• History of development. Building Automation System (BMS) and "smart house" systems. Multiroom: how it works and ways to establish. The price of smart house. Excursion to the most expensive smart house in the world. Smart House - friend of elders.

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  • Smoking is a big social issue in many countries nowadays widely discussed in newspapers, radio and TV-shows. People start smoking for different reasons. Some say they smoke in order to relax, rest and distract from their daily stress.

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  • Поняття симетричних мультипроцесорних систем (SMP). Переваги SMP-систем над однопроцесорними. Структурна організації мультипроцесорних систем. Операційні системи мультипроцесорних комплексів. Компоненти обчислювальних комплексів на базі IBM S/390.

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  • Історія виникнення та характеристика мікропроцесора Power. Архітектура мікропроцесора MPC8640D. Порівняння процесорів MPC8640D і Core i5 650. Будова мікропроцесорної системи. Формалізація задачі, розробка програми на Assembler. Створення ехе–файлу.

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  • Задачи дисциплины Social Analytics. Основное понятие Social Media Analytics и его составляющие. Важность вовлеченности компании в социальные медиа. Сбор данных и пошаговая организация вовлеченности в соц-медийные проекты. Инструменты для обработки данных.

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  • The discussion of Shakespeare's life, problem play and sonnets. The term problem plays normally refers to three plays that William Shakespeare wrote between the late 1590s, the first years of the seventeenth century. The actors in Shakespeare's company.

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  • Contradiction between price and cost of labor between the interests of employees and employers. Party actors and levels of social and labor relations. Basic blocks problem: employment, work organization and efficiency, the need for economic growth.

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  • Stephen King, a modern sci-fi, fantasy writer, assessment of its role in American literature. "Shawshank redemption": Film and Book analysis. Research of the content and subject matter of this work and its social significance, role in world literature.

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  • Social-democratic workers under the influence of the ideology of class collaboration with the bourgeoisie. Communist movement as the defender of the values of western civilisation. A welfare program and unparalleled degree of private enterprise.

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  • Legal regulation of rights and freedoms of a person and a citizen, according to article 71 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Regulation about the order of granting of gratuitous grants for residing in Republic Severnaya Ossetia - Alaniya.

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  • The concept, definition, typology, characteristics of social institute. The functions of social institution: overt and latent. The main institution of society: structural elements. Social institutions of policy, economy, science and education, religion.

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  • Social interaction and social relation are identified as different concepts. There are three components so that social interaction is realized. Levels of social interactions. Theories of social interaction. There are three levels of social interactions.

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  • The subjective aspects of social life. Social process – those activities, actions, operations that involve the interaction between people. Societal interaction – indirect interaction bearing on the level of community and society. Modern conflict theory.

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  • Overview of social networks for citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Evaluation of these popular means of communication. Research design, interface friendliness of the major social networks. Defining features of social networking for business.

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  • Understanding of the organization and its structure. Any organization has its structure. Organizational structure is the way in which the interrelated groups of the organization are constructed. Development of management on the post-Soviet area.

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  • The system of executive authorities. Legislation of Ukraine as sources of social protection. The mechanism and contents of social protection tax. Benefits as the main element of the special legal status of a person. Certain features of protection.

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  • The need for human society in the social security. Guarantee of social security in old age, in case of an illness full or partial disability, loss of the supporter, and also in other cases provided by the law. Role of social provision in social work.

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  • Understanding of social stratification and social inequality. Scientific conceptions of stratification of the society. An aggregated socio-economic status. Stratification and types of stratification profile. Social stratification of modern society.

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  • Social structure as one of the main regulators of social dynamic. The structure of the social system: social communities, social institutions, social groups, social organizations. The structure of social space. The subsystem of society by T. Parsons.

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  • What is social structure of the society? The concept of social structure was pioneered by G. Simmel. The main attributes of social structure. Social groupings and communities. Social status. Structural elements of the society’s fundamental institutions.

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