Advertising in the trade market

The concept of advertising as a marketing tool to attract consumers and increase demand. Ways to achieve maximum effect of advertising in society. Technical aspect of the announcement: style, design, special effects and forms of distribution channels.

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1. Advertising Sections

2. The forms of distribution channels ad

3. Stylistics advertisement


marketing advertising design style


Advertising appeals create and produce advertising agencies creative independent professional organizations and business people who provide full services to advertisers: carry advertising research, develop and produce advertising designs advertising appeals, plan and conduct campaigns.

Advertising complex art because it involved professionalismly, which can perform their work on high (in view of global demand) level. In the advertising industry concentrated generators best advertising ideas, advertising talented developers texments designer of computer graphics and animation, App-managers of the organizers, advertising, photographers, illustrators, videoinzhenery and businessmen.

A decision on prices for advertising agencies should consider the following basic values:

firstly, the own blotyou pursuant to this or other promotional services;

Second, advertisers povedintion;

Third, the behavior of competitors.

For current pricing free foam is the product of negotiations.

It can be individual, ie meachild with the specific demands of customers - advertisers, or of list that takes into account allowances and discounts. List price may be the minimum, maximum and hard. Paby making a minimum price, advertising agency protects itself from the effects of price competition. The maximum price you have to counterextraordinary price increases. Solid price stability is the basis of footearnings for advertising. If an advertising agency conducts pricing policies on a "quality cost" price can be two ways to change, or variation of award for a reclamnyh quality of services or as a variation on constant prices.

1. Advertising Sections

Advertising to sell advertisement to be distributed, ie set of organizational units or individuals that help to convey to someone else ownership of a specific product (product, idea, service) on its way from producer to consumer (buyer). Advertising to sell vyokremylas of commercial advertising in general due to the fact that she has some specific features that affect the goal, means, media and promotional activities. These features are linked with the appointment of products features the distribution channels of channel levels, their organizational forms and types of services they offer.

Audiovisual advertising - the most effective form of advertising. TV and radio advertising catches the viewer and listener in a home environment where it susceptible to information, but can at any moment turn off the TV or receiver for these or other reasons. So, we should have time to express themselves optimally short time.

In an ideal advertising appeal must attract, retain interest, awaken the desire to implement actions. In practice, only a few ads push customers to go all the way, but the model to determine what desirable traits should have the same advertising.

Important role in advertising to sell goods (lines, budget, means of advertising, advertising media, the intensity of advertising, etc.) plays a destination of goods. Some techniques and methods of advertising to be applied to goods of mass consumption (consumer goods), while others - for capital goods. The effectiveness of advertising appeals can be measured by previous testing or testing conducted after the campaign. These studies allow to verify the accuracy of the selected line of conduct, the bar ads and promises of benefits to the buyer.

Understandably, manufacturers and products differ from each other as people. Therefore it is important to identify myself clear and express favorable and psychological benefits of this or that product in advertising. Creator image ads with the customer is obliged to carry a mini market research. As a result of data collected about the company and its product (in this case, knowledge of commercial details are not needed). Advertising specialist should be able to: define a unique proposal (UTP), vividly expressed in its indicative slogan (slogan marked or appeal), the slogan should involve the maximum number of viewers and listeners; commercial arguments and proposals in the ad must be grouped only in certain social groups, Psychological population. The article shows the comprehensive plan of advertising: set goals; establish liability, the definition of budget development topics; selection of advertising, creating ads, advertising timing analysis of joint actions and directions, definitions of success and failure.

Consumer goods intended for direct consumption consumers (individuals, families, households). Under the terms of everyday life distinguish durables and short-term use, depending on the behavior and habits of customers - FMCG, pre-selection, as well as special products and tobacco demand.

Consumer services - these are actions that help create choice, provided services or other beneficial effect is achieved.

They are divided into services with the lease (or lease rating) products, personal services, which are aimed at maintaining the quality of purchased products in good condition, and more.

Producer goods are classified in the following features:

First, depending on the purpose and usage patterns - the ones used for the use, and those that remain in the

operating weight and natural-real ingredients;

munication second, depending on the value, nature and time use and role in the process - for capital and ancillary equipment, raw materials, semifinished products and parts, materials, etc..

Services for industrial purposes - a guide service and repair of process equipment, management, advertising, accounting, etc..

Explains the variety of goods and a wide variety of promotional activities distribution channels.

Notable features such distribution channels:

* Analytical work that is performed to facilitate the exchange of goods between producers and consumers;

* promotion (creating incentives for communication and dissemination to the goods);

* establishing and maintaining relationships between agents and consumers, between producers, intermediaries and consumers;

* adapt products to the requirements of buyers (sorting, assembly and packaging); *

* organization of goods delivery logistics (transportation and warehousing);

* financing of commodity movement to consumers;

* to assume risk that may arise during the movement of goods to consumers.

Each of these features are so well connected with advertising and marketing activities of all producer and facilitator. This includes prices, discounts, services, etc. particular functional.

Advertising depends on the number of levels of distribution channels. Channel zero, which is called direct marketing channel consists of a manufacturer who sells his wares directly to consumers. This, for example, through trade peddlers, mail order trade, trade by manufacturer branded stores. Tier channel has one mediator.

In consumer markets - a retailer and markets products for industrial purposes - a sales agent or broker. Duplex channel already has two facilitators. In consumer markets, such are the wholesale and retail traders in the markets of capital goods - industrial (agricultural) Distributor and dealers. Three-level channel has three intermediaries: small wholesalers purchase goods in large wholesalers and sell them to small retailers.

This system requires a completely different marketing communications (advertising, too) for each level. Are working on these communications (advertising) on the basis of consumer research and proposals of competitors.

2. The forms of distribution channels ad

Great value for the purposes of defining features as advertising to sell are organizational forms distribution channels.

Retailers are classified by the following features:

* product portfolio offered (specialty shops, department stores, Supermarkets, convenience goods stores, shopping centers, retailers services, etc.);

* the nature of prices (low price store, warehouse store, which sells at wholesale prices, shop, showroom, etc.);

* the nature of service trade (trade of goods ordered by mail or telephone, vending machines, service orders, with a discount roznosna trade, trade for catalogs);

* concentration of commercial enterprises (central business district, a regional shopping center, regional shopping center, neighborhood shopping center, etc.).

These features determine the policy of marketing communication in retail. To reach consumers, retailers enjoy the usual communication tools like advertising, personal selling, sales promotion activities for products and public relations. They provide advertising appeals in newspapers, magazines, radio and television (in whom it is possible, he resorts to the interactive marketing). This use letters that can personally deliver to customers (actual or potential), or direct mail advertising. Special attention is paid to get in contact with customers, meeting their needs, comforting doubts consumer claims. Being organized vnutrishnomaha-zynni impressions tests used stamps, play prizes. A significant effect is the use of such techniques as an invitation to "celebrities", using the most modern commercial interiors, increasing the number and quality of services, facilitate the return of goods, opening branches in suburban areas, expanding franchise network and so on.

On all these measures are widely inform the media directly in the trading rooms used special methods display of goods (with the use of technical devices, animation, etc.).

Marketing policy of wholesalers has significant differences, as wholesale intermediaries other than retail in many ways.

Wholesaler pays attention less on incentives, the location of its trade, its interior and setting up specific atmosphere of goodwill and mutual respect, because it deals mainly with professional buyers who are most interested in purely technical parameters. By the volume of wholesale agreements with much larger retailers, wholesalers and trading zone and more. Retailers are more likely to buy the right products at a wholesaler, rather than looking at them from different manufacturers (though this form of trafficking also takes place).

Lowest wholesale contribute to such trends in the economic development of civilized countries, as growth in mass production in large enterprises, remote from the main consumers of finished products, increase production "in reserve", increasing the levels of distribution channels and increasing the number of claims intermediaries, packaging and variety of goods and services offered.

All this requires some effort on marketing services producers and intermediaries. Power Marketing communications, including advertising in the other to sell, depending on the category of wholesalers, which is classified by the following features:

* wholesalers, buyers, which in turn are subdivided into wholesalers with a complete cycle of service and wholesalers with limited-service, ie, those who trade in cash without delivery of goods to consumers, wholesalers, salespeople, wholesalers organizers, Wholesalers - consignor; wholesalers engaged in mail order trade, cooperative wholesalers, selling products (mostly agricultural) manufactured at the enterprises of the cooperative;

* brokers and agents (agents manufacturers, sales agents Plenipotentiary of goods, purchasing agents, wholesalers, commissioners);

* wholesale branches and corporate departments producers (supply and network marketing organizations, producers);

* various specialized wholesalers (wholesalers, farm fence, wholesale Oil wholesalers, shareholders, etc.).

Application of communicative actions such as wholesalers to sell advertising, sales promotion, personal selling and public relations has largely random in nature. But now a growing number of wholesalers began to worry not only about the range and quality of goods, but also the prestige of their enterprises, how to find and meet the most profitable customers, make them regular customers, set them closer and effective ties expand the services provided to customers. All this is reflected in the promotional activities: a joint advertisement with the manufacturers, flexible price policy when the prices of purchases and thus the selling price. To expand its customer base, wholesalers widely reported of suppliers, mass and type of packaging, quantity of goods in containers, the amount of games, price reductions depending on the cost of the party purchases. However, they prefer not random text advertisements and publications that publish a list of companies, grouped by commodity basis. Many newspapers have the inserts in the daily or weekly publications or conduct special advertising sections from wholesalers.

3. Stylistics advertisement

Great value in advertising has a clear syntactic structure, which allows you to quickly perceive information. The important role played by expressive syntax, because, firstly, these structures can enhance the presentation, and secondly, clearly structured text ads that will favorably affect its perception. To expressive syntax typically include stylistic (rhetorical) figures.

Syntax figure - a linguistic turn, syntactic construction, used to enhance the expressiveness of expression.

Parcelation - a partition proposal in which the content of expression is realized not one, but two or more linguistic units following one after another after dividing pause. For example, the competition - it is alive, creative and highly specific. But we can and yes: the competition - it is alive. Creative. Highly specific.

The advertisement can be used and epiphora (only end) - repeating words or phrases at the end offers or related passages. For example, we fight for freedom. We always stand for peace.

Syntactic parallelism is the same building or neighborhood offers cut language.

Antithesis - a linguistic turn in which to enhance the expressiveness of language contrasted sharply opposing concepts. For example, in low water at high speed.

Graduation - stylistic figure, which is in the following location of words in which each further contains a value that increases (at least - which is reduced), thus creating growth (easing) of generated impressions. Usually gradation used when comparing different digital cited and placed them as reinforcement. But sometimes individual words, phrases, whole paragraphs of text ads line up in order of their growth.

Ellipsis - the stylistic figure, which is to pass any of the sentence, which means, more often than a verb. This creates a dynamic language.

Default - linguistic turn, which is that by the end of deliberately expressing opinion. In a written text is usually put Multipoint. Well used in advertising direct speech and the types of conversational design appeal.


Advertising - it's not easy marketing of the desired item, but a thin tool to attract consumers and increase demand.

Research will show how to achieve such an effect of advertising in society, how to define the implementation period, frequency ads that particular mentality and taste of the Ukrainian population should be considered.

Also, after a study is possible a new approach to solving problems, new ideas and suggestions. Progress reports should make recommendations as practical for use in the community to improve the effectiveness of advertising.

The research gives an opportunity to get the data needed for marketing, management companies, conducting campaigns, and for those firms involved in the development of commercials on demand.

Quality advertising directly affects its efficiency. This concept of quality applies not only the technical side (design, special effects), but the content submitted commercials. People are very original, not boring persuasion that a product is the best in the world.

One of the most effective techniques of modern advertising - designing image product, trademark, company. Famous booster D. Ogilvy (SSHL) formulated the theory that every advertisement should be considered in terms of how she creates complex characters image of the product. With advertising producers famous worldwide catalog create a favorable image and unique identity of its brands: products companies Adidas and Nike symbols of a healthy lifestyle and sporting successes are watches "Rolsks and pens" Cross "- attributes Business prosperity and so on.

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