• Решение систем линейных алгебраических уравнений методом исключения Гаусса. Табулирование и аппроксимация функций. Численное решение обыкновенных дифференциальных уравнений. Приближенное вычисление определенных интегралов. Решение оптимизационных задач.

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  • Organizational structure: types of organizational structures (line organizations, line-and-Stuff organizations, committee and matrix organization). Matrix organization for a small and large business: An outline, advantages, disadvantages, conclusion.

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  • Индустрия быстрого питания - McDonald's. Сочный гамбургер, картофель фри и кока-кола со льдом как любимая еда подрастающего поколения. Создание сетей быстрого питания. Случаи клинического ожирения среди молодежи. Продукты, полезные для здоровья.

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  • Meaning of currency operations and order in relation to the currency of legal entities and individuals. Currency regulation and currency control. Term (forward) operations in foreign currencies. Foreign exchange transactions. The transaction "swap".

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  • Investigation on the eventual change of setting of Shakespeare’s play Measure for Measure. Play’s main points are lechery, hypocrisy, all what was associated with the Italy of that time. This play - English play written before 1660 that is set in Vienna.

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  • Investigation the relationship for the extension of spiral spring and for the oscillation period of this spring of suspended different mass. Earth Gravitational Intensity. The results of load mass and reading on ruler. Measurement error and calculations.

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  • The physiological, hygienic and epidemiological value of water. Diseases associated with water factor. Measures to prevent transmission of infectious diseases through the water. Influence of biological factors on survival of microorganisms in water.

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  • Definition the certain latent high temperature of evaporation of the liquid using capital equipment and calculations. The accepted value of the latent high temperature of evaporation. The uncertainty for the specific latent heat of vaporization.

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  • Meat - one of the most important products in the human diet and the most popular meat in our region. Chemical and physical methods of preserving meat and meat products. Canned meat by freezing in brine. Preservation of cold. Canning high temperatures.

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  • Organic solidarity due to the division of labour. Contractual solidarity. Solidarity which comes from likeness is at its maximum when the collective conscience completely envelops our whole conscience and coincides in all points with it. Anomic Suicide.

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  • Experimental details of the chemical transients kinetics and pulsed field desorption mass spectrometry methods. Kinetic measurements with the PFDMS method. Data on the CO hydrogenation over CoCu-based catalysts using CTK. CO hydrogenation reaction.

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  • Induction of stress adaptive response: practical considerations. Detecting and quantifying stress response. Perspectives and areas for future work. Mechanisms of microorganism adaptation to stress factors: heat, cold, acid, osmotic pressure and so on.

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  • Chinese media and government. Xinhua (the China News Agency) and People's Daily, the two most important print media. Internet censorship in China. Central Television, talk Radio, cable TV and satellites. The role of "internal" media. Market competition.

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  • Description of the directions of medical education in USA. The requirement for continuous training of doctors. Characteristics of the levels of their training to work with patients. Licensing of doctors through specialized advice and terms of the license.

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  • General characteristics, objectives and functions of medical ethics as a scientific discipline. The concept of harmlessness and its essence. Disagreement among physicians as to whether the non-maleficence principle excludes the practice of euthanasia.

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  • The medical knowledge from Egypt. Hospital as a very important development in Middle Ages. The beginning of studying of anatomy on corpses. The beginning of new theories of disease. Great discoveries of analgetics, diagnostics development in medicine.

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  • A returning twenty year old veteran is not young; his youth was mutilated by the war. Youth is the best part of our life. Our youth are a future of our nation. War is a cancer that threatens to eat this future up. It should not be allowed.

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  • Mesures non tarifaires: la notion et l'essence. Les definitions principaux et types des mesures non tarifaires. Les obstacles non tarifaires dans le commerce exterieur. Mesures non tarifaires a l’exemple du commerce des produits agricoles.

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  • Different definitions and types of metaphor, stylistic use. Metaphor compared as metonymy. Stylistic use of metaphor in the play "Heartbreak House" by Bernard Shaw. The metaphor is one of the most used stylistic devices in literature and language.

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  • Definition of Metaphor as a Figurative and Expressive Means of Language. Types and the Mechanism of Education of the Metaphor, its difference from comparison. Metaphor role in speech genres, its influence on emotions and imagination of the recipient.

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