterprise 10).

Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) - separate System Center products for virtual infrastructure management, efficient use of resources of physical nodes, as well as facilitate the development and creation of new guests for administrators and users. The product provides full support to consolidate physical servers to virtual infrastructure, fast and reliable conversion of physical machines to virtual, virtual workloads reasonable accommodation in appropriate physical nodes and a single console for resource management and optimization. SCVMM provides the following features:

· Centralized management of servers virtual machines across the enterprise. SCVMM supports management of servers Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Virtual Server, VMware ESX, and in the future there is support for Xen.

· Create a library of templates of virtual machine. Virtual machine templates are predefined sets of images of operating systems that can be deployed in minutes.

· Migration (converting) physical servers to virtual machines - the technology P2V. P2V technology allows to make the transfer of a physical server to a virtual non-stop work. Thus, there is a possibility of the whole online backup server and in case of its failure, it is possible for one minute to start the virtual server and continue.

· Cluster Management of Hyper-V.

2.4.3 Платформа Microsoft Azure

Platform Microsoft Azure - a model of Platform as a service that provides the opportunity to develop and run applications and store data on servers located in distributed data centers. Originally called Windows Azure. In 2014, the platform was renamed to Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure cloud fully implements two models - the platform as a service (Platform as a Service, PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (Infrastructure as a Service, IaaS). The efficiency of the Windows Azure platform provides a global network of data centers Microsoft. The main features of this model:

* payment only consumed resources;

* general, multi-threaded structure calculations;

* abstraction of infrastructure.

Рис. 2.16 The components provided by the platform Microsoft Azure

Microsoft developed a platform Azure, allowing .NET developers to enhance their experience of creation in Visual Studio 2008 (and higher) ASP.NET Web applications and Windows Communication Framework (WCF) services. Projects Web applications run in the standalone version of Internet Information Services (IIS) 7. Web applications and Web services run in a partially trusted security mechanism allows you to restrict access to computer resources code (Code Access Security), which approximately corresponds to the average level of trust and ASP.NET restricts access to certain operating system resources. Set of development tools used Windows Azure allows full access to the resources of the computer not to run .NET code using .NET libraries that require full trust, and the process of interaction, using software channels (Pipe). Microsoft promises to support the launch of the program code Ruby, PHP and Python in the "cloud" platform. The original version of the development platform was limited programming environment Visual Studio 2008 and above with a plan to support the tool Eclipse. Windows Azure platform supports web standards and protocols including SOAP, HTTP, XML, Atom and AtomPub.

Windows Azure, которая включает:

· Azure Hosted service;

· Storage Accounts;

· SQL Azure

· Live Services: existing APIs.

Live services: existing APIs are not part of the preliminary version and does not require a token. Since early 2009, Windows Azure token entitles you to one account Hosted Service, two accounts for Storage. You are requesting tokens Azure across the page Microsoft Connect, which is accessed from the portal page. The figure 2.17 shows the account page, which includes links to the settings page and control SQL Azure, .NET services and Live services. Live Alerts page allows you to configure how and when to receive messages containing critical signal applications, newsletters and updates the portal.

Figure 2.17 - Accaunt page

Microsoft Azure includes geolocation, which allows account holders to choose the data center for the location of Hosted Services and Storage Accounts. For example, USA-Northwest (Quincy, WA) and USA-Southeast (San Antonio, TX.). The user can add and sets Hosted Services Storage Accounts in the group to ensure that the services are located in the repository and the same data center, in order to increase productivity.

Storage Windows Azure Storage provides developers with the ability to store data in the cloud. Application can access their data at any time from anywhere, store any amount of data, and as long as you want. The data is guaranteed not to be damaged and lost. Windows Azure Storage provides a rich set of data abstractions:

* Windows Azure Table - provides structured storage conditions of service.

* Windows Azure Blob - provides storage for large data items.

* Windows Azure Queue - provides asynchronous work dispatch to implement the exchange of data between services.

2.4.4 Network of virtual machines

Each virtual machine network consists of one or more virtual subnets. Network virtual machines generates insulating boundaries within which the virtual machines on the network can communicate with each other. As a result, the virtual subnet a network of virtual machines should not use overlapping prefixes IP-addresses. Each virtual machine has a network routing domain that identifies a given network. PH domain routing (RDID), identifying a network of virtual machines, appointed administrators or data center management software, data center, such as System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager (VMM). RDID has format GUID Windows -- for example "{11111111-2222-3333-4444-000000000000}".

2.4.5 Routing outside of the virtual network

Deploying a client networks requires that network virtualization environment Hyper-V has been linked with resources not included in network virtualization environment Hyper-V. Gateways virtualization networks are needed to provide communication between the two environments. Scenarios that require the use of the gateway network virtualization Hyper-V, include a private cloud and hybrid cloud. In the main gateway network virtualization Hyper-V are required for virtual private network (VPN) and routing.

Gateways can have different physical form factors. They can be based on Windows Server 2012 R2, built into the top-level rackmount switch (TOR) or load balancer, included in other existing network devices, or be a new standalone network device.

When routing in the private cloud or large enterprises can not be resolved, or for reasons of compliance, not be able to move some of its services and data in the public cloud hosting provider. However, enterprises want by combining the resources of their data centers in a private cloud to get the benefits of cloud technology, network virtualization provided by Hyper-V. When deploying a private cloud overlap IP-address can not be required, as companies tend to have sufficient internal space non-routable addresses (for example, or Consider the example in Figure 2.18.

Figure 2.18 - Deploying a Private Cloud

It should be noted that a virtual address of the client subnet represented as 157.x. At the same IP-address in the non-network virtualization of the network (corporate network) is also presented in the form 157.x. In this case, the address of the supplier for virtual subnets in the data center are the IP-addresses of the form 10.x. This deployment allows the company to take advantage of network virtualization Hyper-V to provide flexibility as if a virtual machine and cross-subnet live migration in the structure of the data center. This increases the efficiency of the data center, thereby reducing both the running costs and capital costs. In this scenario, the gateway network virtualization Hyper-V provides routing between the IP-addresses of the form 10.x and 157.1.

Hybrid cloud (VPN type "net-net") A key advantage of network virtualization Hyper-V - is that it allows you to quite easily expand the local data center to data center using cloud-based Windows Server 2012.This is a hybrid model clouds. (Figure 2.19).

Figure 2.19. Hybrid cloud model

In this scenario, the internal subnet containing Web servers, moves from the enterprise network to the data center hosting provider cloud. Taking advantage of the offer Bring Your Own IP Address (Use your own IP-address) of the hosting provider, the company got rid of the need to modify the network configuration of the virtual machine web server or any other endpoint network tied to the Web server. Hoster provides a secure communication channel through the use of the gateway network virtualization Hyper-V.

3. Algorithm works of “Cloudy” web application

Informational web-application to create a hybrid infrastructure is designed to help to users in the deployment of a hybrid infrastructure step by step in the form of labororary works. User will be granted access to the information in the 2 modes of functionality as shown in figure 3.1:

· The registered user mode

· The unregistered user mode

Figure 2.1 - Access modes

According to Figure 2.1 when user entered as “unregistered user” (restricted access), he will be able to view laboratory work and theoretical information.

In the “registered user” mode (expanded access) in addition to functionality granted to unregistered users, the user will be available next functions:

· The search button within the site

· List of performed laboratory work

· Comments and questions for laboratory works

At the unwillingness to use the “unregistered user mode” by user , the user is offered to register by entering personal data to database. Figure 2.2 shows a diagram of adding a new user to the database and the entrance to the site without authorization as a registered user.

Figure 2.2 - Scheme of access to the website

At the registration, the user fills registration form in registration page where user must indicate the name and other data. Based on filled registration form, assigned a login and password to the user.

3.1 Functional of website

At this informational website information divided into 2 main parts:

· theoretical material

· laboratory works

According to collaboration scheme in Figure 2.3, where shown interaction of website with database also shown functional of website.

Figure 2.3 - Collaboration scheme of website

To select the theoretical section, the user must select the desired theme and click it with the mouse on it:

· Cloud computing

· Virtualization technologies

· Models of expansion of cloud computing

· Web-services provided by cloud computing

· Features of virtual network

User can create complete hybrid infrastructure when he performs the laboratory works :

· Creating local infrastructure on Windows Server 2012/2008 with Hyper-V role.

o Instrallation and setup Hyper-V

o Creation of virtual machine on Windows Server 2012/2008.

· Creation virtual infrastructure on Windows Azure

o Creation of virtual machines in virtual network Windows Azure

o Deployment of virtual machine on Windows Azure platform

o Creation of virtual network and configure the tunnel between Windows Azure and local infrastructure

o Creation of virtual network

3.2 Software tools

Cross-platform assembly of Web server Xampp was used as web-server which is distributed freely according to the license GNU General Public License

The advantage of Xampp is the content of the script interpreter and a large number of additional libraries, allows you to run a full-fledged web server. Xampp works with all 32 - 64 bit OS Microsoft.The composition of Xampp includes: Apache ,MySQL,phpMyAdmin.

The program is regularly updated to include the latest versions of the Apache/MySQL/PHP и Perl. Also in composition of XAMPP present another modules , including OpenSSL и phpMyAdmin.

Apache HTTP-server is cross-platform software and maintains operating systems like Linux, BSD, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows, Novell NetWare, BeOS.

The main advantages of Apache is reliability and flexibility of configuration. Apache allows to connect external modules to provide data, use database for user authentication, modify the error messages and etc.Also supports IPv6. Apache configured by using text configuration files. The main parameters are already configured by default and will work in most cases. Function of web-server perform software which installed on personal computer. When browser connects to the web-server and sends header “GET”(request to send data), Apache handles the request. Apache checks, whether there is a title GET file, and, if so, send it along with the browser title.

As DBMS(database management system) was used MySQL. MySQL is a highly productive, reliable database management system that integrates well with PHP and is focused on the implementation of dynamic web applications.

Figure 2.5 - Architecture of DBMS

MySQL allows to database developers and administrators to create advanced web, cloud and embedded applications that can handle the ever-increasing amounts of data.

The program code for implementation of application has been selected one of the most popular languages for implementing web applications - PHP.

Efficiency is extremely important factor in the programming for multi-user environments, which include web. A very important advantage of PHP is its "engine". "The engine» PHP is neither the compiler nor the interpreter. He is the transmitting interpreter. Such a device "engine» PHP script allows processing at a sufficiently high speed. Popularity in building web sites is determined by the presence of a large set of built-in tools for developing web applications. The main ones:

· Automated extraction of POST and GET-parameters and environment variables of Web server in predefined arrays;

· Interaction with many different database management systems;

· Automated sending HTTP-headers;

· work with HTTP-authorization;

· work with cookies and sessions;

· Work with local and remote files, sockets;

· processing of files uploaded to the server;

4. Justification of the cost-effectiveness of the project

The aim of the diploma project is the development of educational and informational web site, based on cloud computing. This section examines the degree project site development from an economic point of view.

Economic efficiency - it is possible to obtain maximum benefits from the resources available. To do this, you need to constantly relate benefits (benefits) and the costs or, to put it differently, behave rationally. Rational behavior is that the producer and the consumer goods strive for the highest efficiency and to maximize the benefits of this and minimize costs.

An important part of the economic system efficiency is the efficiency of capital investments. It is expressed by the ratio of the obtained effect to capital investments that caused this effect. Capital efficiency is measured set of indicators, which includes the overall effect of capital investments, the rate of return, payback period, comparative effectiveness, and others. The indicators of economic efficiency of capital investments are used to compare alternative investment projects and select the best project.

Sufficiently large role in the economic process (ie, whether economical software product or not) depends on the programmers have created this software. You play the role of the creation, debugging, and program.

4.1 Calculating the cost of materials

To install the server part of the software package and necessary to organize one job for a programmer with a computer or laptop. During the design phase of the server has been installed in the workplace programmer to reduce costs. To solve workplace, it was decided to use a laptop of brand Lenovo model Y580 (processor Intel Core i7-3610QM 2.3 GHz; video card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M - 2048 MB, 8192 MB RAM, DDR3 SDRAM) price which is 163290KZT. In addition in the process of developing a web site following materials were used:

* USB Flash Drive 8 GB - 3000KZT.

* Pens, pencils - 500KZT.

* Office paper size A4 - 500 KZT.

Total expenditure on materials is: 167 290 KZT.

4.2 Costs to wages

The basic wage is calculated from the Developer salary as well as the duration of individual stages of work in the development of software system, taking into account the quality, complexity and working conditions. The table shows the programmer salary in the field of web development in the past month. The average number of working days in a month is 22 days.


Table 4.1 Staffing the project team


Salary (KZT/ per month.)



150 000


150 000

Additional monthly payment shall be at the rate of 15% of basic salary and will be: KZT. (4.1)

Accrual of social insurance bodies in wages make up 20% of the basic salary: KZT. . (4.2)

According to the plan, the creation of a web site has been divided into several stages. Number of days worked to create a website of 44 full working days. Table 4.2 shows the steps and the number of days are designed to perform a certain stage.

Table 4.2 Stages


Pre-project research

Development and coordination of design

Software part of the project

Site content

Site testing

Delivery site in operation

Number of days to perform stage







The total amount of the payment to the employee, including additional earnings and insurance is shown in Table 4.3.

Table 4.3 Cost of basic and additional salary


Salary (tenge per month.).

Number of days worked

Salary tenge per month.).

Sum (KZT)

Additional salary (KZT)

Social insurance (KZT)




150 000







4.3 Expenditure for maintenance and equipment maintenance

Development of software system was made on the laptop brand Lenovo Y580 model, the price of which is 163290tg.

The cost of 1 hour of computer time is calculated as follows:

Ch = So / Tc*Ku. (4.3)

Where - annual operating costs;

Tc - annual fund-time useful PC;

Ku - coefficient of usage PC (0.7);

Annual operating costs are calculated according to the formula:

So = Sa+ Sm (4.4)

Where - deductions for depreciation (12.5% of the PC);

Sm - maintenance costs (2% of PC).

So = 20411тг + 3265тг = 23676тKZT (4.4)

Annual Fund useful operating time is calculated as the product of the number of working days per year for the duration of the PC in the day: hour.

The cost of one hour of computer time:

Ch. = 23676/1764* 0.7 = 9,4KZT (4.5)

Amount of working time spent on development and debugging software package was (44 * 8) = 352 hours. Thus, the cost of maintenance and operation of the PC are:

352 * 9,4 = 3300KZT. (4.6)

Таблица 4.4 Смета затрат


Sum, KZT.


Expendable materials



The costs of maintenance and operation of equipment



The basic wage

300 000


Additional salary

45 000


Charges to social security payroll

60 000


557 590

Payback information website will be at the expense of advertising banner from cloud providers and others. The site was created 4 places for advertising banner with the size of 200x300 pixels. Price on advertising is shown in Table 4.5

Таблица 4.5 - Price list of advertising on website

3 m.

1 year

Adding advertising 200х300pixels on website

25 000 KZT

100 000 KZT

Revenue for 2 years at advertising product is equal to 800 000KZT. Payback site through advertising achieved 16.7 months.

Income for advertising for one month 25,000 * 4/3 = 33333,3KZT.

Payback site in months 557 590 / 33,333.3 = 16.7 months.


Summarizing to this application development need in the general amount of 557 590tg. From the point of view of the economy is efficient and pays off, so it is advisable to its implementation.

5. Safety and labor protection

Health and Safety - the science of maintaining the health and safety for human habitat. This is achieved by the detection and identification of dangerous and harmful factors, the development of methods and means of protecting people from their impact in terms of life and production methods and protection of people in emergency situations, as well as measures to eliminate the consequences of such situations.

5.1 Characteristics of the workplace

In this section basic information about occupational safety and health was covered for place where diploma project was implemented. If be exact the field of practice was computer laboratory. This room is located in the building of International University of Information Technology (IITU).

Location: International University of Information Technology.

Address: Almaty city, Dzhandosov street 8“A”.

The building is located in the administrative part of the city, Almalinskiy district.

Total area: 8578 m2.

Number of Employees: 250.

This computer laboratory is one of the many training rooms which are equipped approximately with 10 personal computers (PC).

Characteristics of computer laboratory:

Width - 7 meters , Length - 10 meters , Height - 2.5 meters

The building of the university is ten-story building. And this building corresponds to its functional purposes and to the requirements for safety and health. Computer laboratory which was field for practice in located in fourth floor of the building. It has a window opening on the southeast side and the front door is to opposite side.

Technical equipment: 10 computers, 1 projector, 1 server.

Also the laboratory has the air conditioning, heating and automatic fire alarm systems.

5.2 Analysis of dangerous and harmful factors

During working in front of the computer some harmful and dangerous factors influence to people. These factors can be:

- Electromagnetic fields and radiation

- Insufficient level of illumination

- Increased noise levels

- Electrostatic fields

- Emotional overload

All of these factors in the one way to influence to the health of human. Finally it can be reason for headaches, fatigue, and eyesight. After that human become less productive. That is why that condition for labor in enterprise is one of the important items which have to keep certain rules.

5.2.1 Production sanitation and health

Properly designed and executed industrial lighting improves visual work, reduces fatigue, increases productivity, beneficial effects on the production environment, providing a positive psychological impact on the worker, increases safety and reduces injuries.[8]

5.2.2 Lighting

Wrong direction of light in the workplace can create harsh shadows, reflections, disorient worker. There are three types of lighting - natural, artificial and combined (both natural and artificial together).The laboratory used artificial lighting.[12]

Artificial lighting is used when working at night and during the day when you cannot provide the normalized values of the natural light (cloudy weather, short daylight hours). Lighting, in which the lack of standards for natural lighting is complemented by artificial lighting, is called a combined[12]

5.2.3 The parameters of the microclimate

Microclimate parameters can vary widely, while a necessary condition of human life is to maintain a constant body temperature through thermoregulation, i.e. ability to regulate heat output into the environment. Principle of regulation of microclimate - the creation of optimal conditions for heat exchange of the human body and the environment.The supply rate of fresh air in the room where the computers are given in Table 8.

In the laboratory temperature of 23 ° C and 50% relative humidity.In areas where the developed software system is provided with natural ventilation. To ensure comfortable conditions are used as methods of organization (the rational organization of the work, depending on the time of day and year, the alternation of work and rest)

Table 10 - Rates of fresh air in the room where the computers


Air flow supplied into the room fresh air m3 / in per person per hour

Volume up to 20m3 per person

Atleast 30

20 ... 40m3 perperson

Atleast 20

More than 40m3 per person


5.2.4 Noise and Vibration

The noise degrades the conditions providing the harmful effects on the human body. Working in conditions of prolonged noise exposure experienced irritability, headaches, dizziness, memory loss, fatigue, loss of appetite, pain in the ears, etc. Table 8 shows the maximum sound levels depending on the category of severity and intensity of labor, which are safe with respect to maintaining health and performance.

In the laboratory, the noise level is defined as a little tense. Noise level in the workplace mathematicians, programmers and operators of video should not exceed 50dBA, and in the halls of the information processing on computers - 65dBA.[14]

5.2.5 The electromagnetic and ionizing radiation

Most scientists believe that a both short-term and long-term effect of all forms of radiation from the monitor screen is not dangerous for health personnel serving computers. However, comprehensive data about the dangers of exposure to radiation from the monitors on working with computers did not exist, and research in this area continues. Maximum ray workplace computer operator usually does not exceed 10mkber / h, and the intensity of ultraviolet and infrared radiation from the screen of the monitor is within 10..100mV/m2.

5.2.6 Ventilation

Ventilation - a set of interconnected devices and processes designed to create an organization of ventilation, consisting in the removal of contaminated industrial premises or superheated (cooled) air supply instead of clean and cold (hot air), allowing you to create a working area favorable air environment.

Depending on the movement of air and clean room ventilation is divided into an artificial (mechanical), and a natural combination. The laboratory used form of mechanical ventilation. If ventilation air is generated by mechanical devices - fans and other thermal pressure difference created by the balance column of air inside and outside the premises. Thus, a pressure differential causes air. Wind pressure due to the action of wind, by which on the windward surface of the building there is a positive pressure on the leeward side of a depression.

5.3 Health and safety during the work

5.3.1 Requirements for safety before starting work

There have to be requirements before work and it does not depend on type of work. This restrictions and notifications will help to get rid of dangerous consequences and harmful factors. Some restrictions before working in computer laboratories:

- In the computer lab is not allowed to work in street clothes, noise, smoking, eating.

- Do not obstruct aisles, exit corridors and access to fire.

- For each computer user group can operate no more than two people.

- The user must ensure that no visible damage to the computer (i.e. violation of hull integrity , insulation failure in cables , faulty display power- voltage signs on the body , etc.). Never operate the computer with the case open.

5.3.2 Requirements for safety during working with PC

In the automated system management where main actions made by human, visualization of information on the screen plays big role. Because the size of information which users can reach or understand depends on from this factors.

That is why we have to define requirements for devices which demonstrates information:

- Screen has to be located from eyes in distance 400 x 800 mm and in the middle of view sight.

- The top sight of the screen has to be placed on height 750 mm from the surface of the chair.

- The distance between keyboard and edge of table should be approximately 60mm. Height of the keyboard does not have to be over than 50 mm. The preferable angle of slope is 150.

Monitors have to correspond to the next technical requirements listed below:

- Brightness not less than 100 luminosity per meter square.

- The minimum size of lighting dots - not over than 0.4 for monochromic screens and not above than 0.6 for colored screens.

- Number of dots per line - not less than 640.

- Low-frequency jitter in the range 0.5 +/- 1.0 Hz must be located within 0.1mm.

- Screen must have anti- glare function.

- Observe the optimal distance between the eyes and the monitor screen (60- 70 cm);

- Perform comply with sanitary norms and modes of work and leisure;

- Observe the rules of operation of computer technology in accordance with the instruction manual;

- Observe the rules of fire safety;

5.4 Health and safety during emergency

Electrical safety - system of organizational measures and technical means to prevent the harmful and dangerous effects on the operation of the electric current and the electric arc. In the workplace, place the monitor, keyboard, system module. Because their work is used alternating current and voltage of 220 volts. In this respect, it should meet the requirements for electrical safety.

Lightning protection of buildings - a set of technical solutions adopted in accordance with the instructions. The building of the International University provides internal and external lightning protection system of the building.

The disappearance of the compound is intentional electrical conductive parts of electrical installations with grounded neutral point of the generator or inverter in three-phase systems with a grounded single-phase AC power output from a point source based in the DC networks to be carried out to to electrical safety.

Fire in the laboratory, can lead to very negative consequences (loss of valuable information, property damage, death, etc.), so you must: identify and eliminate all causes of fire, develop an action plan to eliminate a fire in a building evacuation plan building.

Fire safety - is the state of the object, which is characterized by the ability to prevent the emergence and development of the fire, and the impact on people fire hazards.

Causes of fire:

* wiring, outlets and switches that could cause a short circuit or insulation breakdown;

* Use of damaged (defective) devices;

* internal use electric heaters with open heating elements;

* The risk of fire due to lightning in the building;

* inflammation of the building due to external influences;

Fire safety - a complex of organizational and technical measures aimed at providing good security people on the prevention of fire, limiting its spread and to create conditions for effective fire extinguishing. As fire prevention is extremely important to the correct assessment of the fire building, hazard identification and alignment of the ways and means of fire safety and protection. One of the conditions for fire safety - eliminating possible sources of ignition. This is very dangerous for the computer and the developer.

Careless handling of fire and failure measures to comply with fire safety

University watched fire mode, which defines the rules of human behavior, organization of educational process and service facilities to ensure fire safety requirements.

In determining the terms of fire safety at the University of identified:

* smoking area;

* the place and the maximum amount of raw materials, flammable and combustible liquids and hazardous substances;

* procedure for cleaning dust and combustible waste;

5.5 Engineering calculations

Light calculation job is to choose the lighting system, the definition of the required number of fixtures, type and placement. On this basis, we calculate the parameters of the artificial lighting.

5.5.1 Light calculation

The calculation is performed for lighting rooms of 15m2, with a width 5m, height - 3 m use the method of flux.

To determine the number of lamps define the luminous fluxincident on the surface by the formula:


whereF - Calculated luminous flux lm;

E - Normalized minimum illumination, Lk (determined by the table). Programmer's job, according to this table can be classified as precision work, therefore, the minimum illumination will be E = 300Lk;

S - The illuminated area of the room (in this case S = 15m2);

Z -The ratio of average brightness to the minimum (usually taken to be 1,1.1,2, let Z = 1, 1);

К - factor of safety, taking into account the reduction in light output light fixtures as a result of contamination during use (it value depends on the type and character space held therein works and in this case K = 1.5);

n - Utilization rate (expressed as the ratio of the light flux incident on the calculated surface to the total flux of all lamps and is calculated as a fraction of a unit, depending on the characteristics of the lamp, the size of the room, painting walls and ceilings, which are characterized by reflection coefficients of the walls (Рs) and ceiling (Рp)), value of the coefficients Рs and Рp have been mentioned above: Рs=40%, Рp=60%.

The value of n is defined by the table of coefficients using different fixtures. To do this, we calculate the index space by the formula:


whereS -Room space, S = 15 m2;

h -Rated altitude of suspension, h = 2.92 m;

А -Width of the room, А = 3 m;

В -Length of the room, В = 5 m.

Substituting the values we get:

Knowing the index premises I, we find n = 0,22

We substitute all the values in the formula for determining the luminousflux F:

For fluorescent lighting, select the type LB40-1, the luminous flux which F = 4320 Lk.Calculate the number of lamps required by the formula:


whereN -Determined by the number of lamps;

F -Luminous flux, F = 33750 Lm;

Fl-light stream of a lamp, Fl = 4320 Lm.

When choosing lighting luminaries use ML. Each lamp comes with two lamps.

5.5.2 Calculation of noise

One of the negative factors working environment at the ITC is a high level of noise generated printing systems of air conditioning equipment, fans cooling systems in computers themselves.

In order to address the need for and feasibility of noise reduction is necessary to know the noise levels at the operator. The noise level arising from a few incoherent sources operating at the same time, calculated on the basis of the principle of energy summation of individual radiation sources:


whereLi -sound pressure level of the i source;

n - The number of noise sources.

If this sound pressures will maximum this is very dangerous to developer earns, because many noise is hazardous to peoples.

Usually operator station is equipped with the following equipment: hard drive in the system unit, the fan (s) cooling PC, monitor, keyboard, printer and scanner. Substituting the values of sound pressure level for each type of equipment in the formula, we get:

L?=10·lg(104+104,5+101,7+101+104,5+104,2)=49,5 dB.

And when you consider that it is unlikely peripherals such as a scanner and a printer will be used at the same time, this figure would be even lower. In addition, if the printer is not necessarily the immediate presence of the operator.


This diploma project is dedicated to developing an informational web-application for deploying hybrid infrastructure.

During the programming the fully working functional application was developed, where stored theoretical material and assembled laboratory works .

Laboratory works was realized by using Windows Server 2008R2/2012R2, Hyper-V virtualization, Windows Azure and was published by the link

First section contains review of the cloud computing technology, service models(SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) and deployment models(private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud) of cloud computing, advantages and disadvantages of types of deployment models cloud computing, and the safety information on clouds.

Second section contains the whole information about technology of virtualization including types virtualization resources(association, aggregation and concentration of components, grid computing, partitioning, encapsulation), types virtualization of platforms(Full emulation (simulation), paravirtualization, application level virtualization, operating system-level virtualization, virtualization address space) and hypervisor and his types(Monolithic, microkernel, 1-rst type of hypervisor (established on a "bare metal") , 2-nd type of hypervisor (installed inside the OS) , hybrid hyperisor).

Third section contains algorithm of web-application which I named as “Cloudy”. Described functional of website and software tools which used in creating web-application.

Fourth section presents economic justification and benefits of using the product developed on cloud computing

Fifth section provides for the Labor protection and Industrial Ecology.

When developing of program complex main attention was focused on the user experience and user friendly interface. The objectives of the diploma project have been made in full.


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