Evaluation of different types of internet crimes

Occurrence of new crimes in connection with development of new technologies and computerizations. The review and the characteristic of the most widespread internet crimes, ways of struggle against them. Methods of protection of the personal information.

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Evaluation of different types of internet crimes

internet crime protection information

With the evolution in the field of computerization and the rapid development of technology, we cannot only see new kinds of crimes, but also changed the nature of them, as a result of growing technological capabilities. Of course, we need a practical investigation of these crimes, most of which were committed by private companies, along with an assessment of risk for certain businesses. Though the investigations are replenished with new crimes and evidence, the majority of routine cases remain unsolved. The purpose of this essay is to identify types of internet crimes, and suggest ways of protection against internet crimes.

Initially, talking about internet crimes. The Internet has opened many opportunities for hackers and a wide variety of problems for the services of law enforcement. The astonishing thing is: The size of the Internet market and its relative simplicity; High speed; Low prices, which contribute to the successful development and prosperity of fraud in the global network. Victims will never be able to see or even talk to the attackers. (http://www.usa.gov/)

Secondly, fraud associated with credit cards. Credit card fraud is the most common type of Internet crime. The main reason is that 95% of Internet transactions are implemented by using credit cards. Due to this there have been created many different methods of cheating in this area. The most popular method of obtaining information about credit cards is the use of special programs for the determination of security numbers of credit card. Although this is the most popular method up-to-date, the number of Internet crimes is increasing, and the attackers are constantly improving their old methods and create new ones, as professionals involved in the trade, create different procedures of dealing with them.

In addition, stealing credit card numbers - it is the most simple and easy way to commit internet crime. Most cases of theft of credit card numbers, commonly used on the Internet, however, occur in conventional stores. Cases of theft of card numbers over the Internet are much less. Anyone can pick up a cashier's check; they can also be waiters that bring you a bill. In addition to credit card numbers, criminals can also obtain personal information about you. Using this and number of your credit card, fraudsters can make expensive online purchases. Programs to determine the credit-card numbers are free and easily accessible on the Internet. These programs are used by hackers to find the card number using the special algorithmic techniques. Obtained credit card numbers can be easily used for a number of online transactions, including legal and illegal purchases. (http://www.ic3.gov)

Thirdly, e-mail fraud. Email fraud is associated with spam, which bombarded Internet users with fake commercial or personal email addresses, advertising the specific products or some investment plans. Thousands of email messages can be sent over a relatively short period of time. Fraudsters can buy a list of email addresses from other public companies. They also can use widely available software to conduct searches in chat rooms or national or global scale or in a special directory in a short period of time.This method will allow attackers to gather millions of active email addresses, both personal and commercial fit for the perception of certain information.

Also, people who send spam can also get addresses from the membership directory of any Internet service provider. Some attackers use a special program that makes random list of email addresses. Thus, online users can get spam, even if they never leave personal information in a directory or a chat group. Criminals are adapting to advanced computer technologies to improve their operations.

Unfortunately, they baffle the "Web police" which are trying to react to such an action. The "Web police" should create special rules to deal with different categories of computer crimes.They should know all the information in order to get evidence of crime and find the perpetrators. Undoubtedly, the work of "Web police" should be held to a higher level to be able to cope with various aspects of the crimes committed. Government should train and coordinate their activities. Internet service providers can also help in solving crimes through the provision of "Web police" with email addresses of their customers.Online retailers should be allowed to store information on their customers without adequate protection. (http://www.detailshere.com)

To recapitulate, suggestion of some methods to protect your computer and personal information. In today's growing world of technology, if you want to protect your personal information, we must think about the necessary precautions, such as personal data storage and encrypted format, the implementation of a constant review of all actions made on your computer, use strong passwords, regular monitoring activities conducted with credit card and bank account and control over the children. Use of the computer may be limited by setting passwords for important information such as credit card numbers. In addition to these methods it is a special program, called "firewall", to protect your computer from hackers. Firewall can monitor all activities that occur on your computer and restrict access to it. There are many types of computer crimes, such as entry into your system for entertainment, attacking employees of certain companies, viruses and online scams. Computer crimes are still a major problem faced by the internet users. (http://www.icginc.com/)

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Personal Tutor: Dean Cooper

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