Morphological changes of pseudoerosion

Frequency of distribution of a pseudo erosion of neck of uterus. Stydying of clinico–morphological types of pseudo erosion of neck of uterus. Stydying of a age features. Damages at abortion or at the time of delivery, infections transmittable sexual ways.

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Morphological changes of pseudoerosion

Department - Patological anatomy

Supervisor of studies - candidate of medical science Darjanova K.B., Yermenova K.K.

West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State Medical University


Aktobe city, Republic of Kazakhstan


The pseudoerosion of neck of uterus is one of frequent a disease among diseases of neck of uterus [1]. It happens owing to independent recovery congenital or the real erosion. Sometimes the pseudoerosion happens recurrent, after the carried - out treatment. The long pseudoerosion of neck of uterus leads to a hyperactivity of bazal cells, to complicitions of proliferative activity, and it leads to development of atypical cells, that leads to a dysplasia of necks of uterus [2]. As a result of heavy form of a dysplasia the pseudoerosion develops in precancer .


1. Identification frequency of distribution of a pseudoerosion of neck of uterus for the last 3 years (2010-2012 years) according to bureau of the Aktobe regional patological anatomy.

2. Stydying of clinico - morphological types of pseudoerosion of neck of uterus.

3. Stydying of a age features.

Method of research and materials: Research was conducted with registry magazines of bureau of the Aktobe regional patological anatomy for the last 3 years (2010-2012 years) and biopsy materials of it. After fixation histological section with 10% formalin, is run out paraffin, hematoxylin and eosine is painted standartly. The description of micropreparations was carried - out by means of Leica DM - 1000 microscope.

Results and analysis: The pseudoerosion of neck of uterus among disease of neck of uterus - 2010-2012 years - 1355, 2010 year - 572 (42,3%); 2011year - 401 (29,5%); 2012 year - 382 (28,2%) . Page 1 .

Page 1. Frequency of incidence of a neck of uterus for 2010-2012 years

By the types of clinico - morphological: gland cystous pseudoerosion - 30,4%; gland papillary pseudoerosion - 30,4%; gland pseudoerosion - 39,1%. Page 2 .

Page 2 . Frequency of incidence of neck of uterus on a clinico - morphological types for 2010 - 2012 years.

By the age features of pseudoerosion of neck of uterus in reproductive stage - 1170 (86,3%), premenapause - 135 (9,9%), menapause- 17 (1,2%), postmenapause - 33 (2,6%). Page 3.

Page 3. Frequency of incidence of neck of uterus on a age features for 2010 - 2012 years.

Microscopical: glandulous cystous hyperplasia is characterized by focal thickness of mucous membrane of cervical canal, glands are covered with prismatic epithelial which produced mucus. Page 4.

Page 4. Glands are covered with prismatic epithelial which produced mucus.

Sometimes cystic widened glands with dense epithelium and partly swollen dense stroma may be observed.

With papillary pseudoerosion of uterine neck the formation of papillary outgrowths of cylindrical epithelium with eosinophili are observed. Page 5.

Page 5. Papillary outgrowths.

With glandulous hyperplasia a plenty of differently - shaped structures covered by flatly or cubed epithelium with eosinophil cytoplasm are seen. Page 6.

Page 6. Differently - shaped structures.

The glands are situated close to each other and look like glandulous, tubular and sometimes alveolar formations. Gland clearings contain mucus and in cystic widened cases neutrophil leucocytes can be present. The proliferation of resource cells and flatly celled metaplasia are found under integumentary and glandulous epithelium. Page 6.

Page 6. Flatly celled metaplasia.

The stroma is party swollen with a lot of vessels and infiltration of leucocytes, lymphocytes and plasmacytes. Page 6.

Page 6. The stroma is party swollen with a lot of vessels.


pseudoerosion neck uterus

The pseudoerosion of neck of uterus meets in reproductive ages, between 16-46 age ( 1966 - 1996 years) more often and gland pseudoerosion meets more often. The reasaons of develop the disease: early sexual life, damages at abortion or at the time of delivery, infections transmittable sexual ways - clamidioses, trichomoniasis, mycoplasmosis, a virus of human papilloma, and even to development from hormonal imbalances [3]. Uncomplicated ectopia of uterine neck is a variant of for female teenagers and young women aged 20 - 25. For this age period ectopia of uterine neck correlates to unstable hormonal status and as a rule doesn't lead to malignization and needn't any treatment. But ectopia at the later age demands careful examination and compulsory treatment. The risk of cancer is endangered by combination of ectopia of uterine neck with inflammation processes of vagina and uterine neck, leikoplakia of uterine neck, flat condyloma and pre - cancer changes and dysplasia of uterine neck.

The used literature

1. Аксель Е.М. Статистика злокачественных новообразований женских половых органов. В кн.: Клиническая онкогинекология . Руководство для врачей // Под ред. В.П. Козаченко. - М.: Медицина, 2005. - С. 9-17.

2. Кондриков Н.И. Патология матки. - Москва: Практическая медицина, 2008. - С. 28-72.

3. Хмельницкая Н.М., Нейштадт Э.Л., Халимджанов З.К. Трудности и ошибки диагностики атипической гиперплазии эндометрия // Арх. патол. - 2006. - №6. - С.39-42.

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