• The concept of social reality and social fact. Laws and categories of sociology. Structure of sociological knowledge. Levels of sociological knowledge. Macro-sociology and micro-sociology. Fundamental theoretic sociology. Applied empiric sociology.

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  • Theoretical aspects of gratitude act and dialogic discourse. Modern English speech features. Practical aspects of gratitude expressions use. Analysis of thank you expression and responses to it in the sentences, selected from the fiction literature.

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  • Russia Empire in the XX century entered into a complex economic and political environment. Consequences of defeat of autocracy in war with Japan. Reasons of growing revolutionary motion in Grodno. Events of revolution of a 1905 year in Byelorussia.

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  • Назначение и принцип работы программы Spider player 2.011, перечень ее разработчиков, достоинства, недостатки, а также сравнение с предыдущими ее версиями и аналогами. Общая характеристика основных версий программы. Назначение основных кнопок проигрывате

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  • SPO как публичное размещение акций, которые принадлежат уже существующим акционерам. Функции эмитента и регистратора. Методы стимулирования рыночного спроса на акции. Особенности работы с андеррайтерами. Основные преимущества размещения акций на бирже.

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  • Historical background, names of national sports, borrowed games. Problems and prospects of American sport. Professional sport. The business of sport. Olympic Games and the names of American heroes. Leisure sports. Sports at colleges. Unusual sports.

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  • Description of the major sporting preferences in the United Kingdom, USA and Australia. Comparative characteristics of British, American and Australian football. Golf as a Scottish national game. The list of sporting events and competitions in Australia.

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  • The value of sports in the American life. Сharacteristic of football, basketball, boxing. Acquaintance with the americans, who extol the country of their achievements in sports: Muhammad Ali, Bob Beamon, Mike Tys, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many other.

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  • Sport in my life. Sports in Russia. Sports in Great Britain. The Olympic Games. Sports and Healthy Way of Life. Sport is not only for champions. All over the world people of different ages are very fond of sports and games.

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  • Sports in Britain: athletics, football, rugby, cricket, tennis, golf, polo, hunting, riding, hockey, bowls, motorsport, billiards, snooker, mountaineering, swimming, greyhound and horse racing. Walking and fishing as the most popular sports for people.

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  • The most popular sports in Russia are: football, basketball, tennis, hockey, volleyball, skating, skiing. Sports to watch, to do. Typical school sports. Sports meets which are spent in the winter and in the summer. Displays of competitions on the TV.

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  • Статистическая обработка первичной маркетинговой информации. Определение общих параметров выборки. Составление схемы кодировки анкеты. Способы формирования базы данных в формате SPSS. Ввод данных в компьютер. Кодирование переменных. Модификация данных.

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  • St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, is one of Christianity's most widely known figures. Taken Prisoner By Irish Raiders. No Irish Need Apply. Wearing of the Green Goes Global. Other Superstitions. The Truth about Saint Patrick. Sayings and Toasts.

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  • History of the St. Petersburg State Museum of theatre and music. The museum collections. History of russian theater. The Museum exhibitions. Collection of playbills and programmes. Photographs and negatives collection. The painting and graphics.

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  • Pochaevska Laurels is situated in the West of Ukraine in seventy kilometers from the city of Ternopol and in twenty kilometers from the city Kremenec. It is situated on the high stony mountain towering above all vicinity more than on seventy five meters.

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  • Models and concepts of stabilization policy aimed at reducing the severity of economic fluctuations in the short run. Phases of the business cycle. The main function of the stabilization policy. Deviation in the system of long-term market equilibrium.

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  • The safety of an earth dam structure. The properties of the material of which the dam is constructed. The process of collapse of an improperly designed earth dam with slopes too steep. Stability of the hydrodynamic pressure of the penetrating water.

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  • Stages and types of an applied sociological research. Sociological research process. Now researchers may formulate a hypothesis – a statement of the relationship between two or more concepts, the object’s structure, or possible ways to solve a problem.

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  • The totalitarian regime of control by the Soviet Union: destruction of the moral code of society, changing the mindset of people. The destruction of people during the Great Terror of Stalin's regime. The concept of "blind ideology" and "national fear."

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  • Overview of literature on standardization and adaptation of advertising: their main task, advantages and disadvantages. Trends in consumer behavior in Russia. Distribution media advertising budgets in the country, the laws and rules regarding promotion.

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