• The term "concept" in various fields of linguistics. Metaphor as a language unit. The problem of defining metaphor. The theory of concept. The notion of concept in Linguistics. Metaphoric representation of the concept "beauty" in English proverbs.

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  • The definitions of the metaphors, their role in lingvoculture. History in literature and language. Metaphor as style in speech and writing. More than just a figure of speech. Representation of the concept "Love" metaphorically in english proverbs.

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  • The role of metaphor and figurative language in the conceptualization of emotion. Metaphorization of emotions and feelings in the romantic novels. Recommendations and set of exercises designed for students of intermediate and upper-intermediate level.

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  • Ethyl acetate. The existing methods of obtaining the desired product. Technological scheme of EtOAc production. Chemical reactions. Production in industry. Chemical reactions. Methanol as intermediate product. The technology of receiving ethanol.

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  • The development in language teaching methodology. Dilemma in language teaching process. Linguistic research. Techniques in language teaching. Principles of learning vocabulary. How words are remembered. Other factors in language learning process.

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  • Adjectives and comparatives in modern English. Definition, grammatical overview of the term adjectives. Expression and forms of comparative in the language. Morphological, lexical ways of expressing. Features and basic principles of their expression.

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  • New scientific paradigm in linguistics. Problem of correlation between peoples and their languages. Correlation between languages, cultural picularities and national mentalities. The Method of conceptual analysis. Methodology of Cognitive Linguistics.

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  • Description of the basic principles and procedures of used approaches and methods for teaching a second or foreign language. Each approach or method has an articulated theoretical orientation and a collection of strategies and learning activities.

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  • The process of scientific investigation. Contrastive Analysis. Statistical Methods of Analysis. Immediate Constituents Analysis. Distributional Analysis and Co-occurrence. Transformational Analysis. Method of Semantic Differential. Contextual Analysis.

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  • Comparative teaching methodologies. Effective ways and techniques of teaching a foreign language. Role plays as a method of teaching. Comparative characteristics of modern techniques of teaching english. Grammar translation method. Communicative approach.

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  • Process of learning a foreign language with from an early age. The main differences between the concepts of "second language" and "foreign language" by the conditions of the language environment. Distinguish different types of language proficiency.

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  • The most common difficulties in auding and speaking. Psychological characteristics of speech. Linguistic characteristics of speech. Prepared and unprepared speech. Mistakes and how to correct them. Speaking in teaching practice. Speech, oral exercises.

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  • It was proposed to use the 2H-labeled hydrolysate of RuMP facultative methylotroph Brevibacterium methylicum, obtained from deuterated salt medium dM9 as a substrate for the growth of inosine producing bacterium Bacillus subtilis.

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  • Metonymy: definition, structure and function, types. The relationship of metonymy and phraseology. Metonymy features of the secondary nomination in the system of the contemporary English phraseology in chick-lit novels. Stylistic features of metonymy.

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  • Роль магнію як найважливішого внутрішньоклітинного елементу в процесах, що відбуваються в організмі людини. Основні ознаки дефіциту магнію, його наслідки та методи попередження. Лікування дефіциту (недостачі) магнію. Продукти, які містять магній.

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  • The most famous castle of St. Petersburg. This is Mikhailovsky Castle - "fortress" of Tsar Paul I. The construction of the castle on the site of the residence Summer Palace Elizabeth. The murder of Paul in the castle. Ghost of King Paul Petrovich.

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  • Control the doctors’ prescriptions. Microchip in Blood Pressure Pills Nags Patients Who Skip Meds. Microchip implants linked to cancer in animal. Microchip Implants, Mind Control, and Cybernetics. Some about VeriChip. TI microchip technology in medicine.

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  • A Phase Diagram Approach to Microemulsions. Percolating Phenomenon Microemulsions: Effect of External Entity. Influethylene of Polyethylene Glycols and Polyethylene Glycol Dimethyl Ethers upon the Internal Dynamics of Water in Oil Microemulsions.

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  • Основные понятия базы данных. Разработка сложной формы для обработки данных. Модели организации данных. Архитектура Microsoft Access. Реляционные связи между таблицами баз данных. Проектирование базы данных. Модификация данных с помощью запросов действий.

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  • Рассмотрение интерактивной реляционной системы управления базами данных Microsoft Access. Графические возможности программы; создание таблиц, запросов, формуляров, отчетов, макросов и модулей. Сравнительная характеристика баз данных Clipper и Access.

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