The biography Jennifer Lopez

In the course of time the love to dance and a song at young Jennifer Lopez only has amplified. Jennifer Lopez since fourteen years began to take lessons of singing and with pleasure acted in all school statements.

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Jennifer Lopez

The biography

Jennifer Lopez was born in Bronx on July, 24, 1970 at emigrants from Puerto Rico - Guadeloupe Rodriguez and David Lopez. The birth she has joined two sisters - to Linda and Лесли. Family lived poorly. Parents tried to provide daughters and to give them the best. They have saved up money and have sent Jennifer in Catholic school. Guadeloupe aspired to protect the daughter from influence of streets. And for this purpose, has written down her in school of dances as soon as small Jenny it was executed five years. There Jenn studied in ball dances and flamenco. Also has reached in favorite elements of such successes, that in two years took part in city concerts.

In the course of time the love to dance and a song at young Jennifer Lopez only has amplified. Jennifer Lopez since fourteen years began to take lessons of singing and with pleasure acted in all school statements. However mum perceived its hobbies only as a hobby. Guadeloupe wanted, that the daughter has acted in college and became the lawyer. Therefore Jenny it was necessary to leave dreams of career of the singer and to obey will of parents. Under their insisting in 17 years she goes for work in legal office. Here on eyes the announcement of reception of students in dancing school of Manhattan where Jennifer Lopez and acts comes across it. So, in the afternoon - work, and evenings and at night she dances. Then Jennifer Lopez acts in college. But also she visits school of dances with not smaller eagerness. After all a semester, finally having decided to become the dancer, the future star throws college. And for this reason she leaves a house as parents did not understand its aspirations.

The first what Jennifer Lopez in the big world has collided, - absence of habitation. The house to it becomes a hall of dancing studio. At that time Jennifer was removed in cheap clips, receiving for dance twenty dollars. And every day she went on tests, but attempts were vain. Because of пуэрториканского origins Jennifer anywhere did not take. So has passed eight months of unsuccessful attempts to find work, and Jennifer has run into depression. She has lost hope, that something will turn out, while.... While to it was not executed nineteen. Then Jennifer for the first time has smiled success. Jennifer Lopez, always desiring to become an actress, started scenic career of the dancer from musicals. She was taken in round with " Gold musicals of the Broadway ". Nine months later she already went on tour across Japan with a musical "Synchronism" and was madly happy.

After two years (she continued the triumphal ascention to musical Olympus) one of managers of show " Alive color " has called Jennifer Lopez and has offered test for a role of the dancer. Jennifer has bypassed two thousand competitors and has received a role. Only one has saddened happiness Jennifer Lopez: she was very lonely. She did not have the friends, the close person. Dances for Jennifer of steel everything, having replaced her private life...

But career of her moved ahead. Jennifer Lopez has soon got to Hollywood - after show " Alive color " she has received the invitation to a role of one of dancers in a comedy " In alive light ", having won preliminary huge competition. Already then she wanted to play serious drama roles. After several seasons of participation in a commercial serial on motives of a picture " In alive light " Jennifer Lopez for the first time was removed as an actress in a serial " Southern Center", the producer and which script writer the husband of her girlfriend was. Show has become obsolete still before began, but it has cleared for an actress road to roles in two more serials: " the Second chances " and " it is dear Malibu.

Jennifer Lopez has finished career on TV in 1993, having solved completely to devote itself to the big screen. The next year she has received a role in a feature film of director Greg Nava " my family ". Film has been enthusiastically met by criticism and showed new actor's talent to film directors of Hollywood. Jennifer Lopez in 1996 due to this role has received a small role in comedy of Fransis of the Coppola "Jack". The picture turned out not too successful, but it in any way has not damaged Jennifer Lopez.

To receive a leaging role in "Selenium" (1997), she had to pass through the extremely intense listenings: from twenty thousand debutants for a role it has been authorized Lopez. Jennifer has received one million dollars for the actor's gift shown in a picture. So she became the most highly paid Latin American actress for all history of Hollywood.

"Selenium" has marked the beginning of a new life for Jennifer not only by way of career. After steadfast attention of chambers there has come long-awaited personal happiness. Jennifer Lopez began to meet with Odjany Ноа, the waiter from Miami. And once on a banquet her beloved has taken a microphone and has proposed her directly on a platform for dances. The pair has got married in the beginning of 1997. And if Jennifer Lopez till now was not sure in the star soon she has received chance to be convinced of it when after two months of a marriage false hearings about approaching divorce have spread. (Have divorced Lopez and Ноа only one year later.) Fortunately, found popularity Jennifer Lopez not only has presented unpleasant surprises. For "Selen" the project "Anaconda" which has beaten records of cash gathering has followed. In a word, 1997 appeared significant for Jennifer Lopez.

In a thriller of Bean Rafelson " Blood and wine " she has played in pair with Jack Nicholson, and in Olivera Stone's picture "U-Tum" - with Shonom Penn. By the way, Jennifer Lopez has been chosen from all star actresses for a role in criminal Stephen Soderberga's to drama " Outside of visibility " (1998). There she has played a role security guard which falls in love with one of prisoners, made plays her the captive during runaway. Jennifer has received the following role in film of a genre of a fantasy "Ants".

Jennifer Lopez became known not only as a film actress: in 1999 the former dancer has given due propensities to music, having let out a priest - album of Latin American songs On the 6 which has gone away on the world in circulation in eight millions. And her first single " If you had my love " was present at hits - sheets the USA within five weeks. The following single - " Waiting for tonight " - became a hit number one even on other party{side} of Atlantic, and Jennifer became new star MTV. In the beginning of 2001 Jennifer has let out the second album - J Lo, and though firstly this disk had no big success, after the first single " My love do not cost a thing " the new creation became platinum.

Now the name Jennifer Lopez became a legend. Its her actor's career grows, its her person is person L ` Oreal, she with quiet heart speaks, that dreams of her were carried out. The girl from Bronx became queen of Hollywood, and the main thing - queen of hearts of millions true admirers worldwide.

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