Corporate Social Responsibility

The definition of Corporate Social Responsibility and main approaches. Stakeholder VS Shareholders. The principles of CSR: features and problems. Sanofi Group Company and its Social Responsibility program. Results and Perspectives, the global need.

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It has been no part of our aim to make a comprehensive study of CSR principles in Russian business companies. Nonetheless, we can sum up as follows that the social responsibility presented to society in an open form in its most developed option, that is understood as activities of the companies for three types of responsibility: economic (quality, safety of production and services, and also their physical and price availability), ecological (decrease in harmful emissions and other loads of environment) and social (development of own collective and external social projects, including charity). On the example of the company Sanofi Group we were convinced that activity of the large companies radically changes a situation. Regardless, whether such social activity is caused by desire to become more attractive employer or the supplier for the large companies, or simply ethical belief of owners, this research testifies that the Russian enterprises become more and more socially responsible.


All of us bear a personal responsibility the friend before the friend and before society in which we live. Everything that we do, has impact on others people. Regardless of, whether is company large or small, state or private, its actions infringe on interests large number of interested parties, in which number clients, shareholders enter, workers, suppliers and society in general. In conditions when the fixed grows public attention to the business to operations, the company are more and more compelled to satisfy expectations of those who forms opinion of the public, and also expectation government institutions and clients, to continue successful activity.

In effect, the companies adopt the principles of CSR because they believe that the ethic and socially responsible business gives they have more than chances of success. As at the private businessmen of interested parties it is less, their main effort is directed on satisfaction of inquiries of clients, and also on own ability effectively to satisfy demand of the consumer.

The companies testify that correctly built work within helps social responsibility in achievement of commercial purposes. Especially it is right for big corporations, in which compliance to the legislative to requirements, and also strengthening of reputation and relationship directly affects on increase of a stock value and profitability.

As for the enterprises operated owners, their increase social activity cause the large multinational companies, which even more often demand from the suppliers of commitment to ethic business. Integration corporate social responsibility in the structure of the main business strategy can also to increase appeal of the company in quality employer.

On the example of the company Sanofi Group we were convinced that activity of the large companies radically changes a situation. Regardless, whether such social activity is caused by desire to become more attractive employer or the supplier for the large companies, or simply ethical belief of owners, this research testifies that the Russian enterprises become more and more socially responsible.

It comes the time when all enterprises of private business are compelled to take into account the growing need to do business socially responsible and transparent. Only those, who sensitively and quickly react to changes and also make non-standard decisions, will survive and win.


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