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The internal and external communication systems of the Nestle company. Background of the company. SWOT analysis: strength, weaknesses, opportunities. Architecture of Intranet systems. Business use of intranet systems. Intranet tools and its benefits.

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Malika Yusupova

Executive summary

modern society has become a society of organizations… In a society of organizations, managing becomes a social function and management the constitutive, the determining, the differential organ of society.

In the rapidly changing world, modern society has become a society of organizations. In a society, organization, management becomes a social function and the management of the foundation, which determines the differential organ of society.

Many companies and international corporations are starting to implement special systems to interconnect their central offices and various branches and offices throughout the world. They need a secure way to exchange information and communicate. The intranet system would rapidly boost the speed of exchanging information between different branches, thus reducing the time spent on various mechanical tasks such as preparing necessary documents. The system can also provide various other benefits such as convenience, reliability, access management (to the intranet) and staff management which we will discuss further in this paper.


Our team of consultants has been hired by the Nestle company to renovate their internal and external communication systems. Nestle is a multinational corporation with its head office in Sweden. Its products include baby food, bottled water, breakfast cereals ice cream and etc. Most of the brand names of the products are known worldwide such as, bottled water Nestle Pure Life, coffee Nescafe, breakfast cereals Nesquik and many others. It operates worldwide in more than 85 countries, has over 400 factories and employs approximately 320000 people. It's one of the main players in the food industry, with Kraft Foods, Unilever and Mars Incorporated. The revenues of the company was the highest in the food industry in 2011. Our team of experts was hired to make an intranet and extranet system that would be able to process thousands of documents at the same time. Their sales come mainly from drinks accounting at 27%, 26% comes from dairy and food products, 12% from chocolate and the rest from their other activities. This means that the intranet system should be capable of integrating with an inventory and warehouse management system to control sales and distribution of products.

Background of the company

"Nestle" - the world's largest company - producer of food and beverages, an expert in nutrition and healthy living. Credo "Nestle" - to make life better by offering consumers only quality and valuable products. The main activity of "Nestle" is associated with food production. In addition, the company "Nestle" owns stock companies cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Nestle has around 450 factories, operates in 86 countries, and employs around 328,000 people.

The dairy products at Nestlй are a big driving force for the growth of the company's sales. With the health kick of the many individuals around the world, it pushes the innovator and renovators of Nestlй to reach new height in finding better and healthier products for their consumers. More recent, dairy division became a big portion of the company's earnings, so it would be best for Nestlй to focus a big portion of their core competences and resources on the fast growing dairy division. Which leads us into the most recent yogurt produced by Nestlй's. Marketing objectives are compatible with the overall corporate objectives of nestle. Company's objective is to be the world's largest and best branded food manufacturer while insuring that nestle name is synonymous with the products of the highest quality.

SWOT analysis

communication business intranet nestle


* Strong Brand Name and Local Brand Names Owned

* Company business portfolio include variety of Good and Services

* Company already have good average cost of production. So they can charge low prices rather than competitors

* Substantial Operating Cash Flow.


* Little Differentiation between Nestle Brands

* Too Much Products distract from Core business

* Large Workforce Difficult to Manage

* Company face problem of scarcity and rising prices for production


* Become as a multinational company

* Health Based Products

* Emerging Markets Penetration


* Global image may harm all brands if one brand fails

* Diet trends that are becoming popular today

* Recent Acquisitions Make Company Vulnerable

* Rising Prices of commodities

Architecture of Intranet systems

Intranet - an internal information system based on the technology of Internet, services Web, TCP / IP and HTTP communications protocols, and HTML pages. Intranet - a technology that allows an organization to define itself as a whole as an object or a group where everyone knows his role and all data streams are bound together, so every worker can get any information that he or she needs. In other words, Intranet is the "intelligence" of the organization. The ultimate goal of this intelligence is to organize your desktop for each employee (computer) with minimal cost, time wasting.

Generally, the information withinthe organization is distributed across multiple computers and stored in a variety form of files, reports and e-mails. In fact, the method of access to all the information is not organized. Therefore, many organizations create intranet-network with internal Web-servers to facilitate their employees with access to comprehensive information. Through links with corporate databases, file servers, and document repositories Web-servers provide employees a variety of types of information through a single interface - a familiar Web-browser. First few pages are hypertext links to all kinds of documents and data. Usual Internet environment allows for interaction between different tools, and provides easy access to corporate resources, such as databases

Combining these features with easy to learn hypertext mark-up language HTML and graphic inserts, custom Intranet environment can be created in just a few weeks. As in most existing networks use some protocols of the stack TCP / IP, with the Intranet can run all employees. Moreover, the use of already implemented technologies allows companies to avoid significant investment in hardware and cabling. For example, a staff member was able to receive corporate information directly on your desktop, all you need to do - is to add client drivers for TCP / IP, Web browsers and other tools Internet. Intranet or may not have a direct connection to the Internet. In some cases, the access channel to the Internet brings additional problems, especially when working with confidential information. In most cases, however, the connection to the Internet increases the value of Intranet, because it provides access to Internet resources directly from the Web-page Intranet

Business use of intranet systems

Intranet - a helper tool to disseminate information, which is owned by the corporation, in the interactive mode. The Nestle Company could put a significant part of intranet documents that employees can access at any time, revieworders; views records of customers and together discuss new projects. With the help of intranet company can determine the scope of corporate interests, to develop a common view on the subject and the basic principles of pregnancy, making this information accessible to all. Consequently, the network intranet creates favourable conditions for the team. Online intranet can place the most important corporate documents, including quarterly and annual reports, solutions meeting of shareholders, the work plan, reports the company president. Moreover, the network can be used for entering data on institutional developments and achievements of the company, for the coverage of important events and news of the day or week.

Market information and sales

Online intranet can place information competent analysts about sales, the latest developments of customers, information about the presentation of products and leading manufacturers. Companies that provide access to such information can build their ads to potential customers by providing confidential information.

Informationofthe production

Manufacturers of products using the network to host intranet documents ISO 9000 and product plans. Information about the staff. HR department can use the intranet to post information on income of the company, management policies, jobs and the range of products. Internet allows companies to send blank documents, filled potential employees in interactive mode. Consequently, the experts, including remote users can by getting these documents, bring them to the printer. Some corporate networks require users to document forms filled hand, in others it is electronically. The opportunity to form the required documents electronically allows department personnel to work more effectively with these document-mi. For example, employees approaching retirement age may determine your salary information using the intranet. For confidentiality of information received in the forms of potential professionals allowed to control access to this information by entering the password specialists or other forms of electronic identifiers before their records will be processed. Information centres. Most companies have their own training centres, which are trained professionals. In the intranet can put information about the courses, training centre, and the mode of their operation. Writing to them is carried out in the interactive mode. Organization of discussions with the Intranet offers professionals the opportunity to access an electronic bulletin board, which helps to form groups for discussion of projects. On the message board, you can leave your own messages and learn from the views of colleagues.

Project Development

The members of the group to develop a joint project can use the intranet to share relevant information. This appendix is usually required to control access to all the information you need to get them to only members of the group working on the project (See appendix A).

Intranet tools and its benefits

Most organizations use information, knowledge and intelligence to create products, services, provide education or entertainment. Information - is power. In the past, there were many problems. Or it was impossible to obtain reliable information, or could not make it in time. Now the information is directly on the desktop, regardless of platform or software. With aid of Intranet any user, on any level, can create information which makes the information reliable, because it comes straight from the source. user serves the information that can be read in any browser, and puts it on the server. This makes editing workflow within the organization.

In the following paragraphs Intranet network can be represented as the following tools:

1. Decision-making tool.

Intranet brings together all the information in the organization. There is a single interactive interface that includes a convenient means of viewing, the standard query and search tools. Current traffic information portfolio, market trends, the results of communication with colleagues and business partners allows time to make responsible business decisions.

2. Instrument training.

If communication is instantaneous, then those who are responsible for decision-making, the ability to analyse business processes, business opportunities, and business goals faster. This is so that more employees can become producers of solutions. Projects are implemented more effectively. Communication needs to be included in any process whose work a little for the project. Requirements of customers registered and adhere to them. Developments happening in the field of public electronic data - much more quickly than through meetings, telephone calls and personal schedule. The company that manages the information in this way, learn all at once, at the same time improving and creating more knowledgeable organization.

3. Marketing tool.

Elements of traditional business marketing and commercial programs can be integrated in the medium Web, to create targeted marketing that meets diverse needs of customers and serves them in the sale and service. The result can be more profitable, long-term relationships. This interaction shifts the focus away from one-way information flow to the bilateral dialogue and cooperation, and from the mass market to market segments.

4. Tool of human resources.

In recent times there was a need to constantly rethink the nature of relations person-organization and person to person within it. Now each employee can immediately inform their decisions to transfer the experience to anyone. The power of the employee also creates a set of obligations for all members. Intranet can make completelyremeasured: infrastructure, policies, procedures, roles and responsibilities. To control and monitor the various documents, correspondence, reports, etc. Intranet network will be very useful. For example, a database with a Web interface allows you to track documents as they become available. Administrators and other staff members are able to collect links to these documents according to various criteria, for example, to find out what work was done for a particular client, documents relate to the project and what materials are relevant to a particular employee. This system may be useful especially in the case when an employee leaves the company, in the examination of the project or in the event of litigation (See appendix B)


As you can from the paper above intranet plays a great role in organization and gives a great chance for growth, because automation gives a lot benefits advantages as:

· Commercial or confidential data is kept secure within the organization

· Emails remain private and may also be encrypted

· High bandwidth. No connection limits unlike the Internet

· Reliable. The company will have dedicated IT personnel to keep things running smoothly

· Information specifically tailored to the organization or staff's needs can be published (teach-ict, 2010)

Therefore we will recommend the use of intranet system. Also, it's recommended to establish security issues for intranet such as firewall, anti-virus, protection from DDoS of attacks and etc.

Many companies decide to hire an outside firm to run their intranet rather than do so themselves. This cuts down on the number of internal problems and potential disasters and gives management peace of mind to know that trained professionals are handling this often delicate situation. If this route is taken, it is important for management to keep some employees dedicated to intranet issues in case the relationship with the outside supplier does not end up working out (referenceforbusiness, 2013) .There are a lot IT companies who offer different intranet portals for example TopSBI intranet portal or IntraOffice which can be used for more complicated automatization or Nestle company CEO can use their services to establish their corporate portal.


This research was dedicated to the use of intranet and intranet tools in business. Also it considers the features of Intranet technology, its advantages and disadvantages, so we can conclude that the Intranet - a convenient way to provide access to the documents of the organization. In Intranet users can work with Web browsers and interface does not require training in the use of special software. Developing intranets is simple and cost-effective. It provides many opportunities: the transfer of hypertext documents, e-mails, the use of newsgroups, file archives, works with databases. All this makes it a very useful intranet in organizations. Thus, the introduction of intranet technology in corporate networks - is an essential part of information.


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Intranet Diagram

Figure 1:

Use of Intranet

Figure 2: (source taken from: http//

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