Advertising is a kind of activity made in its result which purpose is realization of marketing problems of the industrial, service enterprises and public organizations by distribution of the information paid by them. Advertising on television, in a press.

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Lutsenko Anastasia


Stavropol 2011



Advertising on television

Advertising in a press

Advertising by radio




Advertising is a kind of activity or production made in its result which purpose is realization of marketing or other problems of the industrial, service enterprises and public organizations by distribution of the information paid by them, generated so that to have the strengthened influence on mass or individual consciousness, causing the set reaction of the chosen consumer audience.

For what Advertising is necessary? Perhaps, advertisers in vain spend for it the at all spare cash? Actually, Advertising is, of course, necessary. And that is why. Advertising first of all stimulates demand for the offered goods. The mechanism of action of Advertising is very simple - the potential buyer, having heard (having seen) about any goods which at it isn't present, at once will want it to buy, certainly, in the presence of money. The Advertising pursuing at once 2 purposes is possible also: first, to create demand for the goods at its potential consumers, and, secondly, to involve wholesale buyers who would sell the goods at retail. Advertising - so strong means that it can help to sell absolutely worthless and unusable, noncompetitive goods. Unfortunately, we, as consumers, very often face poor-quality and importunate Advertising which anything, except irritation, doesn't cause. Therefore it is necessary to remember that the Advertising is too art. There is a set of kinds and Advertising directions, I will consider the basic directions.

Advertising on television

It is the most expensive kind of Advertising, and not all can allow itself it. In TV Advertising the sound, the image and certain dynamics (movement) are combined. Thanks to it influences audience much better, than other kinds of Advertising. Its lack consists that during a commercial the attention of the spectator should be concentrated on the screen; differently efficiency descends on a zero.

I follow also to notice that Advertising efficiency depends on in what transfer it is placed. The strong irritation is caused by Advertising which costs «not on the place». For example, bewilderment is caused by Advertising of medical products from a sclerosis if it sounds in the middle of a youth entertainment event.

As a result it is received that the spectator loves TV Advertising! But here there are preferences: the commercial should be color, sound and, it is desirable, not with speech support, and with music.

Advertising in a press

advertising marketing television press

Advertising in newspapers and magazines was widely adopted and on volume of expenses concedes only to Advertising on television. Advertising in newspapers is cheaper than the television. At the same time quality of reproduction of Advertising originals in newspapers the usually low. From here the advertisements placed in them are, as a rule, less attractive, and each edition has at the same time many such announcements in this connection influence of any of them separately decreases.

As a result it would be desirable to notice that in newspapers Advertising is better for placing not on single Advertising sheets, and among interesting articles or the television program which is interesting to all. Well the Advertising camouflaged in allegedly information article also works. The reader considers it as information, without suspecting that it advertises something. However, here the personal arrangement with the journalist is necessary.

Advertising by radio

Advantage of radio before other mass media: a 24-hour announcement on many regions and a variety of programs. To radio listen in inhabited and industrial premises, on kitchen, walking on pure air, in the car. Therefore the advertisements placed in corresponding radio programs, cover considerable percent of the set audience of consumers, irrespective of where they are -- on work, on rest, in a way. The radio Advertising is operative and has low cost. At the same time in the course of perception of the Advertising appeals broadcast by radio, sight through which the person receives to 90 % of the information doesn't participate. Besides, the radio Advertising complicates an establishment of bilateral communications with the consumer. Often it doesn't have near at hand handle, a pencil, a paper to write down the data transferred in the announcement. But despite the listed advantages of a radio Advertising, it seems to me that the majority of people absolutely to it are indifferent. There can be it and it is good (if to compare to television Advertising and a radio Advertising). However some kinds of a radio Advertising prefer to another. So, dry text announcements aren't popular.


In the end of work it would be desirable to tell about Advertising in general, and how to make it's more effective. Creative approaches can be different. For example, at Advertising of the goods of mass demand, as a rule, use emotional motives, for industrial function products - rational.













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