The socialist workers party 1951-1979

The Socialist Workers Party (the International Socialists) has grown into an organization capable of small but significant interventions in the class struggle, and with a real possibility of laying the foundations for a revolutionary party in Britain.

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Try vctry n My 1979 brught t n nd fv yrs f Lbur rul. n purly numrcl trms th SWP ws nt sgnfcntly lrgr thn n 1974, wth mmbrshp n 1980 f 4100 s gnst 3900 n 1974. But th srus lsss f 1975-6 hd bn md up fr, nd th scl cmpstn f th Prty (36 pr cnt mnul nd 32 pr cnt wht cllr wrkrs) shwd tht th Prty ws snkng rts nt th clss, s dd th lrg numbr f cmrds hldng shp flr nd trd unn pstns. Th Rnk nd Fl Dfnd ur Unns' Cnfrnc n Jun 1979, ttndd by sm thusnd dlgts, ws n ndctn f th Prty's mplnttn nd blty t mbls.

n th trms f th vrll clss struggl, th stutn ws n f cntnud dwnturn, wth mst struggls fundmntlly dfnsv. Th Cmmunst Prty nd ts vrus `Brd Lft' frnts fcd furthr dcln, whl much f th rvlutnry nd x-rvlutnry lft ws bmusd by swng t th lft n th Lbur Prty whch ws n fct lrgly cnfnd t th rhtrcl nd cnsttutnl lvls. lmst ln th SWP std fr th pn buldng f nw rvlutnry prty wth clr prgrmm nd bs n th wrkng clss. Th prblms - cuts, unmplymnt, rcsm nd th nw Cld Wr - wr duntng.

But whl th rd bfr us s undubtdly lng nd hrd, th pssblts r nrmus. n th bss f crtcl undrstndng f ts wn trdtns, th SWP cn lk frwrd wth cnfdnc t th struggls hd.


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