City of the Golden Ring of Russia

Description of the Golden Ring of Russia as a group of tourist routes through the ancient Russian city. Historical facts and architectural attractions of Vladimir, Suzdal, Ivanovo, Kostroma, Sergiev Posad, Yaroslavl, Pereslavl, Rostov (Yaroslavl region).

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The Golden Ring of Russia is the family of the tourist routes, which pass through the ancient Russian cities. The unique historical and cultural monuments of Russia in them preserved :

There were eight cities originally included into the tourist route of the Golden Ring :

· Sergiev Posad

· Pereslavl-Zalesskiy

· Rostov

· Yaroslavl

· Kostroma

· Ivanovo

· Suzdal

· Vladimir


Vladimir is the Pear of The Golden Ring of Russia and one of the most ancient Russian cities. The city is 193 km from Moscow on the river Klyazma. Vladimir was the capital of Vladimiro-Suzdalskoy principality in 12 century, but lost its meaning for some time and it acquired the status of a provincial town in time of the growth of the Moscow State. Vladimir is a large industrial and cultural center of the central part of Russia with population 340 000 residents today.

The City strikes its beauty, monuments, temples.Tourist delight Vladimir's attractions diversity and uniqueness. Among them: The Golden Gate was built in 1164, which decorated the main entrance in the richest part of city. The Cathedral of the Assumption is a monument of Russian architecture, which Andrey Ryblev painted. It is the Orthodox church and the State Museum in the same time.There is the Cathedral of St.Demetrius in the city. Its walls are decorated with white-stone carvings depicting humans and animals.

2. Suzdal

Suzdal (Vladimir region) is a small city with a population of 10 000 city.But it is one of the most beautiful Russian cities. We can called this city as a city-museum because there are 200 monument of Russian history and culture Any exhibition in Suzdal includes the visit of the following monuments: Suzdal Kremlin, five monasteries, the Ensemble of retail space, the Church of Boris and Gleb and «Museum of Wooden Architecture and Peasant Life». However, it is not full list and all depends from your time.

3. Ivanovo

Ivanovo is the youngest city of The Golden Russian Ring. It was built on the place of the village Ivanovo. Its mention goes far in the history. TheCity has a lot of common names.There are «Calico edge», the «Textile capital of Russia» and the «City of brides». The Sights of the city belong to the era of constructivism it is a Soviet avant-garde style, which received development in 20-30 years of the last centuryThe concise and severity of forms precise geometry and monolithic appearance characterize this style. The Bright representatives of constructivism are the famous house «Boat» and the house « Horseshoe» in Ivanovo. The are historical and revolutionary monuments, old merchant houses and the objects of industrial architecture.

4. Kostroma

city tourist golden ring

Kostroma is a modern large river port and a city with long history. It is on the river Volga. It is 400 km from Moscow. The population of this city is 270 000 people.The City was included in the list of objects of the federal program «revival of historical cities». It has a significant impact on the development of its infrastructure and makes it more attractive and comfortable for visit of foreigners and Russian tourists. The Sights of Kostroma have religion character. There are : Holy Trinity Ipatiev Monastery and Trinity Cathedral, where Mikhail Romanov lived, and Women's Theophany Convent, Kostroma, where stores the icon of the Mother of God. It is one of the main shrines of the royal house of the Romanovs. They stand out among other sights.

5. Sergiev Posad

Sergiev Posad (Moscow region) is famous for Trinity Sergius Lavra that is the biggest friary in Russia. It was built in the early 14th century by St. Sergius Radonezh, who supported Muscovite rulers and played a significant role in the political life of ancient Russia. The Ensemble of the monastery has more different 50 buildings, including temples and cathedrals, chapels, hospitals and treasury chambers, bell towers, refectories, royal chambers, where the kings stayed , and obelisk,which tells about the life of the monastery.

6. Yaroslavl

Yaroslavl is the third largest city with population more 600 000 people. The City celebrated its millennium in the 2010 year, and five years before this event the Historical centre of Yaroslavl,which includes 140 monuments, became the World Heritage of UNESKO . As in most other cities of the Golden Ring, main sights in Yaroslavl are ancient monasteries, churches and cathedral. For example, Transfiguration Monastery, Church of St. John the Baptist, Church of St. John Chrysostom, etc.


Pereslavl-Zalesskiy (Yaroslavl region) is a provincial town. It is the centre of the national Park «Plecheevo Lake».The was City built by order Yuri Dolgoruky in 1152, and Alexandr Nevskiy was born there after decade. Pereslavl-Zalesskiy is attractive for tourist not only architectural monuments, which have religion character, but unique as such museums Iron, Kettle, Masks and Locomotives.

8. Rostov

Rostov (Yaroslavl region), or Rostov the Great. (It is called not to confuse with Rostov-on-Don), is one of the ancient city of The Golden Ring of Russia. It is 50 km from Yaroslavl. The first mention about this was city in «Tale of Bygone Years» in 862. Rostov has had a lot of important historical monuments for this long period of existence. Among these monuments there are Rostov Kremlin, it is famous for comedy «Ivan Vasilievich» and the Cathedral of the Assumption and its belfry, which made Postov ringing the worlds the heritage of culture.

The tourists need not less than month To learn all cities of The Golden Ring of Russia. However, tourism companies offer different variants of routes for foreign and Russian tourists. Trips lasts route from 3 to 7 days, weekend tours, travelling by bus or boat, which can include entertainment or can not. In any case, everyone, who want to know about The Golden Ring of Russia, can choose a suitable tour.

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