• Law of demand and law of Supply. Elasticity of supply and demand. Models of market and its impact on productivity. Kinds of market competition, methods of regulation of market. Indirect method of market regulation, tax, the governmental price control.

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  • The collection and analysis of information with a view of improving the business marketing activities. Qualitative & Quantitative Research. Interviews, Desk Research, Test Trial. Search Engines. Group interviews and focus groups, Secondary research.

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  • Current situation and market condition in which is Indes, offered services and company problems. Segmentation of the market and an industry condition. The analysis of possibilities and threats of firm, action for advancement of business processes.

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  • Research planning for decision making. Questionnaire design and fieldforce instructions. Information for marketing decisions. Analyzing the specifications of marketing in order to communicate, work effectively with marketing professionals. Marketing plan.

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  • Wimm-Bill-Dann as a producer in dairy products and one of the leader children’s food in Russia. The SWOT and PEST analysis of the enterprise. The individual critical reflection on learning outcomes. The ways of the effective communication with customers.

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  • Purpose of the Marketing Plan. Organization Mission Statement. The main strategies employed by BMW. Sales volume of automobiles. New records set for revenues and earnings. Current models of BMW. Product life cycle. Engagement in Celebrity Endorsement.

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  • The concept of brand capital. Total branded product name for the whole company. Nestle as the largest producer of food in the world. Characteristics of technical and economic indicators. Nestle company’s brands. SWOT-analysis and Nestle in Ukraine.

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  • The history of the company. Entering the market of pastas and the present position of the company. The problem of the company. The marketing research. The history of the market of pastas of Saint Petersburg and its present state.

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  • Getting to know the sources of competitive advantage. Consideration of the characteristics of the implementation of the marketing strategy. Characteristics of branding forms: corporate, emotional, digital. Analysis of the online advertising functions.

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  • The theory and practice of Marxism as it relates to women’s liberation. In response to feminist criticism, many Marxists have been unnecessarily defensive. Marxism, feminism and the struggle for reform. The real Marxist tradition. The Russian Revolution.

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  • The role of mass media in modern life. The influence of newspapers, magazines and television in mind and outlook of the mass of people. Ways to provide information and display the news of dramatic events, natural disasters, plane crash, murders and wars.

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  • Newspapers, the radio and television play inform, educate and entertain us. They also influence the way people look at the world and even make them change their views. In other words, mass media play a very important part in shaping public opinion.

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  • Russian mass media as the tool of democracy. The law on mass-media of 1991. Strengthening the rights of mass-media and their restriction. Role of the state in becoming. Latent forms of the state intervention. Monitoring by authority of regional editions.

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  • The benefits of past migrations, from the point of view of the migrants themselves and of the other citizens of the developing Australian society. Opinion polls, notions of public opinion. A civilised migration policy for Australia for the 21st century.

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  • Controlling the kind, amount, location, movement and timing of the various commodities used in and produced by the industrial enterprise. Logistics - a channel regarding Flow of Material, Information in the organization. Internal and External Logistics.

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  • Общий вид окна MathCad, меню панели инструментов исследуемой программы. Документ MathCad, его общая характеристика и методы редактирования. Разделение областей и контекстное меню, выражения. Определение дискретного аргумента, переменных и констант.

    презентация (656,5 K)
  • Работа с матрицами и векторами в программе MathCAD, Pascal, Excel. Поиск экстремума целевой функции двух переменных. Дифференциальное уравнения первого порядка с начальными условиями. Определение оптимального плана перевозок. Функция одной переменной.

    курсовая работа (21,5 M)
  • Получение точного решения дифференциального уравнения вручную, операторным методом, приближенное решение с помощью рядов (до 5 элемента ряда) на заданном интервале, графическое решение. Относительная и абсолютная погрешность методов Эйлера и Рунге-Кутты.

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  • MathML (Mathematical Markup Language): язык разметки математических приложений. Математика и ее система обозначений. Существующие языки математической разметки. Синтаксис и грамматика MathML. Возможности современных браузеров при работе с MathML.

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  • Matlab - матричная лаборатория - система программирования для научно-технических расчетов. Особенности ввода векторов. Специальные матрицы, простые команды. Простые примеры, иллюстрирующие эффективность Matlab. Графический способ решения уравнений.

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