The effective utilization of information resources

Ability of the company to reveal and consider further action of competitive forces and their dynamics. Analysis of environment and the target market. Functional divisions and different levels in which еhe external information gets into the organization.

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The effective utilization of information resources is necessary for the organization. The information on segmentation of the target market allows the company to reveal marketing possibilities. The information is necessary for accurate definition of competitive advantages of the company and its strategic positioning. At last, the information on a strategic position of the company in the market is required for construction of effective business strategy on the basis of competitive advantages.

Firm possibility will successfully compete in the market to be defined by two key factors. First, it is ability of the company to reveal and consider further action of competitive forces and their dynamics. Secondly, firm possibilities to mobilize and operate the resources necessary for realization of chosen competitive strategy. A key element in the above described process is search of relevant sources of the information and efficient control them.

That the firm could reach the purposes, timely access to the objective information is necessary for it, helping to make strategic and tactical decisions. Thus the analysis of the business information creates a basis for formation and preservation of competitive advantages. The data two criteria is the cores at an estimation of available sources of the information and prospects of application of this or that kind of the analysis.

The information from external sources arrives in the organization at the analysis of environment and the target market. She allows to estimate the influence rendered on firm commercial (competitors), forces political, social, economic and regulating (state). In parallel with it in firm streams of the information influencing formation of competitive advantages circulate.

They arise from the analysis of costs and functional profit, and also from the analysis of technological possibilities of the organization. The information, concerning process of formation of competitive advantages, allows to receive an objective picture of relative competitive position of the organization in the market. At last, three information streams set forth above influence formation of private elements of corporate strategy (working out of price and industrial strategy, distribution strategy).

The external information gets into the organization through various functional divisions and at different levels of management. Thus, once having got to the internal environment of firm, the information can or free in it circulates, or have the limited circulation, or in general to become confidential. At last, it can remain without attention as "irrelevant".

For successful achievement of strategic targets and tactical problems the firm should trace all possible sources of hit of the information in the internal environment and provide its maximum use. It can occur only in the event that all interested parties in the organization will get timely access to relevant information sources. In an opportunity the analysis and information use become interactive process in which participate both representatives of a management, and employees of all levels of management. information organization target market

The external information on the economic environment of the organization which is considered further by working out of competitive strategy, should be considered simultaneously on macro- and microeconomic levels. At macroeconomic level special importance is got by the analysis of cumulative demand, gross national product, current and predicted rates of inflation, the state tax policy and distribution of incomes. At microlevel such factors, as the payment average level, components of a grocery basket of the consumer, purchasing capacity of the population are added. The basic direction of use of the information on an economic situation is continuous monitoring of those economic categories to which fluctuations the firm is most sensitive.

The information, concerning a demographic situation, is used for definition of world and regional tendencies in population change, it половозрастного structure, and also социокультурных laws, characteristic for the concrete state or region. This information is the critical factor by working out of marketing strategy.

One more significant aspect in the analysis of environment of the organization - the technological environment. First, technology development can be an incitement for merge of various branches. Secondly, technology development leads to that information technology occupies now one of leading places in formation of competitive advantages of the organization. Especially this role is important in информационноемких branches (in bank and insurance spheres). Thirdly, technological growth can have essential influence on a market position of competitors. Technological advantages usually are rather strong competitive bonus.

The analysis of the information, concerning technological changes in organization environment, is relevant up to a point provides with additional new competitive advantages and allows to improve the available. Thereupon (know-how) in concrete firm actually information is considered possibility of practical application of the received information much more significant factor, than.

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