The positive image as are important component of being competitive on the tourist market

The functions of image and role for the travel agency. Good name is the key for success. The corporate style. The main carriers of elements of corporate stile. The methods of research organization's image. Selection of target audience for making image.

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Ministry of Education of Russian Federation

The Sochi State University of Tourism and Resort

Tourism Business and Infrastructure

Speciality 100103

The positive image as are important component of being competitive on the tourist market.

Name: Chaiko Margarita

Sochi - 2010




Chapter I: The role of image for the travel agency:

1.1 The matter of image

1.2 The functions of image:

1.3 The positive image

Chapter II: Basics of image creating

2.1 Good name is the key for success.

2.2 The corporate style as the major factor of making image

2.3 The main bearers of image

Chapter III: Approaches to making image up

3.1 The methods of research organization's image

3.2 Selection of target audience for making image

3.3 The measures to improve the image.




Image is the appearance about the firm in the mind of the target group

Target audience is the basic circle of real and potential consumers of the services, and other groups of the public at which the concrete appeal of the organization are aimed during Public relation-campaign carrying out.

Equivocality is something that could have several means

Banner is a long strip of cloth bearing a slogan or design, advertising of organization, hanged in a public place

Logo is the corporate graphical inscription

Positive image is the image that is createв the organization itself permanently and as result it helps to increase competitive ability, attract consumers and partners, speeds up sales volume.

Focus group is a specially selected group of people who has discussions in which their opinions are recorded as a form of market research.

Questionnaire is the measure of researching of image, when people ask for concrete questions about activity of the firm.


Tourist enterprises pay much attention how they are percepted by target audience under present-day conditions. It makes necessity to form image of firm. Managers and expert take care of the corporate image.

Image is the appearance about the firm in the mind of the target group. Positive image improves comp ability of commercial organization on the market, attract consumers and partners, increases sales volume, make easier access to the recourses (financial, information, human, material) and conducting transactions.

Image is not only a mean and an instrument but an object of a management. Positive image is created by the main activity of enterprise and also the purposeful information work oriented to the target audience. This work is realized by means of the marketing communication (advertising, public relation, personnel retail sale, sale promotion).

Actuality of chosen subject is in that every tourist enterprises must purposeful to make positive image for increasing comp ability and therefore profit's growth. The aim of subject is to analyze all information and on its basis pick out factors that form the elements of positive image, and also to develop measures assisting of formation new or improving image of tourist enterprise already developed.

Thereby it is necessary learning and managing of all components of image that to be successful on the market and to reach assigned aims.

1. Chapter I: The role of image for the travel agency

1.1 The matter of image

At the end of XX firms have opened the force of reputation or image as it is called. Now image is impossible to identify as one of the reason of win or defeat in a business. Nobody knows the full volume of means necessary for to create image of some travel agency. But it is impossible to give many examples confirming of fact, that this costs are reasonable.

The image of organization is divided into two parts: exterior and interior.

The exterior image means how it is interpreted by publics, mass media and investors. And interior means relation its personnel and manager to the firm. It's an atmosphere inside the enterprise, positive or negative relationship between staff and the attitude to a police of the firm. An important fact is how much employees devoted to the tour agent. The interior image is also influence on the public's perception of this organization.

The intangible aspects of image is attitude personnel to job and his emotional mood. It also affects on the firm's reputation as tangible elements of image, because agents represent the enterprise in front of clients and make an important connection between the travel agency and tourists.

Creating of image is become from the forming of view, and a mission as social-important status of the firm. After that it's determined the corporate individuality. It means life style of the agency, how it spends of time, uses material, information and human recourses. If these components are considered clearly and kept by staff in the activity of firm, it could work even at the very critical situation.

1.2 The functions of image are:

§ draw attention to the activity this agency;

§ help to separate out this travel agency among competitors;

§ make easier of memorizing of tour firm;

§ increase competitive ability;

§ inform about service;

§ increase prestige of the firm

§ create loyal position of tourist to the firm and its services;

§ make the service attractive;

§ rise the efficiency of advertising and PR-campaign;

§ stimulate the desire to buy;

§ symbolize guarantee.

§ make easer brining new service in the market

1.3 The positive image

Image is a shape of the organization, existed in the people's mind. Every company has image independence of who works from it and is it worked over it at all. If a question of image is let take its course it make about consumers spontaneously. And it's no guarantee that it would be identical with and favourable for the establishment. That's why the forming of positive image for organization is a more advantageous process and less labor-intensive that a correction of the spontaneous forming unfavourable shape.

The positive image increases competitive ability of the company on the market. It attracts consumers and partners, speeds up sales and increases its volume. It make easer an access of difference resources: financial, informational, human, material, etc. Creating of image is work not only experts in different spheres (marketing, advertising, PR), but service providers, who interact with clients directly. Image of the enterprise make not only due to variety action. The quality of service, relationship personnel to their employer, clientele and their own activity have significance for image more than an advertising and a presentation.

Positive image must be:

§ appropriate. It means to fit to specific of the company;

§ original. It means to de notable from stereotyped firms;

§ plastic. It means to have ability changing of client's demand and time;

§ have exact address. It means to be attractive for the target audience.

It is important to know that making the positive image is the process constant and difficult, but its results are realized all efforts.

image travel stile

Chapter II: Basics of image creating

2.1 Good name is the key for success

Positive image of every firm in the consumer's mind begins with a name. It is a business card of an enterprise. It is important for the tourist firm especially because of tourist's attention to a firm plays a main role when the purchasing being. It is connected with identification of this enterprise among the others and guarantees the quality of goods for a client. The importance of name is increased according with market developing. Often founders of foreign firms announce a competition and pay much money for success name. The name which has a good reputation is an object of purchase and sale on the tourist market. This goods is used in demand and make as franchise.

The firm name could be anything and depend on imagination and taste of promoters. But it is necessary to take into account a whole number of principals for the future success of the enterprise:

1. Constance of the name. People get accustomed to the name. It is kept into the memory solidly. It's facilitated business contact.

2. Association with product and its characteristics. A name which was chosen successfuly favoures the creation original and beautiful emblem of an organization, trademark. So on the bounds of firm's activity are outlined conditionally when the name has been chosen. It ought to avoid unwarranted rigidity, so long as a type of activity could be changed in perspective.

3. Shortness, harmony, aesthetically acceptable. The name must be like that it is impossible to transform it in disharmonious by force of replacement, edition or exception of letters. It is better apprehend the name consisting of one or two words and reflected the kind of enterprise's activity. For example, “Globe”, “Piligrim”, “Mostravel”, etc.

4. Unique of a name. If unpleasant impression is appeared about one of the firm with similar name, this impression might be transformed to another firm. A registered mark and name is protected by law.

5. An acceptability name for foreigners. The foreign words in the name may be used but their usage must de considering that avoid other meaning.

A good brand-name tells about good's advantages, its quality. It is recorded and memorized easy. It hasn't equivocality. It is used as the brand for wide range of different goods and has positive or neutral meaning at least in other countries and in international language.

2.2 The corporate style (corporate identity)

The corporate style is a set of colorful, graphical, verbal, typographical and design constant elements (constants) providing visual and semantic unity of the products or (services),

Basic elements of corporate style

the trade mark;

The corporate graphical inscription (logo);

The corporate block;

The corporate motto

Corporate colors

The corporate print bundle;

The corporate hero;

The permanent communicator (face of the firm);

1) The trade mark

The trade mark is the main element of a corporate style. Is a registered graphical, verbal, volume, sound designations or their combinations which are used by the owner of a trade mark for identification of the goods. The exclusive right of the owner of trade mark using is provided with legal protection from the state.

2) The corporate graphical inscription (logo);

Logo is the original tracing or the abbreviated name of firm, the goods or services made by this firm. As a rule, the logo consists of 4-7 letters.

3) The Corporate block

It's a traditional, often mentioned combination of several elements of the corporate style. Often it is a graphical trade mark and a logo.

4) The corporate motto

It is an original device that permanently used by firm. Some slogans are registered as the trade mark.

5) The corporate color

Firm color also is the major element of the corporate style. The color make corporate style elements more attractive and memorable more. It allows to exert a strong emotional influence. The concrete colors were fixed to some types of products and services sensibly constant.

6) The corporate print bundle.

It can point different specifics of the brand image, bring its contribution to the form of the corporate style. Print could be percept as manly or womanly, easier or heavy, elegant or rough, business and others. The main task of creators of firm style is to find they own print, whom a client would identified himself.

7) The corporate hero.

The corporate hero is the important part of the formed image. Travel agency develops the constant and stable icon of its agent. Also the corporate hero can embody the fantasy-ideal shape of a consumer, whom a client could be identified.

8) The permanent communicator.

It is the real man as opposed to the corporate hero. Its concrete person, that is chosen by the firm in the capacity of mediator for its communication with recipient. Also it is used synonyms, for example, the “face of firm”, `brand-image”, “firm icon”. Sometimes the agency uses the outer attraction of mediator. But it is not only criterion. In some case the firm is drawn by professional quality of person. Then his features are projected to image the owner of corporate stile.

2.3 The main bearers of image:

The main carriers of elements of corporate stile are:

§ printing ad of agency;

§ souvenir;

§ the elements of corporate's interior;

Other carriers are: the firm advertising banner, package paper, label, business card, uniform, pictures on the side of transportation, etc.

Chapter III: Approaches to making image up

3.1 The methods of researching of organization's image

Researching of image of the organization is a responsibility of the PR-department. To research the image it is always necessary when the organization hasn't image or when a new image is formed. The company analyzes the market even well-formed image, because image could turn old and become worse during the time. The actuality of researching of image is that modern market doesn't give a chance so organizations that position themselves incorrectly because consumers don't buy goods but the simple brand.

The main methods of image researching are:

§ Focus group

§ Questionnaire

§ Interviewing of consumers

§ Analyzing of publishing in the mass media

It's better to use all methods in total, as each of them give the different value of a question. The questionnaire method as example gives more statistical and mass information about characteristics and the status of image. It shows a public opinion and condition to the firm. Due to this method it is necessary to know the influence of an advertising on a consumer. Is it a correct forming of the image in the people mind?

The focus group method is the innovation in the researching of image. Always a segment is divided into several focus groups and PR-manager holds a conversation with any group. During the contact participants give their opinions and offer ideas about the image formation. Participants of such groups are clients of the company, who gives value about image. Using this method it is possible to learn strong and poor characteristic of the travel agency and also an opinion of consumers about competitors.

The interviewing method is the deepest. Always an interview is conducted with a one people who a man of importance group for the travel agency. He is asked about how he views the organization, what he could change, add and advice. The aim of the interview is achieve the opinion of the consumer about the company on the level of consciousness. What a person senses when uses of services, what emotions feels, and what he fells when don't use the service of this agency.

It can get information about the company from mass media, special magazine and transmission on TV, where the production is compared and tested. The forum is also the way to research the attention tourists to the agency.

A whole picture is compiled about image after the giving information. Data is analyzed in the marketing department. If there is the negative effect from something factor (an unsuccessful advertising, a public statement, mistakes in service, etc.) it is necessary to correct it. Image of the organization is developed and after several time the result of changing is analyzed once more.

3.2 Selection of target audience for making image (the differentiated approach)

The famous sociologist Ervin Goffmann noticed that the “image is an art to dictate by impression”. Really, image is an interrelation between the representation which the company wants to create about itself at target audience, and representation about the company which has already has obtain at the target audience.

Target audience is the basic circle of real and potential consumers of the services, and other groups of the public at which the concrete appeal of the organization are aimed during Pablic relation-campaign carrying out.

There are following target audiences which the travel agency has:

§ financial institutions;

§ the state and municipal organizations;

§ suppliers;

§ partners;

§ the public;

§ constant and potential clients;

§ employees;

§ mass-media;

§ investors.

It is necessary to form image for each separate target audience. So, for the wide public the civil position is more preferable, but for the partners it is important the high competitive ability of the enterprise.

The right choice of target audience can bring bright results and efficiency of advertising and PR-measures would increase at several times in this case.

3.3 The measures to improve the image

It is necessary to conduct measures in several spheres of firm's activity that to improve positive the image.

In the sphere of production the measures for improvement of quality of services and adoption of new technology realize.

Involvement of financial investment and a rise of cost-effectiveness of production and service are imaportant factors for the forming of image. For advance of sale is used a tradition bundle of means such as making of a chain of travel agencies and holding necessary marketing researching for determination of a pricing policy.

In the sphere of marketing it is separated measures on a planning of a competitive activity, sales promotion and conduction of PR-company. The best construction of image of agency is reached due to an optimal fiscal policy and a mending of the steady relations with consumers. It is paid much attention to an analytic work on the creating and correction of image of the organization, making an emblem, name and logo up.

The aim in the sphere of interrelation with clients is clearly determined. This activity heads for the forming of some culture of the relation with consumers and partners and mending of a feedback. There are important conditions for the forming of the optimal image: giving of valid and truthful information, compliance with a contract, adoption an after-sales service. The using of measures for image forming is variably. These are PR-company, organization of conferences, exhibitions, presentation, using of Internet-technologies.

The personnel's measures have significance role for the organization because of tour managers interact with clients directly. These measures are directed by the development a corporate culture, formation of a team, making some style of a management and creating loyal personnel to the organization. The especial attention is speared to means of the stimulation of a produce, motivation of stuff and providing social guarantee.


We conclude that:

§ Every organization has image even it's not formed specially;

§ it's necessary to aware the role of the image for travel agency's activity;

§ it's important to create the base of image and measures for its spreading;

§ the target audience must be clear determined;

§ the image can be positive and negative, and the aim of the travel agency is to reach the favourable image;

§ the travel agency must research the state of the image constantly and correct given results.

The positive image increases competitive ability of the company on the market. It attracts consumers and partners, speeds up sales and increases its volume. It make easer an access of difference resources: financial, informational, human, material, etc. Creating of image is work not only experts in different spheres (marketing, advertising, PR), but service providers, who interact with clients directly. Image of the enterprise make not only due to variety action. The quality of service, relationship personnel to their employer, clientele and their own activity have significance for image more than an advertising and a presentation.


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