Formation of the marketing mix company

Research tastes and preferences of consumers. Segmenting the market. Development of product concept and determine its characteristic. Calculating the optimal price at which the firm will maximize profits. Formation of optimal goods distribution.

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Chapter 1.Market Analysis

Chapter 2.Research tastes and preferences of consumers. Segmenting the market

Chapter 3.Development of product concept and determine its characteristic

Chapter 4.Determining the optimal prices of goods on the basis of test marketing

4.1 Determining the relationship between price and demand

4.2 Calculating the optimal price at which the firm will maximize profits

Chapter 5.Formation of optimal goods distributionchannels

Chapter 6.Campaign Planning product promotions


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marketing consumer segmenting price


In the conditions of forming of market economy the most important factor of the successful functioning of domestic enterprise is his reorientation on the principles of marketing. Introduction of marketing complex in practice gives an opportunity to form new productive programs, operatively to react on the change of market situation and win in the conditions of competition

Marketing is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers, for the purpose of selling that product or service. There are five competing concepts under which organizations can choose to operate their business: the production concept, the product concept, the selling concept, the marketing concept, and the holistic marketing concept.The four components of holistic marketing are relationship marketing, internal marketing, integrated marketing, and socially responsive marketing.

One of the fundamental categories of modern marketing is the concept of marketing mix , which is a set of marketing tools, the sum of which influenced to the target market, with a view to achieve the desired response from its side. The companies should pay much more attention to such areas as sale and productsmarketing, profits increase and improvement of financial situation,product management , in order to reduce prices.

The object of study in the course paper is an company "Medochok" which is engaged in producing and selling organic product- honey. This company offers a different types of organic honey, produced only in organic way, without using any chemicals. Company "Medochok" has high reputation and is also known as the company, which cherish traditions of creating the product.

Chapter 1. Market Analysis

The company that produces honey "Medochok" started its activity in 2008 , and today operates successfully in the market of organic products. The range includes various types of honey, which feature origin, without additives and dyes. Of output is planned to sell the entire territory of Ukraine. Also in the future our company is preparing to spread honey through Europe.

To determine the needs of the customers we use the classification matrix of individual needs. We need to classify the needing of honey for people :

1. The hierarchy of needs - primary (physiological) - refers to the need for food needs , is the physiological needs.

2. According to the factors influencing the need, the need for honey related to age , as it is this requirement to children and adults .

3. Over time parameter refers to the need for ongoing or current, so that the need for honey or to improve brain function in a certain period of time there is a certain period of time and has no prospects after the fun.

4. By the principle of meeting the needs satisfied by a product, that is to meet the needs for pleasure or stimulation of the brain only one product.

5. As the degree of satisfaction of fundamental needs in pleasure or stimulation of the brain relates to the needs fully satisfied because the need is fully satisfied with the consumption of one element without complementary.

6. For the elasticity of demand for pleasure or stimulation of the brain relates to elastic, so that when you change the price of a product that meets our needs change in demand.

7. According to public opinion need to honey- is a need, which can be also referred as need to stimulate the brain, and is related to positive social purposes , since the satisfaction of our needs raised blood glucose levels , resulting in uplift your mood and improve mental activity.

8. The depth of penetration into the public consciousness the need to satisfy part refers to B needs , because it is our need does not fully satisfy the need for food and not being able to satisfy it.

9. The degree of current necessary demand for honey is a normal request, because satisfaction of needs is normal , common social phenomenon .

10. With the cause of the need to satisfy the need is impulsive , as occurs spontaneously as a result of momentum.

11. With the freedom to meet the needs of pleasure or stimulation of the brain related to free needs, so as to meet the needs of any obstacles there.

12. The nature of barriers to meet the needof honey because due to meet this need, which is improving health.

Now it makes sense to go to study marketing medium enterprises , as demand for honey we have examined .

 Marketing environment of the company - a set of active entities and forces that operate outside the company and affect the possibilities of marketing to establish and maintain relationships with target customers of the business staff.

For a complete analysis of the market should describe the marketing environment , namely its two components: the microenvironment and macro

Microenvironment - is a force that is directly related to the enterprise, micro- components :

Suppliers - legal persons who provide material resources company .

Consumers - individuals or groups of people who will buy our product to meet your needs. To predict the consumers of our honey include people with predominantly low-and middle -income countries , namely young people and children who want to buy our products.

Competitors - a companies that produce the same products as our business is honey. But in general , the market situation is quite good. The number of competitors in our price range is negligible , the quality of the goods offered by us is good enough.

There are only few companies, that seriously provide honey production in Ukraine. Those are : “Bartnick”, “Ukrainian honey” and “Svit Medu”.

Prices are relatively high, but this is offset by the high quality and that the product is considered brand. Jar of honey with a mass close to ours, ranges from 34-36 USD.

Facilitators - individuals and legal entities that help distribute, promote and sell products on the market. supermarkets ( "Auchan ", "Arsen ", " Silpo "), transportation companies, delivering products to the place of sale.

Contact the audience - any group that pays real or may have some influence on it . «Honey investments» - a company that will invest money in businesses , public organization " The streets of the city ," which organizes many cultural events under our sponsorship , internal audience contact , which promotes goodwill and friendly relations among employees .

Macro - all the forces that are not subject to control of the company . Each macro factors to a greater or lesser extent, have an impact on our business entails the following macro factors : demographic, NTP , economy, political, economic and cultural.

Demographics : age factor , because the main consumers are middle aged . Affects the company so that the target audience are mainly older consumers and maddle-aged people , as all activities aimed at meeting the needs of those groups of people.

Scientific and technological progress : include new technology , new achievements NTP, use of new technology models that allow to improve the production process. It has a direct impact on the efficiency of the company , because our company " Medochok " is equipped with advanced machinery that stands out rate production, reliability and quality , 60% automated, so workers mainly control system and hardly interfere with the production process.

Every year our company confirms its structural and technological expertise to the supervisory authority, which is the office of veterinary and phytosanitary control of Ukraine. The result of this test is authorized to export our products to the countries concerned.

The economy of the state: the impact on output , as present in 2013 the country is recovering from the crisis , so the output can be increased.

Political: influences through various statutes , laws, expected tax increases , resulting in the production of non-profit , and perhaps also loss . Have a positive effect when the actions of politicians promote the development of enterprises, for example the reduction of taxes , benefits , and of a negative when enforcement " overlapping oxygen " of the enterprise by increasing taxes , creating limitations in activity.

Environmental factors : the product that produces our company, must meet international standards, environmental impact does not result because the effect is material and interferes with the production process, namely , to avoid emissions from production, the environment ( water, soil , air).

Culture : the company should consider the level of cultural development of consumer positively influence his habits, promote healthy lifestyles, belong to a class who do not care about their health and well-being of others.

Chapter 2. Research tastes and preferences of consumers. market segmentation

Marketing research - collecting , processing and analyzing information and opportunities to develop recommendations based on these data.

They typically include analysis of sales and marketing opportunities , forecasting sales , market supply and demand curves . The results of market research companies use in planning and monitoring activities. Such studies are often accompanied by the collection and search of raw data . A need for this arises either at the final stage of the study , or insufficient number of secondary data to make appropriate decisions .

Any research should be systematic , not random. This is not a one-off measures and a set of actions or processes that involve the collection, recording and analysis. Objectivity is ensured that the information comes from different sources , of course, eager to data were deep and meaningful , because otherwise you can reach erroneous conclusions. The scientific approach is based on objectivity , accuracy and thoroughness . The purpose of this study is to analyze the needs and tastes of consumers , motives acquisition of goods and services. With it, the company " Medochok " seeks to answer a series of questions :

· Do people need a new brand of honey ?

· Are they prepared to pay more for a quality product ?

· Under what characteristics should be subject to a new med ?

· Size and weight it is advisable to produce a unit of honey ?

· What most affects the decision to purchase honey ?

To get some answers to questions imputation we conduct a survey among starshohopidlitkovoho age and older people , including pensioners, because they consume the most honey . For this questionnaire was developed , the required number of respondents - 40-50 people.

After the survey, we present the analysis of the results.

At the picture 2.1 shows us the people, who like honey.Among the respondents, most people like the product(83%), which means that they can be considered as our potential clients.

Pic.2.1 Number of people who like honey

Picture 2.2 Shows us the favorite kinds of honey according the taste of potential buyers. We can see that most respondents prefer Flower honey (47%), the second place is for Liquid honey (26%). This means, that we should product enough of these two kinds of honey and develop the production system.

Pic.2.2 The buyers favorite kinds of honey

On picture 2.3 we can see the frequency of using honey. The biggest part of respondents use honey 2-3 times a month (31%), the next result was 27%- this is the part of people, who use honey once a month.

Pic.2.3 The frequency of using honey of potential buyers

Picture 2.4 shows us the popularity of our product. The result is very good - almost 80% of respondents have tried or used our product. That also means that we can make it even more popular, using parts of SMC.

Pic.2.4 The popularity of honey `Medochok'

Picture 2.5 is very informative. This picture shows us the real feelings of respondents towards our product. As we see, our cuatomers totally agree, that iur product has got high quality and is well build. But we also can see that they are not definitely sure, that `medochok' is a brand, they can trust as well as they thunk that our product is quite expensive.

Pic.2.5 The opinion about honey `Medochok'

Picture 2.6 informs us about the customers attitude towards our product. Most respondents (37%) admit, that `Medochok' is a minor improvement of the product, that they used before.

Pic.2.6 The discription of needs

This picture shows us the total reaction towards `Medochok'.the answer of most respondents was that the product is very good (37%), answers `fair', `good' and `excellent' are almost on the same level, which showsthe great attidude of buyers towards our product.

Pic.2.7 Reaction to product

Picture 2.8 shows us the level of influence on the potential buyers. We can see, that most respondents answered, that nobody influences their buying decision (70%).

Pic.2.8 The influence on potential buyers

From this pucture we can see that the main places for buying honey are: special shops selling organic products(32%) as well as stalls in the market (30%) and supermarkets(24%).

Pic.2.9 The main places of buying honey

Picture2. 10 shows us that within their budget, 43% of respondents will be somewhat interested in buying our product, and 27%- will be extrmely interested.

Pic.2.10 The interest on buying honey if it was within potential buyers budget

From picture 2.11 We can see that our main rivals are `Ukrainain honey' and `Svit medu'.

Pic.2.11The popularity of rival brands

Picture 2.12 show us that within potential buyers there are 53% of women and 47% of men.

Pic.2.12 Gender of potential buyers

From picture 2.13 we can jump into conclusion that our main audievce is people from 26-45years group(46%) as well as 46-and over years group(34%).

Pic.2.13 Age group of potential buyers

Picture 2.14 shows the income level of potential buyers. We can see that the main group of respondents got the income 1000-2000 USD (53%).

Pic.2.14 Income level of potential buyers

This questionnaire helped us to create the segmentation of market to our product. Due to the results of questions, our audience is built out from two age groups : 26-45years group and 46-and over years group,and is created mainly out of women. Consequently, 'Medochok' will focus the production on Flower honey - according to popularity of this kind of product.

Chapter 3. The development of the concept of the product and determine its characteristics

Our product - honey , like any product , seeing it as a complex concept can be viewed at three levels. In describing the characteristics of the honey will use a three-level model in the firm :

I level: Absolutely organic and fresh: the main benefit of product.

Our honey is produced in perfect conditions, without using chemicals or other inappropriate addings. Other companies may put lover price on their product due to less spendings on creating and producing the product. Our honey may cost a little more, but the customers can be absolutely sure that they are using perfectly created organic product. Customers trust our brand and the amount of them is increasing. That's why 'Medochok' company has got very high chances to grow the annual profit.

II level : goods - actually created a product with specific properties and characteristics, such as: product quality is very high because it produced a natural way and is completely clean of impurities and organic.

 Standards of our honey is : GOST 6534 - 89 , ISO - 9001 , 22000 , and ISO 3924 - 2000.

The average copper contains about 80 % solids and 20 % moisture. Solids are presented mainly in carbohydrate - glucose and fructose (not less than 79 %), sucrose content should not be higher than 6 % (the higher the concentration is indicative of falsification of honey sugar syrup). Also present in honey maltose, trehalose, and other carbohydrates.

Honey contains a rather high amount of minerals, in the flower of about 0.2-0.3%, in honeydew - to 1.6%. It found 37 macro-and micronutrients: phosphorus, iron, copper, calcium, lead, potassium, fluoride, zinc, etc. Dark honey contains more of them than light; Polyphlore honey has a diverse composition of minerals than Monophlore.

 Honey actually has original fresh appearance , as well as the appearance it can be recognized. Packaging is very beautiful honey can not be said of competing companies that use standard banks. Our company also uses a packing (Picture. 3.1):

Picture . 3.1. Packing honey

An important element of the marketing of goods policy is packing the goods. Packaging - is not just a subject in which the product and no longer functions not, as a subject that is important and has a number of functions , namely information about the product that is on the package , protects the product during transportation and storage , change package makes it possible to meet the needs of different segment groups - this is an important means of communication of the company and the consumer.

 Our company uses a rather interesting package in the form of a bear that because sho is made of plastic , protect from thermal deformation.

It can be seen in Picture. 3.2.

Picture. 3.2. Packaging of goods

 The next element is a brand name that is shown in the following picture 3.3.

pict. 3.3. Brand

III level: at this level, the product must be reinforced by additional services or facilities. The product that we produce - honey , as a number of additional services or benefits is unrealistic , namely credit, guarantee , installation, however we can deliver our products to intermediaries using all 7 rules of logistics, with a large fleet of vehicles which are equipped with all that needs to honey , such as: air conditioning, so it does not suffered from heat and shelves with clamps that it is not deformed from impact . Therefore, we can deliver our products to middlemen without any problems.

 It was also held product positioning relative to its alternative competing products . First of all, Positioning - provision of goods is clearly separated from other products in the market place and in the minds of target consumers.

Product Positioning

As our product has entered the market few years ago, its main purpose at this point is the need to become stronger and more popular in the minds of consumers. So we create positioning of a product.







“Ukrainian honey”


“Svit Medu”




After analyzing the products of competing firms by such characteristics as "price and quality" we found an unoccupied position in the market of producing honey that characterize our products as high quality merchandise at a reasonable price.

Chapter 4. Determination of optimal price for a product , based on a test marketing

Test marketing involves the limited sale of goods in the selected region. The purpose of test - to determine whether consumers buy a product in real conditions and experience different methods of sales.

Pricing strategy of the firm can be based on three methodological approaches : the cost, demand or competition. In the course project is used method of pricing, that is oriented to demand, taking into account influence of of other methodological approaches because they are interrelated. The chosen method is based on the classical economic model that considers pricing as a mechanism responsible for the efficient allocation and use of resources. Central economic model is the law of demand, according to which between demand and price there is an inverse relation . That is - the price increase leads to a decrease in demand. The chosen methodology assumes that the demand can be established with reasonable certainty.

4.1 Determination of relationship between price and demand

For the estimation of relationship between price and demand for the new product (by the level of its sale) company for months conducted test marketing of the product for different valuesof the price.

Data-in: price and the sales volume

Table 4.1


The volume of sales,units.

























If represent each pair of observations in the system of coordinates where the quantity of demand (N) is deposited on the axis Y, and the price (Ц) -on the axis X, then we get the correlation field points.

Pic 4.1 Correlation field points

Putting the regression equation, which establishes interrelation between the studied parameters: price and volume of demand, in this case equal to that of actual sales, which will look like:


where N - the theoretical value of sales volume at an appropriate price.

To calculate b0 and b1 need to solve the system of normal equations:

Substitute the known numbers in Table 4.1. to the system of equations to obtain the following result:

After multiplying on first formula, we get:

When substitution value b0 of the upper equation system we obtain the next equation.

From the resulting equation we find b1, then substitute this value in any of the original equations to find b0.



Interim payments will be recorded in the table. 4.2.

Table 4.2

Intermediate calculations






























































































































Interim calculations

Based on the data we make a regression equation that would look like this:

N = 401,1451049+(-1,901223776)* P

We plot the dependence (pict. 4.2) the volume of sales (N) of the price (P). Example graph of the function N = f (P).

Pic 4.2. Graph of dependence total sales and price.

Then we determine the density of connection between these values ??by calculating the coefficient of determination.

where- factor variance, - total variance;

The coefficient of determination - is the proportion variance of the dependent variable that is explained by the examined model dependence.

After receiving the necessary data for the calculation, we calculate the coefficient of determination:

Our = 0,9938, which means the link between price and demand is relatively strong, which enables us to almost accurately determine physical dependence prices and demand.

4.2 Determination of the optimal price at which the firm will get the maximum profit

A mathematical model of the task is:

Where П - profits that the firm receives from the sale of goods per year;

F-fixed costs of firms in the manufacturing and marketing of products for the period;

V-variable costs per unit of output.

F=5400 UAN; V=35 UAN

Interrelation between P and N is set to a regression equation.


A firm can maximize profits by using derivative .

=( b0 - b1*V)+2b1* P

So, we get:

Popt=(401,1451049-(-1,901223776)*35)/(-2*(-1,901223776))=122,99 UAN

The resulting optimal price is 122,99 UAN.

We calculate the value of the optimal level of sales at which we get the maximum profit value by the formula:

Nopt = b0+b1*Popt

Nopt =401,1451049+(-1,901223776)*122,99 =167,31 units- 168 units;

The resulting the optimal number of products are 168 units.

Then we need to calculate the value of the maximum profit on the basis of the above calculated values optimal for optimum sales volume and the known fixed and variable costs using the formula below:

Prmax= 122,99*168 -(5400+35*168) = 9382,32 UAN.

As a result of the calculations we obtain the value of the maximum profit 9382,32 UAN. with the optimal price 122,99 UAN., and the optimal number of 168 units.

We find also unit costs for a given volume of sales:


S=35+(5400/168)=67,142~68 UAH.

The next step is creating a graph of cost of sales, which is shown in pict.4.3.

Pic 4.3. Graph of dependence cost from sales volume

For effective decision making it is important to determine the price elasticity of demand. Price elasticity of demand determines the degree of sensitivity levels of demand, depending on the extent of changes in prices and is given by:


Elastic demand occurs when E >1. In this case, 1,0101 ? 1. Demand for the company's products "Medochok" is flexible, ie percentage change in demand is ? than percentage price changes. The coefficient of price elasticity of demand shows the percentage change in quantity demanded for a product by changing the price of this product in 1%. If you change the price of enterprise "Medochok " on 1% - quantity demanded will change to 1,0101%.

Chapter 5.Formation of optimal goods distribution channels

Production distribution - is one of aspects of business industrial enterprise. Sales are means of achieving the goals of the enterprise and the final stage of identifying tastes and preferences of consumers.

Production distribution is important for the company because of the following factors: sales volume determines such indicators, as the income , profit, profitability . Also production and sales depend on logistical support . Thus, in the process of marketing result is definitively determined by the enterprise , that aimed at enhancing the business activity and maximize profits .

By adapting marketing network and service before and after the purchase of goods to consumer demands, enterprise-producer increases its chances in the competition.

Length of distribution channel enterprise "Medochok" will be onel evel, that consists of one intermediary. This will appear retailer. The choice of one level channel is explained by the company is not profitable to attract other mediators through great expense to them, and the company saves money that can be used for different types of advertising.

We distribute our production, cooperating with such companies as: 'Agroru', 'Zlatomed TM' and 'Peredova Pasika'.

The task of retailer besides selling goods will also be collecting information, conducting market research and distributing of the results for saling and trading. That is, it will help the company to improve its production to meet consumers.

Participants distribution channels perform certain functions:

1. Data collection, conduct market research and spread of the results to plan marketing and barter;

2. Finding potential customers, establishing and maintaining relationships with them;

3. Sales promotion;

4. Conducting negotiations with customers on price levels;

5. Selling goods to consumers;

6. Transportation and storage of goods;

7. Funding for distribution of goods;

8. Assuming the risk.

For successful functioning of our business we need potential customers.So that to find them, establishing and maintaining relationships with them will deal brokers, who will be attracted by retailer.

It is important to adapt products to the requirements of customers, including manufacturing, mounting, packaging products, sorting and picking.

Retailers provide commercial, trade services, for example sale of goods to consumers.

A railway transport is well adjusted for transportation of different parties of cargoes in any weather conditions. It provides an opportunity to deliver the goods over long distances, regularity, and quite low cost of transport.

Enterprise "Medochok" personally will finance the process of distribution of commodities and accept the risks , including responsibility for product during its promotion to the consumer.

Determining the width of the channel , the company " Medochok " is oriented on the principles of selective distribution. With this division of the company limits the number of retailers , giving rights to sell its products to individual brokers . The objectives of the company are reduced to reaching a wide market, getting high profits through the implementation and ease of place of purchasing for the consumer.

A consumer will be able to buy our products in a store, where he can see the goods.

It is well known that the sales volume of the company is a dynamic indicator and as a result of various factors can be changed. Therefore advisable to analyze the breakeven point and to find the critical sales, where price is equal to the cost and the company with the proceeds from the sale may only cover their costs.

Income from sales: I = P*N=122,99 *168=20662,32

Variable costs = V * N = 35*168 =5880

Total costs = F + V * N =5400 + 35 *168=.11280

The volume of sales of the company is a dynamic indicator and as a result of influence of different factors (changes in economic conditions, actions of competitors, etc.) can fall. Therefore, you should conduct a break-even analysis and find the point of critical sales, where the price is the cost and the company due to income from the sale may only cover their costs. The point of critical sale divides the volume of realization(in the theoretical sense) into two intervals:

· Interval (0;Nkr), in which the company suffers losses, because P<S;

· Interval (Nkr;Nopt), in which an enterprice makes a profit,because P>S.

We need to find the critical sales volume:

Pic.5.1 The theoretical critical level marketing

A break-even point - is a level of physical volume sales at a given price within a particular time period (month , quarter , year) , due to that an enterprise covers its costs. Profit of the company delves at break-even point. A break-even point shows at what volume productions and realization of products a profit yield from realization equals charges on a production. Enterprises makes sense to produce products, if a project will allow to provide a production and realization of commodity in a volume that exceeds the threshold of break-even, only then a project begins to bring in a return.

For volume production, the lower the threshold of break-even , the company incurred losses.

Thus, in order that an enterprise did not end up in losses, but here it will have no profits, it is needed to realize units.

Chapter 6.Campaign Planning product promotions

Complex marketing communications encompasses four components , such as:

· advertising;

· PR (public relations);

· personal selling ;

· sales promotion.

Advertising - any paid form of non-personal information spreading about the company or its product or service from a particular registered customer. The main objectives of advertising is to inform consumers about the product and a reminder of image formation . Our company will market our products by:

TV advertising using promotional videos on leading TV channels of the country;

 souvenir advertising, which is characterized by the fact that there will be given away for various small podarunochky ( key rings , pens , calendars , etc.) with our brand name ;

Here are the examples of key rings:

Pic.6.1 The `Medochok 'key rings .

Outdoor advertising, which will be manifested in the form of a billboard .

PR Committee (PR) - aims at a positive image of the company activities , friendly to her and her friend . Our company focuses on children because we have a Christmas service when Santa Claus brings chocolate child personally to the address, but this should be indicated and the number of units sold products must be at least 50. The same goodies Santa brings our production in orphanages and kindergartens.

Personal selling - a means of communication to inform consumers about the product and company and direct implementation of marketing operations when contact with the user completes the sale of goods. It is the most effective means of communication among all . Our company uses direct marketing in supermarkets "Auchan " in the form of tasting where consumers can try our chocolate, get all the information you need and if you want, buy it.

Sales Promotion - short-term incentive measures to encourage consumers and intermediaries to purchase goods. Ways of sales promotion are discounts, sales , sweepstakes, promotions and more.

 Among the varieties of my marketing communications company prefers to use the rules of the shares of the supermarket chain . We use such actions as:

"3 for the price of 2-story " that is because, when you buy 2 units sold , 3 is given as a gift, which is good news because getting something for free is always nice ;

Given that our honey company will be different from the other , it requires sufficient advertising , so you should use the strategy of " pull " , because you need to familiarize consumers with the benefits of our products interest them , and then has been actively promoting the product by channels.

It is therefore important to use and combine all 4 tools of marketing communications because it is to lead to an increase in demand and the objectives of the company "Medochok ".


During the writing of course project were identified needs of the population in high-quality and relatively inexpensive honey of domestic production. There was conducted collecting of secondary information, which showed that dissatisfied need really existed . To meet this need, was created the enterprise "Medochok", which mission is to meet consumer demand for honey.

In the second chapter, whuch based on the research of tastes and preferences of consumers, was made a segmentation of the market. The company aims are to reach a target market, distributing it to targeted segments of consumers by gender, age, favourite type of honey for each segment of consumers. We also apply a differentiated marketing strategy.

In the third chapter we discussed the range of enterprise operations and characteristics of the goods by the three-level model of F.Kotler. BAlso we worked out the chart of positioning and defined basic advantages above competitors: high quality and average price.

In the fourth chapter , it was determined that the demand for honey is flexible, ie when prices change in demand also change dramatically. We calculated the optimal price for a product company, which is 122,99UAH .The optimal amount of sales -168 units. also defined the maximum profit of the company in the amount of 9382,32 UAH. And built a graph of cost of sales.

The next step was the formation of an extensive network of goods movement and collaboration of agents. There was a graph of the demand for Honey, we also found the break-even point (47 units).

The last chapter was defined communication policy of the created firm, namely select facilities of distribution of advertisement, described facilities sales promotions that an enterprise will use. It describes two types of advertising: television and magazine. Sales promotion is certain for every level.


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Hello! The company "Medochok" conducts a survey to determine the demands of consumers in choosing a product as honey. Please answer a few questions. Select the option that is most appropriate for you, or write your own answer.

1.Do you like honey?

a. Yes

b. No

2. What is your favourite kind of honey?

a. Flower Honey

b. Comb Honey

c. Liquid Honey (extracted)

d. Creamed Honey (granulated)

3.How often do you use honey?

a. Once a week or more often

b. 2-3 times a month

c. Once a month

d. Every 2-3 months

e. 2-3 times a year

f. Once a year or less

g. Do not use

4.Have you ever tried honey “Medochok”?

a. Yes

b. No (go to question 8 )

5.Please tell us how “Medochok ”would rate on the following attributes.


Not At All Descriptive





Very Descriptive

High quality


A brand I can trust

Well built

A good value

6. Which of the following best describes your need for honey `Medochok'?

a. I really need this product because nothing else can solve this problem.

b. This is a minor improvement over what I currently use.

c. Looks okay but is about the same as what I'm using now.

d. My current product would serve me better.

e. I am not at all interested in this product.

7.Overall, what is your reaction to the described product `Medochok'?

a. Poor

b. Fair

c. Good

d. Very Good

e. Excellent

8.Did anyone influence your buying decision?

a. Yes

b. No(go to question 10)

9. What exactly influences your decision and how? _______________________________________________________________

10.Where do you mostly buy honey?

a. in supermarkets

b. stalls in the market

c. Special shops selling organic products

d. Your reply ___________

11.Based on the product description, how interested would you be in buying honey if it were within your budget? Please check one.

a. Not at all interested

b. Not very interested

c. Not sure

d. Somewhat interested

e. Extremely interested

12.What other brands of Honey have you used? (Check all that apply)

a. “Ukrainian Honey'

b. “Svit Medu”.

c. “Bartnick”

d. I haven't used honey “Medochok',but I'm familiar with it.

e. I know nothing about honey “Medochok”

13. Please select your gender:

a. female

b. male

14.Enter your age category:

a. 13-18 years

b. 19-25 years

c. 26-45 years

d. 46-and over

15. Enter your average monthly income:

a. 1000 USD.

b. 1000-2000 USD.

c. 2001-3000 USD.

d. 3001 and more

16.In what part of Ukraine do you live?


Thank you for your cooperation!

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