• Citizenship is as the condition of possession the rights in the antique policy. The Roman jurisprudence about the place and role of the person in the society. Guarantees of the rights and duties of the citizens in the constitutions of states of the world.

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  • The Constitutional Court about political parties and religious organizations as institutes of the civil society. The party political component of the constitutional system as the subject of the constitutional control. Creation of regional parties.

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  • The foundations of the constitutional system of the Russian Federation. The civil society as the embodiment of balance of private and public interests. Legal and functional character of the civil society. Institutional structure of constitutional system.

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  • The issue of freedom of the individual and their normative regulation in terms of constitutional democracy in post-Soviet republics. Stages of formation of the rights and freedoms of man and citizen. Socio-economic, ideological and political conditions.

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  • The purpose of state punishment. Procedure of criminal case. The aim of punishment. Theories of Punishment. The Difficult Child. Last hired, first fired. The Health Professions. Traditional Collector's Editions. Hospital and Specialist Services.

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  • Общие особенности судоустройства в Российской Федерации. Признаки судебной власти и их характеристика. Состав, аппарат и компетенция районного суда. Порядок поступления на государственную гражданскую службу в аппарат суда и квалификационные требования.

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  • Социальная защита людей, диагностированных как "ВИЧ-инфицированные", ее регулирование рядом законодательных актов Российской Федерации. Ответственность ВИЧ-инфицированных людей за свое поведение и здоровье окружающих, их права согласно законодательству.

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  • Общее понятие государственного суверенитета РФ. Самостоятельность государственной власти. Проблемы суверенитета РФ и его защита. Функции Президента РФ, Федерального Собрания РФ, Правительства РФ и судов РФ по укреплению государственного суверенитета.

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  • The principles of personal safety in the application of physical restraint. Improving the practice of physical restraint in the activities of the tax police to enhance personal safety. Legal protection of the tax police in applying physical effects.

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  • The launch of e-declaration on 15 August 2016 is an essential is the final commitment of Ukraine to obtain the free visa regime. In general, for effective implementation of anti-corruption policy in Ukraine should be introduced a systematic approach.

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  • In the modern epoch within the framework of the civilized interaction of one of the most important elements of this process is the Islamic civilization and generated by it is Islamic law and state. Particularities of the Islamic concept of the state.

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  • The British constitution: common law, statute law, and convention. The Public Attitude to Politics, system of government. Breaking Conservative and Labour dominance. Functions of the Parliament and Prime Minister. The British legal system - courts.

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  • Medicine in Ukraine. Health care reform: what doctors and patients should expect from. National strategy of health care reform. Changing the distribution of funds. Decentralization. The introduction of health insurance. Public-private partnership (PPP).

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  • The requirements of human rights. The rights to life and liberty. Impact In Terms Of Substantive Law. Procedure or Levels of Damages in the Field Of Health Law. Effects of Traditional Practices on Women and Children. Traditional Childbirth Practices.

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  • Opening of maintenance of right of intellectual ownership as to the aggregate of rights on the results of intellectual activity and mean of individualization. Types of intellectual rights: author, patent right, contiguous rights, secrets of production.

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  • Creation history International Partnership for Human Rights. Projects aiming to advance the rights of vulnerable communities, such as women, children, migrants and minorities, who are subject to human rights abuses in different parts of the world.

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  • Concept of the constitutional justice in the postsoviet Russia. Execution of decisions of the Constitutional Court. Organizational structure of the constitutional justice. Institute of the constitutional justice in political-legal system of Russia.

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  • History of infantilism. Formation of the civil society and development of the lawful state. About the new constitution of Serbia. Introduction of obligatory examination for all state and municipal officials of knowledge of Constitution of the Russia.

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  • Degradation of environment in cities has brought to destruction of ecosystems and its inconvertible nature. At characteristics of the occupied (housing) lands in the city as important condition of formation of favorable ambience of environment for people.

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  • Constitutionalism as political and legal theory and practice of development of the constitutional democratic state and civil society. Principles of modern constitutional system of board. Role of society in the course of formation of municipal authority.

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