Ensuring personal safety of law enforcement officers

The essence of the problem of personal security tax police officer. Precautions when making an attack on a person or employee of the tax police. The acquisition and improvement of the service experience, combat, operational training for its skillful use.

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1. The essence of the problem of personal security officer of the tax police

2. Basic approaches to ensure the safety of law enforcement

3. Features Device security personnel




When done their job assignments workers face different types of hazards. Unfortunately, you can name a few examples, when meeting with an armed criminal employees through inept actions received injuries injury. There are many cases of murders of workers associated with the performance of their duties.

The analysis shows that among the dead and wounded the vast majority of employees have sufficient practical experience, served in the Internal Affairs over 3 years, has repeatedly encouraged the leadership. At the same time, they are in the service do not always wake provided with personal protection, not perfection rules watersheds of weapons, methods of neutralization of armed criminals and their prosecution and detention neglected by other rules of professional conduct.

Therefore, I believe that now is a very important issue of security staff fizzahystu in carrying out special operations.

The purpose of writing this paper is to reveal the essence of the matter - safety precautions when making an attack on a person or employee.

1. Sutnist problems of personal security officer fizzahystu

The relevance of this issue is increased due to the fact that in any kind of impossible to achieve absolute guarantees of personal safety, any activity in one form or another dangerous but especially dangerous professional activity specialist taxman.

The term "security" means a calm state of mind of a man who feels secure from any danger. Personal security employee tax services - a set of basic and supplementary measures aimed at reducing hazards to realistically possible minimum, helping to ensure the preservation of life and health, normal mental status and capacity of the employee in the performance of duties, professional tasks both everyday and extreme, emergency situations. [5]

In the broadest sense of security problem, according to the Constitution of Ukraine - is an environmental, economic, informational, and others. that is, the problems that objective in one way or another threaten the health, life, people, or the people of Ukraine as a whole.

The need and importance of addressing the problems of personal security employee tax police are determined by several factors:

Firstly, complexity, conflicts, contradiction transition problem of national security and its main component - economic, environmental, military, tax etc.

Secondly, this is due to the adoption of the general concept of the state tax system of Ukraine;

Thirdly, acceptance and approval by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of laws for the formation of the tax system;

Fourth, exceptional value system of value orientations specialist tax police in strengthening professional readiness and security.

Experts identify the main (direct) and auxiliary precautions. The main measures of personal security are as follows [1]:

1. Professional activities include the acquisition and improvement of the service experience, combat, operational training, operational training for its skillful use.

2. Spiritual activities include culture behavior with colleagues from taxpayers to individuals who evade taxes, in the family, with outside entities and stable moral behavior in different situations.

3. Legal measures - the compliance of the legal regulatory framework and objective criteria and objective professional performance. Requires knowledge of the law, the observance of their duty and the development of appropriate regulations.

4. Tactical measures - knowledge of tactics criminals use their skillful tactical action to arrest the offender, Defeating him with minimal loss and maximum profit.

5. Psychological and methodological measures include psyche more reasonable, active, decisive action and willingness to act in difficult and dangerous to life or health situations.

Largely psychological defense depends on a careful and impartial attitude of managers at various levels, which depend on the creation of appropriate conditions for the efficient and safe operation of subordinates.

6.Fizychni measures - the ability to take action against criminal attack against the life or health. involves physical development, ownership-hand combat, as well as create sustainable psychomotor status to external manifestations of danger in order to protect their professional actions. Mastery of the techniques of unarmed combat as using special equipment and without them - professional duty of every employee.

Dogfight - a weapon that has many advantages over other weapons.

- Unarmed combat techniques cannot be seen until they are applied. In appearance it is very difficult to determine the real training person.

- Where you cannot use firearms, can be successfully applied techniques of unarmed combat. Police officers on duty do not always have the opportunity to use firearms, even against a very dangerous criminal (on crowded streets, public transport, etc.). And without the techniques of unarmed combat, he is left without weapons.

- Use techniques of unarmed combat which requires no special preparation. Their use is always sudden and silent.

- Knowledge of techniques of unarmed combat cannot select until the person is alive, they cannot lose. This weapon is always with you. But as a weapon must be "clean" and performing tricks constantly train.

- Close combat techniques - is the most humane weapon. Application techniques can control (dose). Using the techniques of unarmed combat, can subdue his own enemy without causing damage, can cause damage or be destroyed.

Thus, unarmed combat techniques and methods of their use are very important for the employees of the Ministry of Ukraine. But to melee weapons was really need to organize learning how to direct methods, and tactical action on their application.

7. Individual measures - a set of individual qualities of the employee, his ability to effectively apply the necessary measures and means to ensure personal safety.

Pay special attention to the importance of mastering the skills of unarmed combat for employees.

In close combat tactics necessary to understand the principles that are useful for the application of certain techniques of defense and attack in different situations, where there is a need. Serious study tactics dogfight becomes possible only when man has the basic techniques and their combinations. If at the time of conventional fight with the offender or, especially, in real melee police officer will think that pre that welcome and how to use it, it is clear he will not have to tactics.

Tactics can only exist on a solid base of concrete, even somewhat primitive but firmly imbedded technology.

In a broader sense, words are tactics in melee may understand the skills and abilities:

- Recognize the situation of self-defense (for example, to not take the game for a fight, a joke by the threat of attack and so on);

- "See" the offender (the number of attackers, their strengths and weaknesses, the most likely plan of action);

- Decide on how to join or not to join the battle, given the specific circumstances and needs of the service;

- To take the most comfortable position, waiting for enemy action;

- Identify the direction of the main attack and distracting actions;

- Assess the new circumstances that have arisen as a result of the first action immediately to make a new action plan to meet the new circumstances and to begin its implementation.

And all of the above listed skills and abilities necessary to mobilize and use in seconds and with minimal errors, otherwise serious errors in real combat with the offender can occur last in life.

If you own the art of unarmed combat, you should be patient and compliant, avoid unnecessary conflicts, injuries and deaths. It should be friendly to people, especially the conditions and advice to destroy the human desire to inflict wing action.

If you are dealing with a violent, hooligan actions of the offender is required, first, to prepare for a possible self-defense, and secondly, to try to calm the offender's words remind him of law and order, to try to prevent an aggravation of the situation. Preventing conflict - a great tactical skill. But when the opponent has violated the law or his actions are a real threat to your life or health or to the life and health of other people, you should apply the force decisively to stop crime.

In case of physical force (of unarmed combat) should consider the following important points:

- From the beginning of an attack or threat to instantly Mobilize all mental and physical energy, and also pay attention to the basic details of the situation and outline a plan of actions;

- To repel the first attack not plan on before a particular security - you can make mistakes and be alarmed. If you have sufficient preparation, the time of the attack will be able to reflexively apply effective defense or counterattack;

- Protection should proportionate to the attack. Actively Defend yourself! the offender (an opponent) from attacking;

- If your opponent tall - keep him on the short and middle distance, and if it is low - Attack from afar, or allow it to enter into a close distance;

- Beware of fraudulent attacks. Defensively, follow the slope and waste punch line or back;

- An attack or counterattack strikes should be applied in vulnerable point;

- During the fight, Choosing a position that the light source was directed into the eyes of the offender (the attacker).

Tactics dogfight - a Culture, Culture of applying the technology specific techniques in specific circumstances fight. In addition, close combat tactics considering how to use their physical, moral and volitional qualities, depending on the capabilities and intentions of the opponent.

Masters dogfight recommended number of commandments that cannot be violated in the conduct of the match.

1. We avoid these negative psychological factors as confusion and panic. Before rival to keep yourself calm quickly self-defense.

2. Avoid turning to rival full breasts. In defense should, if possible, to reduce the surface of your body open for attacks. Stand sideways to the opponent.

3. Try not to act simultaneously with both hands. In the battle is crucial to hide (protect) their vulnerable point. Therefore you should not attack immediately with both hands, forgetting about defense or to defend themselves, forgetting about the attack that equally gives a chance to the opponent.

4. Do not bring any motion to the extreme, loss of balance, you should always retain the ability to maneuver. Any effort should not be reckless, it must be time to stop, not to open up and not let the opponent opportunities to counterattack.

5. Avoid uniformity in the methods. Contrast force attacking skill, determination and cunning. You need to use your strengths, put forward misleading, its advantages directed against its disadvantages.

6. Kicks should be applied suddenly, unexpectedly assailant outside his field of vision. You must use these advantages kicks as an opportunity to put hidden from attention opponent and their great strength.

7. Beware of underestimating the opponent. Always consider him dangerous! Remember that even weak at first sight opponent may have at least one unknown to you intake. However, do not overestimate the opponent and not be afraid of it. Any, even the strongest opponent, has its weaknesses.

8. Big mistake is predicting the end of battle. You should not think he will win, and your weapons work at the right moment.

9. Hit hard, just does not hold any reception at random! Strategy serious battle lies not in the fact that attacker pain and defused. If it is dangerous and decisive, the pain only provoke him.

10. attacker not, be prepared for a variety of surprises! During detention do not forget to search the striker. Maybe he has a weapon, although the fight he did not use it. If first aid to a person who received injuries, follow the necessary precautions regarding unexpected attack. [2]

Auxiliary (providing) the measures are as follows:

1. staffing arrangements - to ensure effective operation of the staff under professional competence, qualification and prospects of improvement of professional skill of the worker.

2. arrangements - providing organizational and management measures in accordance with applicable law and the direction of the employee pursuant to an order of the head.

3. executive (administrative) measures - holding management measures to ensure the safety of employees. Provides briefings, training, analysis of situations, bringing the respective orders, monitoring of orders and instructions.

4.psyhomotorni measures - staff development in intellectual, motor and psychomotor skills.

5. interventions - the ability to help the injured, using existing medical and improvised ways.

6. logistical arrangements - providing employees needed and special logistical means (weapons, equipment, transport, communications, etc..) to prompt and effective resolution of operational tasks and duties.

7. social events - the presence of social security staff employees (compulsory insurance in case of accidents while performing their tasks, health care, creating appropriate conditions for work and rest) and enhance the positive image of the profession.

8. economic measures - the ability of employees to meet their material needs and the needs of your family.

Some measures both basic and auxiliary interconnected with each other, can be used in combination or as the result of the previous event, depending on the circumstances.

Studies conducted at the Department of Tax Police National University DPS Ukraine indicate that each type of professional activity has its risks, but the sequence of actions related to security, one for all. Lack of ongoing analysis, monitoring and forecasting of possible threats could have unintended consequences. [1]

2. Basic approaches to security staff

Based upon the fact that the causes of accidents while performing their professional duties employees are mostly hazardous and dangerous profession of employees, the entire set of possible measures to ensure their personal safety can be roughly divided into two groups:

> measures aimed at reducing hazardous conditions;

> measures aimed at reducing unsafe acts.

According mechanism to prevent accidents is reduced in its general form to implement these two key areas. Let's examine them in more detail. But first, in my opinion, you should make a few remarks on the concept of "personal security." Traditionally, it is identified with the term "physical safety of the individual." From the point of view of a narrow approach to this concept is not unobjectionable. However, in this case, more productive, from our point of view, is to use the concept of "personal security" in its broader sense, is the notion that, along with physical security includes a number of other components (such as organizational security, social security and others who are in close interdependence between them) [3].

Completely eliminate the danger factor of the activity of law enforcement bodies, given its focus on the fight against crime and law enforcement is impossible. That's why we should go mainly to minimize this factor and its possible negative impacts and consequences. This applies to both external and internal level of risk, which is subject to law enforcement. Refers to the first-for-all deficiencies in the management and organization including HR and in this context should not talk about minimizing and the complete elimination of hazards, which is quite possible [2].

In my opinion, reduce or if possible eliminate hazardous conditions professional law enforcement officers in carrying out special operations involves an analysis of the environment in which this activity occurs and the diagnosis of internal problems related and human resources. Analysis of the external environment aimed at controlling external in relation to law enforcement factors to determine their capabilities and potential hazards. External environment is measured by three parameters: definitions and accounting changes that affect or may affect the activities of their status in society, health workers, assessment of the factors that have significant opportunities to achieve tasks law enforcement and identification and thorough analysis of the factors that pose a threat, a potential risk. These results make it possible to respond to these or other factors make the necessary adjustments in the organization of the special operations by law enforcement agencies to develop and implement measures to prevent danger, threat, reduce their impact and implications for the organization as a whole and for each worker.

It is known that when the danger cannot be eliminated, it is necessary to do everything to from it. In connection with this, the creation of a reliable system of professional security police, which can be considered as one way to minimize the dangerous conditions of their professional activities. This is a complex activity that involves many issues related to providing professional security staff This includes issues of economic, social, legal, psychological, logistical, physical security of employees, etc.

Each of these or other areas, abo given list is not exhaustive, has its own meaning and mechanism for implementation. Thus, economic security involves matching material support workers their objective material and other needs; legal protection - compliance with legal and regulatory law enforcement provisions and objectives of this activity, social protection - compliance with the social status of law enforcement importance of public tasks they do so.

The problem of life safety employees employees in carrying out special operations concerns not only the employees but also their families. According to them, directly or indirectly distributed system and professional protection. In cases of emergency involving the loss of law enforcement officers, their families become targets of this system.

Distinctive and sometimes crucial for creating an enabling environment professional law enforcement has the formation of high culture of the organization and its image. That, in my opinion, provides a positive public attitudes toward law enforcement and their employees in the performance of official duties.

Some steps in this direction have already been made, but not enough about anything, including the results of surveys, about their attitudes toward law enforcement, which were held in different regions of Ukraine, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and specialist researchers at the University of Internal Affairs. Thus, only 10% of citizens of Ukraine, according to a study of the Public Relations Internal Affairs of Ukraine rated as good police work, while 37% identified it unsatisfactory and another 39% satisfactory.

These data indicate the need for more intensive and focused work on the introduction of measures aimed at forming favorable public opinion regarding law enforcement, enhance their prestige in society. This is a very difficult and laborious affair concerning various aspects of the activity data and where there may be little things. Certainly not matter perfect training of law enforcement personnel, skillful performance of their professional duties related to special operations, law enforcement and the fight against crime. However, it is important and what kind of person is a law enforcement officer whether he is attentive, patient, even-tempered, friendly, as he says, or he can ask and listen to people, which is its appearance, whether it is in external the characteristics of the stereotype of a strong, credible, serious man who is able to help, protect others and themselves.

In my opinion, the above listed components are among the main factors that affect the safety of employees in carrying out special operations. Also, I believe that it is appropriate to ensure the safety of law enforcement agencies to take into account the experience of Western Europe, where there was an original and effective system of making contact with the population, involvement of citizens in the protection of public order. For example, let us refer to the experience of Voluntary Police Service of Germany, acting in 1963 after appropriate training volunteers involved in the performance of duties for the protection of public order. This mostly happens during events or large-scale operations to search for criminals or people who have disappeared, and there is a need to strengthen the regular police force. They were given police uniforms and equipment. Similar experience exists in the UK, where in many counties and cities allows a so-called special constables. They perform duties to assist regular police constable in his spare time after work and is receiving hourly pay. Voluntary helpers are mainly residential. It is believed that it will positively affect their activity contributes because of personal interest in ensuring the rule of law. [2]

Fulfillment by law enforcement officers in the special operations "brought up" society, surrounded by people who understand their tasks, difficulties, problems, ready to support them, and if necessary, to help significantly enhances their security.

Summarizing all the above said, it should be noted that the reduction of hazardous conditions professional staff bodies is so multi-stage process that is implemented at the state level, each employee. Mandatory elements of this process is to analyze the external environment and adapt to it with the help of the developed measures, including those that have been discussed above. This is a permanent process that accompanies each subsequent stage of development of society and the appropriate authorities, because they are an integral part.

As previously mentioned, along with the analysis and the peculiarities of the environment, significant in terms of reducing hazardous conditions of professional activity, is diagnosed internal problems of law enforcement agencies in carrying out special operations related to the management of human resources, their impact on the functioning of the organization, being employees and their ability to perform their professional duties. If the organization has qualified staff and managers with well motivated goals, it can fully without disturbing perform its functions. Otherwise, the shortcomings in the work of the staff can jeopardize all the activities of the organization, cause problems in the physical and mental health workers, under certain conditions lead to accidents.

Specificity Enforcement necessitates paying constant attention, control and regulation of social-psychological climate in the tax offices. There is a close relationship between, the level of personal security personnel and as socio-psychological climate in each team. The misfortunes of the latter is directly reflected in the lowering of the first. This dependence requires an effective system of social and psychological support staff. Note its special importance for executives. Statistical analysis by experts in the field of sociology and labor organization showed that during conflicts, situations of psychological stress likely making heads inefficient management decisions even on quite typical issue, increased by 40-60%.

The main task of social and psychological support staff implementing special operations and general service activities are:

* Ensure all categories of personnel most comfortable psychological environment for performing official duties.

* Prevention or elimination of operational employment and personal conflicts.

* Eliminate possible sources of stress at work and the prevention of its consequences [2].

Direct management of psychological climate in the tax police units engaged leaders. Note that many of the phenomena observed in the collective leadership in the greatest degree of impact on relationships and emotional well-being of people. Spearheading a particular unit, working with subordinates, supervisor acts not only as a performer particular social role, but also as a carrier of certain human traits, precepts, traditions, stereotypes that cannot be displayed on the nature of the relationship that stored in the team.

As mentioned above, one of the main causes of accidents among workers during special operations are dangerous actions of employees. Therefore, another feature of the security police, along with the reduction of hazardous conditions and their impact is considered dangerous reduction in the implementation of special operations.

There are several ways to implement this feature. This primarily concerns the proper professional selection and placement. Professional selection enables a person to enter the organization, "weed out" those people who are on the set of different indicators will be unable to fulfill certain responsibilities. Predict human behavior on a particular workplace is through the analysis of its various characteristics (physical and mental abilities, personal qualities, ability to make decisions, prior experience, education, etc.) using the set of methods (interviews, tests, analysis of autobiographies, analysis and recommendations etc..). It is critical at this stage is to use a professiogram those specialties that form the core of law enforcement. [1]

The next way - is reducing unsafe acts through the formation of a leadership sense of responsibility. Most experts dealing with security issues have come to believe that a sense of responsibility regarding security must begin with senior management. Without a full sense of responsibility among managers at all levels attempt to reduce dangerous actions will meet workers without much enthusiasm. Practically, this sense of responsibility occurs when management personally involved in the actions of security: these issues are discussed regularly at staff meeting and at meetings taken into account when planning activities, training programs security activities included in the training and retraining of workers. Also, in my opinion, is one of effective ways of reducing unsafe acts considered training. Based on the fact that learning to some extent, can replace the experience, the education security can also reduce accidents. Such training is especially helpful for new employees, who must instruct relatively safe actions and procedures, to warn of potential hazards and develop their susceptibility to security. However misguided view is that, unfortunately, is embodied in practice that training security is important only at the beginning of their professional activity. But it does not. I believe that this process should be consistent, systematic and implemented during the period of employment of the employee.

The main purpose of training security - is to accustom workers to the norms and rules of safe behavior during special operations. Excavation and securing the necessary knowledge and skills. When one or the other safe action becomes a habit to operate safely and acquires the properties of automatic execution, we can assume that the learning achieved a certain result. The more friendly actions can be done automatically, the more time employees is to assess the situation, making the right decisions, which in turn can keep their health or even life.

The main components of employee training employees safe actions in carrying out special operations is a professional, moral, psychological and pedagogical training of personnel. Each of these components together with a common goal has objectives and content. The main objectives of the training is to provide knowledge and implementation of existing regulations governing the activities of law enforcement personnel, methods and means of performing professional tasks, skills, possession of firearms, the use of special tools, appropriate physical training workers to build them the ability to transfer large exercise etc. . Tasks and determine the activity in this area, which includes legal, fire, physical and medical training.

Ukraine has already gained some experience in training law enforcement officers to act in critical situations, personal safety, but the facts of damage, injuries and deaths that occur among personnel in modern conditions indicate deficiencies in the activity, its imperfections. This draws attention to the decision of the Board and Ministry of Ukraine of 29 February 1996 "On the status of work to ensure the personal safety of law enforcement officers in the performance of official duties and measures to strengthen it." In particular, it was considered insufficient work services and departments Internal Affairs of Ukraine with the organization and implementation of measures to create appropriate conditions for the safe performance of duty and prevent the death and injury of personnel, and in some areas this activity generally found to be unsatisfactory.

In this regard, there is a problem particularly significant improve employee training strategies, tactics and techniques to ensure personal safety. In the literature to describe this trend increasingly used the term "security management" by analogy with international experience, where the concept has wide appeal, including in the area of police training. Importantly, the training of law enforcement actions should be safe within their general training, but at the same time as a separate, independent direction. in the walls of schools and continue in business units and law enforcement agencies, on individual programs purely practical orientation. The basic principles of this work, in my opinion, should be the consistency, specificity, flexibility, mobility and practical orientation. Useful in this case could be the experience of foreign countries, where "safety management" has become a mandatory part of police training. [4]

In developing and implementing programs to protect the personal safety of law enforcement officers in carrying out special operations much attention is paid to the formation of separate police and skills of survival. One of these skills is the ability to communicate. In terms of U.S. experts, the ability to communicate, conduct surveys, manage communication in certain circumstances - a skill required of law enforcement agencies, the quality of which depends on the formation of their personal safety. Therefore, these issues must include in training programs aimed at ensuring the safety of law enforcement officers in different situations [4].

Thus, to ensure the safety of employees in the exercise special operations should consider all the above mentioned, factors. Since, in practice there are accidents with law enforcement officials in their official tasks and observance of the rules will minimize the hazards.

The system security measures during an attack on employee special place is given special equipment, which will be discussed in detail in the next section.

3. devices security special forces personnel

The Interior Ministry special attention to improving the security personnel of special forces. State Institute of Internal Affairs of Ukraine at the time was asked to develop a short-service weapons for use during special operations. The result of this work was the TV Supervisory-sighting system "Almond", using a significantly reduced risk of casualties.

The device is installed on melee weapons (such as a gun "Fort-14" domestic production) and then from it you cannot just aiming to keep the fire from cover (corner house, car body, etc), but monitor the operational situation at the site of the raid. The main feature of this device is that its application in the sight of the potential enemy is only hand weapons. So police officer may examine the operational situation and the necessity to make Aimed fire without endangering the vital zone. The accuracy of aiming and practical for minimizing time aiming achieved through synergies in sight Vizier sighting tags and image goals.

Supervisory television-sighting system "Almond" is not terrible temperature changes. It can operate smoothly in temperatures ranging from -10 to +45 ° C, providing continuous operation for at least 2 hours. One of the advantages of "Almond" is its compactness, because it consists only of three small blocks: a miniature video camera, which is installed on the weapon block of electronic imaging and sighting label that is attached to equipping staff; sighting device that is attached to specialized Home hats. All blocks are interconnected conductors.

Scheme of "Almond" is: employee, who is in secret, put forward hand weapons with shelter and scans the area perhaps find offenders. Thus the sighting device he can observe an event without being exposed to danger, and accurately and efficiently assess the situation. Furthermore, in view employee is also aiming mark, and in case of difficulty of the situation, he can conduct aimed fire while in shelter.

Precision shooting provided sufficient advance weapons ranging from established video camera. Terms sighting tags in sight Vizier regulated by electronic control unit. The weapon is equipped with a TV Supervisory-sighting system "Almond" enables you to make shots with precision. There is no need for additional operations aiming - with the aim of aligning the label, you can shoot to defeat. So first officer may inspect the premises, risking only part of the hand, and the right decision. Chance of a difficult situation, "pictures" on several pistols are transmitted to the remote control commander of a unit that measures the overall situation and gives appropriate commands to each employee. [6]

The main customers of the complex is a special unit of MIA of Ukraine "Falcon", "eagle", "Titan" and similar units of other law enforcement agencies. Has "Almond" and global counterparts. But compared them with this TV Supervisory-sighting system is much cheaper and simpler in design that paves the way for setting up small-scale production of such devices in the Ukraine. This also helps to further improve the design of the complex and improve its performance: equipping color camcorder and vizier, using special infrared illumination for use under adverse lighting conditions, etc..

Design and principle of operation of the Supervisory TV-precision complex were protected by two patents of Ukraine.

Thus, as we see in our country, there are devices that reduce the risk of employees of special forces. But still there are accidents. In my opinion, the main reason is the negligence of both employees and management and low financial support. After all, not every police department in carrying out special operations possess such devices.

security tax police employee


It should be noted that any measures cannot be effective without the conscious efforts of the staff to ensure personal safety. Indeed, the situation in which the employee was may occur suddenly, so the decision because he needs to make a decision immediately and independently. And this must be hard to prepare for, namely to improve their skills; analyze professional experience of their colleagues, to improve the practice of others.

We must not only acquire data knowledge and skills regarding security measures, but also to form a psychological commitment to their implementation possible in extreme situations, to help preserve the most important - health and life [1].

High combat effectiveness of personnel during operations in different conditions - is a determining factor in the performance of official tasks. In situations of real danger, which causes psychological and physical stress, results of operations, actions to apprehend criminals, especially armed, fully depends on the skillful and resolute actions of employees.

Excellent results in minimization of risk promotes skillful possession of personal service weapon, steady application of various techniques of unarmed combat in the circumstances, the rapidly changing knowledge of the psychology of the offender, the ability to predict its possible actions and fastest to use adequate means for its neutralization, detention or disposal.


1. Saturday, AI, Zharov, AI, Krynyeyev Y. security professional tax militiamen. Textbook. - Irpin: National University of STS of Ukraine, 2006, 350p.

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5. Law of Ukraine "On Health Care," from November 19, 1992. / / BD. - 1993. - № 4

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  • Considerable role of the employees of the service providing company. Human resource policies. Three strategies that can hire the right employees. Main steps in measure internal service quality. Example of the service profit chain into the enterprise.

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