The Biggest German Media Companies

"The Bauer media group". "The Bertelsmann" is a German multinational mass media corporation. "The Axel Springer Verlag". The German media industry. Company that is specialised in production and delivery of media in the form of digital, audio, video.

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The Biggest German Media Companies

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The Biggest German Media Companies

A media company is a company that is specialised in production and delivery of media in the form of digital, audio, video, print and events. Media companies are designed to connect and strengthen the relationship between the medium's audience and the sponsor of the medium. The media has long been referred to as the Fourth Estate.

The German media industry is developed and remains successful today.

Digital technologies offer new opportunities - network and mobile platforms allow us to offer readers, users and advertisers with new services.

The Biggest German Media Companies include such companies:

“The Bauer media group”,Размещено на

“The Bertelsmann”Размещено на


“The Axel Springer Verlag”.Размещено на

“The Bauer media group”

media group corporation german

The Bauer Media Group is one of Europe`s leading media companies. The Bauer family has managed the publishing company since its inception 138 years ago. The executive management transition from one generation to the next has always been carefully planned and prepared. This continuity in corporate management is a unique feature of the family-run Bauer Media Group, and a contributing factor in its stable growth and success.

The Bauer Media Group is one of Europe`s leading media companies. The Bauer family has managed the publishing company since its inception 138 years ago. This continuity in the corporate management is a unique feature of the family-run company and a contributing factor in its stable growth and success.

Around 11,000 employees at 16 different countries worldwide entertain and inform millions of people every day. In 2011 the Bauer Media Group generated EUR 2 billion in sales.

Journalism is the basis of every media company. The editorial staffs of the Bauer Media Group produce approximately 570 magazines and numerous special publications, over 300 digital products and 50 radio and TV programmes.

Besides journalistic and editorial work, the media company's business activities include sales, advertisement sales, printing and digital channels.

The individual sections contain further information on the Bauer Media Group's business divisions in Germany as well as links to contacts within the Group.

The Product Finder contains detailed information about the Bauer Media Group's extensive media portfolio.

Bauer Media Group print shops produce magazines, catalogues, brochures, booklets and much more for many prominent customers, demonstrating their know-how and expertise on a daily basis. The printing facilities of the Bauer Media Group operate seven days a week, ensuring a high level of flexibility, customer-oriented production schedules and fast and reliable production.

The Bauer Media Group offers its customers end-to-end services from a single source upon request - providing everything from editorial and desktop publishing services, to in-house reproduction, all the way to distribution, lettershop services and sales.Offer us a challenge - we look forward to hearing from you.

Bauer Advertising KG is the marketing company for print and online media of the Bauer Media Group in Germany. It offers advertisers and agents a broad advertising portfolio and innovative marketing solutions.

Available services range from the development of concepts for sponsoring and cooperative partnerships, to the design of networked communication strategies, all the way to comprehensive consulting on ad specials including concept generation, design and production. Bauer Advertising KG's extensive service portfolio also comprises its own market surveys relating to target groups and business segments. Rounding out the company's service offering portfolio are individual analyses of relevant market media studies, including media analyses, consumer analyses and Allensbach Institute media analyses. For more information about special service offers, planning-relevant target group data, magazine markets and segments as well as all important media information regarding print advertising and the online offers of the Bauer Media Group, visit the Bauer Advertising KG B2B website.

“The Bertelsmann”

Bertelsmann is a German multinational mass media corporation founded in 1835, based in Gьtersloh, Germany. The company operates in 50 countries and employs in excess of 104,000 (as of December 31, 2012).

“175 Years of Bertelsmann - The Legacy for our Future” - is the central theme for the company's anniversary year in 2010. Bertelsmann has undergone constant change in the past and will continue to do so in the future as it perpetuates its growth and success story. At every stage in its history, Bertelsmann has successfully managed technological innovation, changing user habits and market upheavals, including the current mega-trend of digitization. In the past, the company has revolutionized book sales and distribution, was one of the initiators of commercial television in Germany, and introduced employee profit-sharing very early on. From this interplay of continuity and change, Bertelsmann draws the certainty of being ideally equipped for the years to come.

Bertelsmann's traditions and history date back to the year 1835. Since its establishment in October 2002, the Corporate History department has devoted itself to documenting the company's history. The archive grew out of the work done by the Independent Historical Commission (IHC), which was commissioned to research Bertelsmann's role in the Third Reich.

As the central point of contact for all matters of company history, the Corporate Archive seeks out, stores and documents all meaningful sources of company history: files, correspondence, photos, presentations, posters and much more.

Keeping complete records of our company's history serves a number of purposes:

Facilitate research into the company's history

Размещено на

Integrate corporate history into corporate culture

Размещено на

Deliver background information for the daily work of our employees

Размещено на

Services and Holdings

Размещено на

The corporate archive is open to the public and gives doctoral students, other students, and academics the opportunity to research the company's history. We disclose documents in compliance with the Federal Archives Act.

Of course we are also happy to help with enquiries that don't require viewing documents. Whether you need information about Bertelsmann's history, revenue figures from past years, historical photos or the like, please feel free to send us an e-Mail! The following provides an initial overview of our holdings.

The IHC Collection spans ten meters (32 ft) of shelf space, and focuses on the years between 1921 and 1947. It contains business papers, as well as documents from the establishment of the publishing company, and papers relating to the Bertelsmann/Mohn families.

The objective pursued by the Independent Historical Commission (IHC) was to investigate the history of C. Bertelsmann Verlag during the period from 1921 to 1951. The Commission compiled materials from more than 50 Archives to complement the scanty archive holdings from the time. It also conducted two dozen interviews with contemporary witnesses. After three years of research, the Commission presented its 800-page report, which was published by C. Bertelsmann as "Bertelsmann in the Third Reich" (Report: ISBN 3-570-00711-1; Full Bibliography 3-570-00712-X).

Our archive of files is growing constantly. It includes minutes, contracts, records of business transactions, manual deliveries, balance sheets, statistics, strategy papers, office liquidations and much more from the time after 1947 to the present day. Interviews with contemporary witnesses form a complementary library of documentation that is undergoing steady expansion.

Internal Publications, Posters and Promotional Material

Employee newsletters, image brochures, product catalogs and promotional materials provide interesting insights into internal processes as well as into media products from the past five decades. The development of the Lesering in the 1950s and 1960s, in particular, is vividly documented. The Corporate Archive has poster collections from the 1920s - 1950s as well as more recent press and public relations documentation.

Pictures and Audiovisual Media

Our holdings include approx. 200,000 photos in digital form, as prints or as negatives. The earliest photos date back to the early 20th century, while the bulk of the collection spans the years between 1950 and today. The audiovisual stacks, in particular, which already contain several thousand data carriers, are growing very rapidly.

The Corporate Archive owns a one-of-a-kind library of German and international music history after World War II, with nearly 40,000 records (LPs) from five decades.

“The Axel Springer Verlag”

Over the course of its more than 50 years in business, Axel Springer Verlag AG has evolved from a publisher of local radio transcripts into Europe's largest publisher of newspapers and magazines. By the late 1990s, the company's media and communications holdings also included interests in radio; broadcast, cable and digital television; book publishing; premium telephony; and electronic information as well as a vast German distribution system.

Again and again for more than six decades Axel Springer has led creative ideas to success with entrepreneurial courage.

How did Axel Springer become one of the leading media enterprises in Europe? What made the company so successful? What is so special about Axel Springer? A look through the company's history shows that the essential driving forces for success were first and foremost journalistic creativity and a passion for freedom and entrepreneurial success.

Axel Springer SE wants to become the leading digital publisher. The digital media channels already contribute over a third of Group revenues today, more than any other division.

One of Europe's largest media companies also started off in a kind of garage. Axel Springer founded his publishing house in Hamburg in 1946; the editors spent the first year working above a warehouse for tea and spices, often without electricity and using borrowed typewriters.

With the invention of the HAMBURGER ABENDBLATT, the founding of HЦRZU and BILD as well as of the early acquisition of DIE WELT, Axel Springer laid the foundations for the success of his company.

As a result of consistent internationalization and digitization, Axel Springer SE today is not only market leader in the German print business, but is also active in 44 countries through subsidiaries, joint ventures and licenses. Axel Springer SE generates more than a third of its turnover with its international business and with digital media.

Now it is a question of pressing ahead with digitization even faster and more vigorously. For Axel Springer SE, informative and entertaining journalism is a viable business model also in future on the Internet, along with marketing and classifieds, the other two business segments in which the company is traditionally strong.

In the tradition of its founder, who fostered journalistic and technological innovations in his time, Axel Springer SE is breaking new ground. The company is consistently pursuing the objective of building up a fast-growing and profitable digital portfolio, and for this reason is networking today more than ever before with the current generation of founders: digital start-ups. Along with the transformation of our established strong media brands, our own new developments online and strategically-oriented acquisitions of web companies, this network is one of the building blocks of the company's international digitization strategy: Axel Springer SE wants to become the leading digital media group.





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