• Milestones and direction of historical development in Germany, its current status and value in the world. The main rules and principles of business negotiations. Etiquette in management of German companies. The approaches to the formation of management.

    презентация (7,8 M)
  • The ecological tourism agency in Lithuania which would provide sustainable tours within the country, individual and group travel tours to eco tourists, professional service and consultation. Mission and vision. Company ownership. Legal establishment.

    курсовая работа (781,7 K)
  • Investigation of the subjective approach in optimization of real business process. Software development of subject-oriented business process management systems, their modeling and perfection. Implementing subject approach, analysis of practical results.

    контрольная работа (18,6 K)
  • The essence, structure, оbjectives and functions of business plan. The process’s essence of the bank’s business plan realization. Sequential decision and early implementation stages of projects. Widely spread mistakes and ways for their improvement.

    курсовая работа (67,0 K)
  • Impact of globalization on the way organizations conduct their businesses overseas, in the light of increased outsourcing. The strategies adopted by General Electric. Offshore Outsourcing Business Models. Factors for affect the success of the outsourcing.

    реферат (32,3 K)
  • Description of the structure of the airline and the structure of its subsystems. Analysis of the main activities of the airline, other goals. Building the “objective tree” of the airline. Description of the environmental features of the transport company.

    курсовая работа (1,2 M)
  • Detection the benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility strategies that would serve as a motivation for managers and shareholders in the context of a classical firm, which possesses monetary preferences. Theoretical framework and hypothesis development.

    курсовая работа (319,5 K)
  • The main idea of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). History of CSR. Types of CSR. Profitability of CSR. Friedman’s Approach. Carroll’s Approach to CSR. Measuring of CRS. Determining factors for CSR. Increase of investment appeal of the companies.

    реферат (98,0 K)
  • Факторы, оказывающие влияние на производительность труда. Анализ организации труда персонала БД АО "HSBCBank Kazakhstan". Оценка мотивации различных категорий работающих. Улучшение организации труда через развитие профессиональных навыков персонала.

    дипломная работа (758,9 K)
  • Critical literature review. Apparel industry overview: Porter’s Five Forces framework, PESTLE, competitors analysis, key success factors of the industry. Bershka’s business model. Integration-responsiveness framework. Critical evaluation of chosen issue.

    контрольная работа (29,1 K)
  • Рассмотрение концепции Customer Relationship Management по управлению взаимоотношениями с клиентами. Возможности CRM-систем, их влияние на эффективность бизнеса. Разработка, реализация и стоимость проекта внедрения CRM-системы для ЗАО "Сибтехнология".

    дипломная работа (5,5 M)
  • Ассортимент продукции и организационная структура предприятия, показатели его финансово-хозяйственной деятельности. Функции и проблемы существующей информационной системы. Оптимизация бизнес-процессов путем внедрения CRM-системы, анализ ее эффективности.

    презентация (780,5 K)
  • CRM-система (Customer Relations Management) – автоматизированная система управления взаимоотношениями с клиентами. Преимущества CRM-систем для менеджера по продажам и для руководителя. Лучшие русскоязычные CRM-системы, их характеристика, перспективы.

    презентация (967,7 K)
  • About cross-cultural management. Differences in cross-cultural management. Differences in methods of doing business. The globalization of the world economy and the role of cross-cultural relations. Cross-cultural issues in International Management.

    контрольная работа (156,7 K)
  • Improving the business processes of customer relationship management through automation. Solutions the problem of the absence of automation of customer related business processes. Develop templates to support ongoing processes of customer relationships.

    реферат (173,6 K)
  • Considerable role of the employees of the service providing company. Human resource policies. Three strategies that can hire the right employees. Main steps in measure internal service quality. Example of the service profit chain into the enterprise.

    презентация (338,7 K)
  • Relevance of electronic document flow implementation. Description of selected companies. Pattern of ownership. Sectorial branch. Company size. Resources used. Current document flow. Major advantage of the information system implementation in the work.

    курсовая работа (128,1 K)
  • Evaluation of urban public transport system in Indonesia, the possibility of its effective development. Analysis of influence factors by using the Ishikawa Cause and Effect diagram and also the use of Pareto analysis. Using business process reengineering.

    контрольная работа (398,2 K)
  • Анализ российского рынка event-менеджмента как инструмента создания имиджа компании, определение его тенденций и перспектив. Функции и особенности, классификация мероприятий. Освещение известных event-мероприятий в концертной сфере по городу Москва.

    курсовая работа (65,9 K)
  • Справочник информационных библиографических ресурсов. Event-менеджмент в системе других наук. Фактографические ресурсы: профильные периодические издания; интернет-порталы, отражающие материалы по теме; выставки и конференции; адресный справочник.

    дипломная работа (66,6 K)