Computing Practice

The need for Colvir's functional modules to avoid the costs of training and to facilitate modification and interaction of system components. Description and practical use of Citrix server and CyberPlat - integrated universal banking online payments.

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Information Technologies Department


Computing Practice

Supervisor: Karabassova S.T.

"25" June 2011.

Done by:

Student of IS 102K group Umirbekov A.A.

"25" June 2011.

Almaty 2011

Task for computing practice

a) Lean bases of "Colvir" system

b) Learn bases of "Citrix server"

c) Learn bases of "CyberPlat" software

Date of giving tasks "13" June 2011

Supervisor: Karabassova S.T.

Supervisor from company: Torgayev R.K.

Performer: student of IS 102k group Umirbekov A.A.

Date of protection of work 25 June 2011


1. Colvir system

2. Citrix server

3. CyberPlat

1. Colvir system

Colvir's functional modules allow for provision of completely integrated solution. The main advantage of integration is that all bank's transactions referred to either Core Banking or Administrative Activity are operating with one kernel, one General Ledger, one budget, one Risk Management module, one Cash Management module. This allows: to evade expenses referred to interfacing of system components, to reduce expenses referred to staff salary and training, to make easier system modification.

MODERN BANKING TECHNOLOGIES. Modern Banking Technologies supporting bank's business development are implemented in Colvir Banking System:

· Budgeting and Income / Expense Accounting referred to banking products

· Banking products cost calculation

· Client-oriented system - there is all necessary data for CRM inside

· Risk Management System, Asset & Liabilities Management with risk consideration - compliance with Basel II requirements (2006).


In 2004 the auditor company Deloitte & Touche a member of "Big Five" provided Colvir Banking System audit and issued a positive conclusion where it was stated: "functional and technological facilities of Colvir Banking System meet as a whole the modern requirements of large and medium-sized banks of Russia and CIS referred to automated banking systems".

Core Banking

Core Banking is the central part of Colvir Banking System. It consists of System Kernel, Software Tools, basic functional modules: General Ledger, Client Accounting,Funds Transfer & Teller's Services, Payment System,International Payments, Message Delivery, Loans, Deposits, Trade Finance, and supplementary functional modules such as Standing Orders, Currency Exchange Regulation, Tax Accounting and Statutory Reporting.


System Kernel and Software Tools incorporate common functions and mechanisms utilized by all functional modules of the System. The Kernel includes general-system services and application services.

The System cannot operate without general-system services. Data Dictionary is the main general-system service being a centralized archive to store the descriptions of main System elements: System Messages, Domains, Entities, Inquiries, Business Objects, Screen Forms and Reports.

The other general-system services not referred to Data Dictionary are: Database Connection Service, WEB - server Data Access Service, Multi-Language Service, System Parameters Service, Security Service, Audit Service, Import & Export Service, Encoding Rules Service, Screen Form Designer, Business Processes Supervision Service etc.

The application services are common for all the functional modules. Some of them are intended for programmers use only; the others represent the Software Tools designed specially for non-programmers. Exactly these Colvir components make the System so flexible that it is possible to announce adaptability without programming as a System's mission.

The Kernel application services include: Data Domain Concepts Dictionary, Analytical Models Designer, Accounting Models Designer, Transaction Designer, Analytical Views Designer, Consolidation Service, Financial Figures Service, Payments Service, Limits Service, Interest Rates Designer, Product Templates Designer, Fee Calculation Service.

As a whole System Kernel allows development and modification of the System application functionality by bank's own staff, with limited involving of Colvir's experts. This approach provides for successful System adaptation to the particular bank's needs and allows the bank to respond to regulation and legislation amendments on-the-fly. And what is very important most of Colvir Software Tools are directed towards bank experts in data domains - the users without any programming skills.


Colvir General Ledger (GL) module is a tool providing links between GL account entries and all of the correspondent contracts, transactions, documents and subsidiary ledger entries. Posting of entries to the General Ledger is done automatically on the basis of pre-adjusted accounting models. Adjustment of accounting models is available to trained accountant, and can be done by bank's staff.

Postings can be done in real time mode or at the end of the accounting period. Back-value and future-value postings are supported as well as operation in different time zones.

General Ledger supports a number of Charts of Accounts. Each Chart of Accounts can be of different structure with any number of hierarchy levels. Historical information is maintained for all accounts. Account code length may be up to 30 characters. GL accounts may be detailed by any analytical views. Different accounts can be detailed by different analytical views. Number of analytical views for each account is unlimited.

Colvir General Ledger is multi-branch and multi-currency. Each GL account may have balances in different currencies. Accounts for precious metals are handled in ounces.

There is a facility of "DRILL DOWN" review of detail transactions, deals / contracts and basic documents including branch documents.

Review starts with GL account list. For each account it is possible to review account statements, balances and turnovers, as well as transaction journal. On "DRILL DOWN" the information can be itemized by departments, by accounts of lowest level, by analytical views. It is possible to review correspondent operations, financial entries, deals / contracts and documents from lowest transaction level. Contracts and documents can be reviewed not only in electronic form but also in form of scanned images.

Colvir General Ledger has built-in facilities for data comparative analysis using graphs and diagrams.


This module is responsible for handling of Client Information File and client accounts including LORO and NOSTRO accounts. Intra-bank accounts are handled in Colvir General Ledger module.

For each client there is lot of data stored in the System including economics sphere, resident / non-resident status, country of registration, seal and signature specimens, client affiliate information etc. Bank's staff itself can add any kind of supplementary client information if necessary. It is possible to handle potential clients information as well.

Corporate clients having subsidiaries constitute special groups. All information concerned with subsidiaries is available for head organization of such group. The number of client hierarchy levels is not limited in the System.

All client's accounts and contracts with the bank are linked with the client record in the Client Information File. Capability of linking of any kind of electronic document to the Client Information File is available.

Historical records are maintained for clients and accounts. It is possible to review the client / account history in chronological order with an indication of the date and type of modification.

Handling of accounts both in local and foreign currencies, and in ounces of precious metals is available.

Both centralized and decentralized modes of handling clients and accounts are available for banks with branches. Colvir enables each client servicing in any bank's branch.

This is view of colvir program(Pic1.0, Pic1.1):

2. Citrix server

Citrix® XenApp™ is an on-demand application delivery solution that enables any Windows® application to be virtualized, centralized, and managed in the datacenter and instantly delivered as a service to users anywhere on any device.

In use by over 100 million users worldwide, XenApp delivers on the promise of proven application compatibility.

Main features:

-Instant application access - Applications are hostedcentrally in the data center and delivered via a high speed delivery protocol for instant access without the need for remote installation.

-Any device, anywhere - Users can access Windows applications with a consistent high quality experience from any clientoperating system or device - a desktop or laptop PC, Mac, thin clients and mobile phones.

-Browser-based access - Users experience fast, convenient and secure access to applications and corporate network files regardless of the type of connection.

- Safe and Secure Remote Environment - Assign access to specific applications and folders to role-based user groups, ensuring that the correct users connect to specific applications and data and that only screen updates, mouse clicks and keystrokes - not data - transit the network

- Encrypted delivery - Support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption ensures that all application delivery communications are secure, even over the very public Internet.

- Multi-factor authentication - Strengthen logon security with support for variable token-based two-factor authentication.

- Simple Configuration and Management - Automated step-by-step wizards take the guesswork out of configuring, personalizing and managing the remote access environment, with relatively little effort or training needed.

- Centralized updates and upgrades - With only a single application instance or image installed centrally in the data center, application and server updates and upgrades only need to be tested and delivered once. Rollback to previous version is simple and quick.

- Policy-based application publishing - Centrally control and configure rules for which users and groups can access each application and which peripherals (printers, USB, etc.) and data resources are available for accessing, saving and printing data.

- Session shadowing - View and monitor a user's session activity on another device to expedite troubleshooting and improve end user satisfaction.

- Better than installed user experience - Virtualized applications deliver a high performance, high definition user experience for any device on any network - even for graphic-rich content.

- Accelerate application performance - Applications execute on servers in the data center without requiring specific device capabilities enabling any user to access resource intensive apps from any device.

- Seamless User Experience - Intelligent load balancing and active data center failover ensure continuous and reliable availability of applications to users while notifying administrators when any anomalies occur.

This is view of how to turn on Citrix server(Pic2, Pic3)

3. CyberPlat

cost modification banking payment

CyberPlat®, integrated broad-based multibank Internet payment system, is historically the first Russian electronic payment system, established in 1997.

The first online payment was effected on March 18, 1998 for the Garant-Park Company, and the first payment to a cellular communication operator, Beeline, was effected on August 12, 1998. Currently, CyberPlat® has been in operation for over nine years and is the largest, most reliable and well-adjusted payment system in Russia and CIS.

Our unique feature is the capability to provide flexible top-up services, i.e. to process payments for any amounts starting from 0.01 USD up to a ceiling stipulated by law, with the minimum increment of 0.01 USD. Owing to this feature, the Russian mobile network operators added 40% to their subscriber base (around 160 mln., as of June 2007) since the beginning of our operations.

The other important concern of ours is ensuring full compliance with the legislation of our countries of operations. CyberPlat® is the only payment processing system in Russia, holding all the necessary licenses, patents and certificates enabling us providing reliable and transparent services for our partners.

In 2007, the total turnover of the CyberPlat® payment system reached 4 billion 737 million US dollars and exceeded the previous year figure by the factor of 1.8.

Over 100 million payments are effected through the CyberPlat® payment system every month. All payment acceptance transactions are performed in the online mode, using electronic digital signatures of the parties.

At present, the CyberPlat® cash acceptance network comprises over 120 000 outlets, accepting cash payments for the leading operators of mobile and landline communication networks, commercial television and various service providers, including MTS, Beeline, MegaFon, TELE2 and many others in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Germany.

This is view how works CyberPlat(Pic3.1, Pic 3.2):


In the result of passage of computing practice "Kazpost" "Алматинский почтамт"- in the period of practice in management of information technologies in support with software department was acquainted with Сolvir software, Citrix server, KPILS, CyberPlat.

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